C1 – Is your p**** 23cm long?

It was about 12:00pm. A pub at the heart of downtown was bustling with dancing and singing.

Shiyao sat at the bar guzzling one beer after another, her face flushed.

Very soon she got drunk, half buried herself in a dude’s arms at her side shouting, “Li Sicheng, son of a bitch. Is he blind? He dumped me to be with Ji Manqing!”

Had it not been for going to the underground garage to surprise her boyfriend, and catching him having sex with her bestie in the car, Shiyao wouldn’t know how long she was going to be cheated on.

The thought of those unpleasant things, Shiyao cried harder and pounded Qiao Fei to vent anger.

The man she loved so long would cheat on her with Ji Manqing….

“Qin Shiyao, enough!” her guy best friend Qiao Fei, also the owner of this hotel, pushed her away in disgust with his orchid fingers, putting on a look of “you-ask-for -it” and saying sharply,

“I told you he was an asshole but you still fell for him. See who will answer!”

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Shiyao sobbed, “He cheated on me, why do you shout at me?”

With courage out of nowhere she gulped down the beer on the bar, plopped bottle on the table like a client, “Bring me your No.1 host, I’m gonna sleep with him!”

“Ho! How dare you!” Qiao Fei glanced at her surprised, “Are you serious?”

Is it Dutch courage?

“Absolutely, call him in!”

“Considering that you get dumped and become a basket case, I’ll help you….” Qiao Fei whistled and took out phone to call the working host upstairs.

With a glance, Shiyao saw a man coming downstairs.

Dressed in suit pants and black shirts with cuff rolled up to reveal his lean arms, slim and tall figure, handsome face, the man, was obviously a well trained…top host!

“There he is!” Shiyao pointed to the man, crossed the end table, and staggered to him, but slipped under her feet and threw herself directly into his arms.

“What?” Qiao Fei rushed over to pull her out. “He’s not the top host….”

And even if the man was, Qiao Fei couldn’t afford to offend him….

“No! He is so handsome, he must be!” Shiyao held the man tight.

“Top host?” You Ze half smiled at Qiao Fei, his nice eyebrows cocked.

Overwhelmed, Qiao Fei waved his hand, struggling to argue, “I never said that, trust me! She’s so drunk, whoever is the No.1 host in her eyes….”

He stopped short, staring at Shiyao’s moves.

She was holding the man’s p**** and rubbing it. Qiao Fei’s jaw dropped, and the man’s face also fell.

“Qiao Fei said you top the list here and charge twenty thousand for hostess, do you?” Shiyao got a hiccup, raised her drunken eyes to the man, “Tell me is it 23cm long?”

Damn it! Her bestie not only had been sleeping with her boyfriend long ago, but also shared their intimacy, holding her face saying that his p**** was at least 20cm long. This really made Shiyao angry to whole body aching!

She was determined to find a man who had bigger p**** and lasted longer!

Unaware that her hand was still there, Shiyao said in a soft drunken tone, “If you have a 23cm long p****…Cup…hi~~ I give you thirty thousand for a night, are you satisfied?”

“Yaoyao, he is not….” Qiao Fei was shamed of her and wanted to say something, but You Ze gave him a look, clasping Shiyao in his arms.

“Give me thirty thousand for one night?”

The man’s broad chest, deep and soft voice tore Shiyao apart, she quickly nodded, held up three fingers assuring him, “Thirty thousand, I promise!”

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A smile flashed in You Ze’s eyes, “I’ll free of charge for you if you make me happy, deal?”

Shiyao stared at him in surprise, “Really?”

“Top host of course has the right to choose the Lucky One,” the man carried Shiyao in his arms up the stairs, leaving Qiao Fei there.

Helpless, Qiao Fei stood completely in silent tribute.

Grieve for Shiyao from the bottom of his heart this time.

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