C31 – What’s the Point of Getting Married?

“Mr. He, did you get the time wrong?” When the question somehow came to her mind suddenly, Wen Shuyue put on a light smile by slightly curling up the corners of her mouth.

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He Siming was known to be the kind of person who couldn’t tolerate any mistake, but now he mistook the time of their appointment himself.

One could not always be prudent, not even He Siming who was known for being prudent.

“No, I didn’t. But you should have arrived prior to your appointment,” He Siming said in an emotionless tone. “So, why do you wanna meet me?”

His question pulled Wen Shuyue back to her thoughts.

With her head lowered, she was lost in thoughts for quite a while before she said haltingly, “Well, it’s about the marriage. Since we’ll be together for only a year, what’s the point of getting married?”

In this era when women were treated very unfairly, it was hard for a divorced woman to find a good husband despite that men were the majority.

“You already want a new boyfriend, huh?” He Siming said in a low, freezing voice.

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Choked by his words, Wen Shuyue evaded his eyes with guilt.

In fact, He Siming was right about that. She wanted a stable life with a husband indeed. But things didn’t go the way as she expected that easily.

Compressing her lips, Wen Shuyue took a glance at He Siming unintentionally and evaded his eyes with a light flush the moment their eyes met.

“If you don’t want to compete for your son, you can give up his custody. I swear I won’t bother you from then on.” He Siming raised his voice when he received no response from Wen Shuyue.

“No way! I never said that I would give up my son’s custody,” Wen Shuyue blurted out as an angry look instantly came to her face.

Apart from her mother, her son was the only living family member she had. The loss of her son would take away the most valuable thing in her life.

Looking at He Siming nervously, Wen Shuyue subconsciously reached out to grasp his sleeve and said hastily, “Let’s do as you said. We’ll get married. As long as you keep your promise, I can do anything.”


After he replied readily, Wen Shuyue let out a sigh of relief. When she took her hand back, she accidentally knocked down a cup so that the coffee spilled onto her hand.


In an instant, her fair hand went red extensively with the abrupt pain which drove Wen Shuyue to take a deep breath.

“Be careful.” He Siming wiped her hand with tissue, his eyebrows knitted tightly.

Wen Shuyue subconsciously withdrew her hand and mumbled, “Thanks. I’m good.”

“Don’t move.” Totally ignoring her words, He Siming wiped her swollen hand with patience and blew air to it off and on to ease her pain.

Somehow, Wen Shuyue felt a warm current running into her heart.

This was the first time she had been treated with care and had a crush on a man. With a flush all over her face, she evaded her eyes unnaturally for she didn’t even dare to look him in the eye.

“It’s getting serious. You’ve got to go to the hospital.” He Siming’s sullen look and cold voice were so scary that no one would dare to look at him.

Wen Shuyue didn’t turn her attention to the scald until He Siming described it.

But it didn’t look any worse for Wen Shuyue.

She withdrew her hand and said with an unnatural look, “Never mind. It’s not serious. I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

“Of course it’s serious.” Suddenly, He Siming raised his head and looked at Wen Shuyue coldly, with mysteriousness in his dark eyes.

It was nothing serious at all.

Wen Shuyue mumbled in her mind and almost slipped it out.

Against her wish, He Siming pulled her to the hospital. She couldn’t free herself from his grasp since a man was normally stronger than a woman. Especially, he was a pushy man, which alone was enough to stop her from acting capriciously.

In the Hospital

“The scald was dressed in time, so you don’t have to worry about the scar. But you mustn’t use this hand in the coming few days and you’d better take a few days off,” the doctor advised Wen Shuyue when dressing the wound for her.

Upon hearing “take a few days off”, Wen Shuyue turned solemn and said in an anxious voice, “I have to work. Things haven’t gone well in the last few days. I have to follow the project on my own.”

It took her great efforts to defeat Lu Junhan over the project. If she screwed it up because of this tiny scald, she would feel shameful even to look at Lu.

What was worse, their work didn’t meet He Siming’s requirements, about which Wen Shuyue felt lashed out. As a perfectionist, she wasn’t prepared to being looked down upon.

“Do as the doctor said. Be good,” He Siming comforted her in a way he did to a child with rare patience.

As his words warmed her heart, she felt like most troubles were gone abruptly, with the corners of her mouth curled up, which she didn’t realize.

Since they left the hospital, Wen Shuyue had fixed her eyes on her hand, which was dressed like the mummy.

“What? You wanna take it off?” He Siming asked, looking at her with his eyebrows raised, when he perceived her rejection.

Wen Shuyue smiled awkwardly as she said, “Well, no. But it’s way too much. All I need is a woundplaste but this…”

Before she finished her words, He Siming interrupted her leisurely, “It’s an extensive scald, not a scratch. How can you dress it by a woundplast?”


He got a point.

Instantly, Wen Shuyue was rendered speechless and compressed her lips. In fact, what worried her most was that Baobao saw her scald.

Even though Baobao was superior in terms of emotional and intelligent quotient, he was a kid after all. If he saw the dressing on his mother’s hand, he would definitely worry about her.

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