C6 – I wanna give you a new experience

“Sorry, I didn’t know that was you….” Shiyao got really freaked out.

If she had known it, she wouldn’t have been so crazy with him in the pub even with ten thousand guts!

She said quiet innocently with her mouth curled, which made You Ze laugh and get closer to her, his breath hot upon her cheek, “That’s all right, it’s just my avocation.”

Shiyao was stunned.

A rich and handsome CEO did that job as avocation, wasn’t he insane?

You Ze leered at her and asked, “And you? How are you going to settle the bill for sleeping with me?”  

“Alipay?” Shiyao answered tentatively.

Surprisingly, the man looked her from head to toe, “You said you’re a flight attendant, but I didn’t enjoy myself that night. Now you’re on a plane in uniform….”

Shiyao was completely confused when she was lifted up and put on the counter. As the man got closer, she was tense, voice trembling, “You, what are you doing?”

“I wanna give you a new experience.” The man chuckled and lowered his head to kiss her with one hand holding her back head to go deeper when Shiyao stared back at him.

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The man was so good at kissing that soon Shiyao loosened herself all over in his arms, his broad palm slipped under her narrow skirt and roamed across her inner thighs.

Shiyao roused herself and grabbed his hand, trying to make her final beat, her tone was soft and pathetic, “Can you be gentle? You are…. It hurts!”

She blushed as soon as the words came out. It was so embarrassing! The man smiled and kissed on her lips.

“Ok, I’ll be gentle.”

Nearly half an hour later the closed bathroom door finally opened, You Ze came out with a slight smile on his lips, then closed the door, walking towards his seat as if satisfied after meal.

And a few minutes after that the bathroom door was open a crack.

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Having confirmed that no one was around, Shiyao smoothed her skirt, rushed out in a flash, and breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the aisle, looking depressed.

If caught by company, she would be finished in career.

At 8 pm, the plane landed at Paris airport.

Shiyao stood smiling at the cabin gate, watching passengers off the plane with repetitive “Have a nice journey”.

You Ze passed her with his mini suitcase, casually twined her hair around his finger, whispering, “See you later, my pretty monster.”

Tingled by his tease, Shiyao slapped his hand away, head down pretending to see nothing.

She never wanted to see him again!!

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