C5 – No.1 Host?!

The colleague was nearly paralyzed by his question, her voice trembling, “It’s just a gossip.”

“We often do this, no offense.” Ji Manqing said by her side, softly and politely. “And we work according to the flight schedule….”

“Do you remember staff manual? Recite to me,” said the man before she finished.

Ji Manqing lowered her head, said nothing. Shiyao saw clearly her face turned pale.

“Vice-president Lin, how do you say?”

Vice-president Lin came and said cautiously, “Mr. You, I’m really sorry to show you incompetent staff. Don’t you worry, I’ll ask executive director to help them with rules.”

Hearing the man seemed to laugh, Mr. Lin quickly added, “Of course, three points will be deducted of these two colleagues as a warning.”

Three points, –alas!

Each one of them only had ten points, which was hooked up with year-end bonus, so the losing of three points for defending colleague must have driven Ji Manqing crazy.

So happy that Shiyao puckered in a smirk.

But when the man turned around and faced her, she turned pale with sudden fear, falling on the colleague next to her.

The No.1 host?!

The man seemed to have seen Shiyao, but with only a glimpse, he quickly withdrew his eyes, entered the meeting room followed by the vice president and other leaders around him.

Still shocked, Shiyao remained in that pose until the leaders left and the crowd melted away.

Did her eyes deceive her into mistaking CEO for the top host?

The top host she had slept with the other day became CEO of her company, which was really exciting for Shiyao, and she blamed it on her overthinking.

Shiyao continued to fly to Paris the next day.

Passenger numbers checked, cabin door closed, within minutes the plane climbed into the blue sky.

“Excuse me, sir, what can I get you?”

As first-class seats on this large aircraft to Paris catered to the rich and started at ten thousand, Shiyao, who was responsible for the section, showed the sweetest smile when greeting to customers, not neglecting anyone.

After making a round, Shiyao was sure guests had nothing they needed, and was ready to return to her seat before a deep voice rang in her ear, “A glass of red wine, please.”

Why was the voice so familiar?

“Just a moment, sir,” Shiyao hesitated and then poured him a wine, bent down, and put it on his elegant table. “Sir, please enjoy yourself.”

The man was holding a newspaper in his hands, the joints of which were slender and clean, Shiyao couldn’t help but travel her eyes up, never expecting the man was half smiling at her and their eyes met.

He looked kind of familiar, too!

Staring at him for a while, Shiyao suddenly recognized him and could hardly breathe. She turned hurriedly, and the tray in her hand knocked over the red wine on the table.

Splash! Most of the wine was spilled on the man’s black pants.

“S…sorry.” Shiyao’s voice trembled and she squatted down, wiped the wine stains on his pants with a napkin, restlessly.

She never thought that top host was indeed CEO….

Shiyao stared at wine stains down below the man’s pants with napkin in hand, wondering whether she should help him.

Squatting there in embarrassment, a shiver wept over Shiyao as the man slipped his forefingers over and accidently touched her face, then took the napkin out of her hand.

“Never mind, you didn’t mean to. Give me a refill.”

“F***. Would I react so strongly if it were not you?” Shiyao cursed in her heart, but put on a smile. “Ok, please wait a minute.”

She got to her feet, but lost her footing in high heels, almost throwing herself on the man. Shiyao immediately rose and awkwardly hurried away under the subtle eyes of opposite passengers.

Shiyao went back and poured him a new drink, down the aisle, but met the man coming over.

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Panicked, Shiyao subconsciously avoided him, while the man enclasped her waist with his arms and got her into the bathroom as they edged past.

It happened so quickly that when the bathroom door was locked, Shiyao was at a loss.

The bathroom was small, and the man kept leaning closer, Shiyao had to back away until her lower back was against the counter, then she swallowed hard, and whispered, “You…Mr. You.”

“I thought you didn’t recognize me.” You Ze penned her body with his long legs, his one hand holding on the counter, “Did you, huh?”

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