C34 – Misspoke

“Xi Ya, don’t go too far.” Gu Ning’s face suddenly fell, and his attitude to her was a world away from just now.

Seeing Gu Ning was angry, Xi Ya didn’t dare to say more nonsense, so she just shut her mouth obediently and held Gu Ning’s hand.

After getting his girlfriend under control, Gu Ning turned his attention to Wen Shuyue and smiled at her sheepishly. “Don’t take offense at her. She always blurts out without thinking. I’m so sorry.”

“Mr. Gu, your girlfriends are all of this type. I’m used to it. You don’t have to apologize.” Wen Shuyue said unhurriedly, and her flat tone was interspersed with a hint of ridicule.

Actually, she had a good relationship with Gu Ning, who always took good care of her. If it hadn’t been for Gu Ning’s help in the past few years, her career might not have been so successful.

Of course, it also had something to do with her own capability. Smart women knew how to seize the opportunity, and once they seized it, they would never let it go. 

“Shuyue, if you dare to ridicule me like this again, I will put away my gentlemanly demeanor.” Gu Ning looked at her in mock anger, but his eyes were full of smiles.

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After a brief conversation, they hurried into work. Xi Ya dared not disturb them during this period, so she could only stay in the break room to play with her mobile phone.

Because of the cooperation with Mannis, Gu Ning had just returned and sent an invitation to He Siming. Anyway, Gu Ning should come over to check on the business.

During the meeting, He Siming paid attention to Wen Shuyue from time to time, which happened to be noticed by Gu Ning. On top of that, Wen Shuyue also looked at He Siming in an ambiguous way, so Gu Ning was vaguely aware of something.

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As soon as the meeting was over, Gu Ning called Wen Shuyue to his office.

“Shuyue, I see that the cooperation between you and Mannis is quite good. It seems that you have a good relationship with Mr. He. Are you two…?”

“Don’t overthink it, Mr. Gu. Mr. He and I are only business partners. We have no other relations.” Before Gu Ning could finish speaking, Wen Shuyue interrupted him impatiently.

Wen Shuyue thought even her boss couldn’t ask much about her love life. Even if she did have a relationship with He Siming, it had nothing to do with Gu Ning. 

Gu Ning obviously didn’t expect Wen Shuyue’s attitude, and his face suddenly fell.

“I’m seriously discussing work stuff with you. If He Siming has anything to do with you, it will be beneficial to our future cooperation.”

He paused for a moment and then added, “We would gain a lot from the cooperation with Mannis. I don’t want to screw it up, so I’ll have to rely on you a lot.”

“I have nothing to do with Mr. He, and it is not likely that I should like him, nor that he should like me, so please do not mention it again.” Wen Shuyue looked grave. After saying this, she left the office without waiting for Gu Ning to respond.

But as soon as she got outside, she met He Siming.

He Siming stared at her coldly. His eyes were more indifferent and distant than before as if they had never known each other. Was it possible that what she said just now had been heard by him?

“Mr. He, I…”

“Miss Wen, don’t bother to explain. I am not your type, and you are not the one I want.” Before Wen Shuyue could finish speaking, He Siming coldly interrupted her. 

As soon as he finished, he left absolutely, paying no attention to her.

“Mr. He…”

Wen Shuyue had wanted to say something more, but she took it back just as she was about to say it. She really didn’t know what to say under the circumstances.

When she heard what He Siming had just said, she felt a dull pain in her heart. It was as if countless ants were gnawing at her heart, itchy and painful.

“You slut! You seduced Gu Ning, and Mr. He at the same time?”

From the front came a slightly familiar voice. Wen Shuyue looked in the direction of the voice and saw Xi Ya with her hands folded in front of her chest, walking in high heels coquettishly.

Upon hearing the woman’s voice, Wen Shuyue felt a headache. She glanced at Xi Ya and said, “Who do you think you are? Does it have anything to do with you? “

“I am Gu Ning’s girlfriend and you seduce him, so I have every right to scold you. ” Xi Ya suddenly put her hands on her hips angrily and strode towards Wen Shuyue, as if she was going to hit her.

Wen Shuyue was no longer the kind of person to be bullied by others. Seeing Xi Ya wanting to slap her, she quickly reached out and squeezed Xi Ya’s wrist. Maybe it was pinched, so Xi Ya kept screaming.

“Let go of me! Otherwise, I’ll call Gu Ning here!” Xi Ya was in pain, and her eyes were moist.

“Go, then! I wish you’d called him here. Do you really think I want this job? I’m just frustrated that Mr. Gu thinks I’m too good at my job to be dismissed. Mr. Gu really treated me better than others. Well, it’s my pleasure, isn’t it, Miss Xi?”

Wen Shuyue returned all the words Xi Ya had said to her. Of course, some of what she said was actually her personal experience, but some people wouldn’t buy it, for example, Xi Ya.

“I don’t mean any harm in saying this, but I just want to explain our relationship. Do whatever you like if you don’t believe me. I have a clear conscience. ” Wen Shuyue paused and then continued.

Xi Ya did not expect that Wen Shuyue would tell her this, so she was suddenly blindsided. When she reacted, Wen Shuyue had already left.

“Damn it! How dare you scold me, Wen Shuyue. Just wait and see. “The more Xi Ya thought about it, the more furious she became. She seemed unable to vent her anger.

On the way, Wen Shuyue sneezed several times. She guessed that someone was secretly scolding her behind her back.

She sniffed and, looking down from the tower, happened to see the fancy Rolls-Royce. “Hasn’t He Siming gone yet? “

Thinking of this, Wen Shuyue rushed down. She just wanted to explain to him and didn’t want He Siming to think she hated him.

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