C33 – Playboy

“Don’t worry too much. It won’t make a difference. Just let nature take its course.” Wen Shuyue patted Xiaolu on the shoulder before Wen Shuyue went to the chairman’s office.

Indeed, Mr. Gu was not in the office, but a pretty woman wearing a refined dress was waiting inside.

At the sight of Wen Shuyue, the lady folded her arms, strutted to Wen Shuyue and spoke in an odd tone, leaving a bad first impression on others.

“You must be the CEO of MK China Office. Ning always speaks highly of you, but you don’t look that impressive to me.”


The chairmen in the office couldn’t help taking a deep breath. They had been well aware of Wen Shuyue’s austere manner from their daily work.

In fact, Wen Shuyue was more impressive than the lady imagined.

The chairmen thought it was unfair of the lady to say so while Wen Shuyue just smiled it away. “If you think so. But it’s time for an internal meeting, which doesn’t welcome outsiders. So, please leave the office, if you don’t have serious matters.”

“I’m not an outsider but the girlfriend of your CEO. Do you still think I’m an outsider?” The lady instantly turned angry and shot a piercing glare at Wen Shuyue.

Perhaps feeling reluctant to talk to the lady, Wen Shuyue rubbed her temple gently as she said to the chairmen, “Who knows when Mr. Gu will arrive?”


The chairmen looked at one another, not knowing what to say.

One was their austere CEO and the other was Gu Ning’s girlfriend. Offending either of them, the chairmen would be doomed.

But saying nothing under this circumstance wouldn’t help them get away either.

After a while of hesitation, someone said, “Mr. Gu says he’ll be here in about 10 minutes and he asks Miss Wen Shuyue to have a break and just ignore irrelevant people.”


With a sarcastic smile, Wen Shuyue subconsciously took a glance at the lady.

Wen Shuyue found it unbelievable at first that Gu Ning settled down this time since Gu Ning had never had a serious relationship over these years since they met. Now, it turned out the lady thought too highly of herself and was just a faked girlfriend of little value.

“I’m not irrelevant! Ning was talking nonsense. He never stops slandering me in front of others.” Gu Ning’s words upset the lady so much that she stamped her foot and vent her anger on Wen Shuyue.

The lady said, glowering at Wen Shuyue and gritting her teeth, “Don’t you think I’ll spare you since you’re Ning’s subordinate. I’m warning you. If I get the goods on you, you’re no more CEO of MK China Office. Humph!”

It wasn’t the first time Wen Shuyue had heard those words.

She forced a simile, tired of such threats from Gu Ning’s female friends and girlfriends.

But it still confused Wen Shuyue why those people mistook Gu Ning, her superior, as her lover. What made them think Wen Shuyue and Gu Ning had an affair?

“What’s the fuss about?”

Suddenly, a loud, charming voice came from the outside, followed by a flawless face when the lady rebuked Wen Shuyue.

Upon entering the office, Gu Ning fixed his eyes on Wen Shuyue and said with a smile, “I thought you’d find it challenging to work in this apartment, but you’ve done a good job and haven’t let me down.”

“Stop flattering me, Mr. Gu. I just did what I should do and it isn’t worth such a compliment.” Wen Shuyue had worn a fake polite smile from the minute Gu Ning entered the office.

In the past, such a compliment could have pleased Wen Shuyue who took it as a recognition of her capability, but now it couldn’t.

So far, He Siming had never praised her sincerely, not even once. Obviously, he didn’t think highly of Wen Shuyue’s designs, which was quite a shock to Wen Shuyue, but it also gave her more motivations to work out better designs.

“Shuyue, you’re being modest. How I hope to have such modest subordinates. It’ll save me so much trouble.” Gu Ning deliberately stressed the last few words, showing appreciation of Wen Shuyue.

Since Gu Ning entered the room, he had fixed his eyes on Wen Shuyue without taking a glance at the lady, which generated more of her hatred towards Wen Shuyue.

The lady walked to Gu Ning and said angrily in a cutesy voice, holding him by the arm, “Ning, what’s wrong? I’ve been waiting for you, but you don’t seem to welcome me. Are you pretending not to see me? Or you’re ignoring me?”

Finally, Gu Ning noticed her and said, subconsciously rubbing his temple, “Of course not. I just didn’t see you.”

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The scene looked familiar to Wen Shuyue who couldn’t help curling up the corner of her mouth.

If the memory served Wen Shuyue right, it happened almost every single time whenever Gu Ning wanted to break up with his girlfriend or he had an affair.

“How dare you say that! I told you I was waiting for you in the office.” The lady could no longer hold her temper and gave him a sullen look.

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As Gu Ning gradually lost his patience, he pulled a long face and said in a much more serious tone, “This is a place for work, not for you to act up. Please go home.”

“A place for work? So I can’t meet you in the place for work? By the way, who is she? I don’t believe she’s just a subordinate,” the lady complained with grievance as she glowered at Wen Shuyue.

The lady’s piercing glare could even kill Wen Shuyue.

Actually, Wen Shuyue was bothered as well. She was related to Gu Ning only by work. Why did people always think they had a special relationship? More importantly, it was just impossible for such a typical playboy as Gu Ning to have a crush on such a lady as Wen Shuyue.


Wen Shuyue heaved a sigh inwardly. How she hoped to look deep into those women’s brains and figure out what was on their mind.

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