C32 – Talk of the Devil

Wen Shuyue was afraid to go back. She really did not want Wen Baobao to worry about her, and after some hesitation, she fixed her eyes on He Siming.

“Can you please do me a favor and let Baobao live with you for a few days?”

She looked at him earnestly, her pretty eyes full of sincerity and concern. If it were not for Baobao, she would not have anything to worry about, but now she had to.

He Siming stared at her for a moment, then his cold eyes froze on her hand.

“Do you want him to go to my place because you don’t want him to worry about your hand?”

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“Yes,” Wen Shuyue nodded, looking rather lovely.

In front of He Siming, she was sometimes like a delicate woman who could easily show her vulnerability without even realizing it.

He Siming was softened by the worried look on her face. He touched her head as if she were a child, and his words were a little softer than before. “Don’t worry. He won’t think much of it.”

Since he had already said so, Wen Shuyue did not want to say anything more but allowed He Siming to send her back.

Wen Baobao had been waiting for her at home. As soon as Wen Shuyue appeared, he found the gauze on her hand. He was so scared that his eyes were wide open and he ran to her and picked up her hand. “What happened to your hand, mommy? Who bandaged this for you? How could it be so ugly? “

“Well…” Wen Shuyue obviously did not except Wen Baobao cared more about how the bandage looked like.

She could not help rolling her eyes, but after trying to calm herself, she touched his little face and said softly, “Mommy’s hand is all right. Don’t worry, honey.”

“How can I not be worried?” Wen Baobao suddenly strained his face and glared at Wen Shuyue, like a little adult, as if to blame her for not taking good care of herself.

Although Wen Shuyue was Baobao’s mother, she sometimes felt that Wen Baobao was an adult.

As long as Wen Baobao was present, Wen Shuyue’s confidence would be sufficient. Once Wen Baobao was gone, she might not have the momentum that sustained her.

“I must follow you when you go to work. I must not let you go by yourself.” Wen Baobao crossed his arms in front of his chest and made up his own mind.

He Siming and Wen Shuyue looked at each other with rare understanding. Wen Shuyue was helpless, and she was already used to it while He Siming found it interesting that Wen Baobao was increasingly a copy of himself.

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The time of the three of them together was warm but short. He Siming simply asked Wen Shuyue to pay attention to some matters and left their residence.

After he left, Wen Baobao quietly came to Wen Shuyue’s arms. He smiled happily and said, “Mommy, your relationship with daddy seems much better than before. Are you beginning to pursue my daddy?”

“What are you babbling about now? Your godmother Lin Lin has a crush on him. I can’t chase him.” Wen Shuyue quickly glared at Wen Baobao, but the more she said, the lower her voice became.

Even if she did have a little affection for He Siming before, she could not keep it now. After all, He Siming was the favorite of her best friend, and she could not be such a heartless person.

Talk of the devil!

Wen Shuyue had just mentioned Lin Lin when her phone rang.

“Shuyue, when will He Siming go to your company next time? Have you decided on the specific date?” As soon as the line was connected, there came Lin Lin’s excited voice.

Even though she had guessed Lin Lin called her for the sake of He Siming, Wen Shuyue was still slightly stunned.

“The date is not decided by me. Although I am MK’s CEO in China, such important matters are decided by my direct superior, I…”

“So, you’re not sure yet?” Lin Lin interrupted her impatiently, apparently tired of listening to Wen Shuyue’s explanation.

“Yes,” Wen Shuyue nodded.

It really wasn’t up to her. Even she didn’t know when the next meeting would be. This project had been carried out to the next phase, and many meetings were temporary decisions, which didn’t conform to step-by-step operation.

There was a sigh on the other end of the phone, followed by Lin Lin’s voice.

“That’s too bad. I want him to spend Christmas with me. But I don’t have a chance to bond with him right now. Shuyue, what should I do?”


Wen Shuyue suddenly looked pale. If she remembered right, He Siming said earlier that he would accompany Wen Baobao on Christmas day.

If Lin Lin came that day, what would happen might be unimaginable.

“Shuyue? Are you still there? Why don’t you talk?”

After not hearing Wen Shuyue’s voice for a long time, Lin Lin was clearly worried.

Wen Shuyue quickly pulled herself together and said in a guilty tone, “Nothing happened. I just thought of something by accident, so I got lost in thought.”

“When did you get so easily carried away? I remember you seldom did that. Forget it. Next time I’ll find a way to meet him myself.” Lin Lin is a little confused. After a few words, she hung up the phone.

No one was talking in her ear, but Wen Shuyue felt that Lin Lin’s words were echoing all the time.

Today was the day when the CEO of MK came back. The whole MK was in a state of tension. Wen Shuyue did not take it lightly and carefully examined all the departments.

“You must keep your spirits up. If you leave a bad impression on Mr. Gu, the consequences will be worse than you think. I also don’t want my team to be underestimated. Keep trying.” Wen Shuyue held a small meeting, and after a few brief words, the meeting ended.

As soon as she got out of the office, she found Xiaolu waiting for her at the door and looking pale.

“What happened, Xiaolu? Has Mr. Gu come yet?” asked Wen Shuyue, puzzled.

Xiaolu shook her head and hung her head for a while before stammering, “It’s not Mr. Gu who came here. I heard it was his girlfriend.”

“That doesn’t matter. Since she is Mr. Gu’s friend, we will receive her. ” Wen Shuyue didn’t think it mattered.

Anyway, it was nothing but a simple relationship between her and Mr. Gu. And she had no scruples at all.

“Miss Wen, Mr. Gu’s girlfriend must have come with ulterior motives. I always thought she had some animus against you.” Xiaolu was still worried. It was women’s intuition, and she couldn’t explain it.

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