C2 – Come to me after cleaning yourself

After entering the room, Shiyao looked over the various wine on the bar and opened one while mumbling. Before she took a few gulps, she was carried to the bathroom by the man.

You Ze turned on the shower and soaked her with warm water.

“Wash yourself clean and come to me.”

The idea of hanging out here one time was just on the spur of the moment, yet he didn’t expect to meet such a funny woman when leaving.

Because he was a bit of a neat freak, even though her hands felt soft, he had to clean her up before starting.

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Shiyao was dead drunk after swallowing a few drinks, giggling as she looked at the man with seducing and wet eyes, “Come on! Join me!”

You Ze thought a while, and walked over to pull her up.

On the soft bed, two bodies were over each other.

So relaxed, Shiyao moaned, hands against his chest.

The man looked down and found the young woman underneath him was as immature as green fruit. He curled up his thin lips, and had a throaty laugh, “It gets more interesting.”

“This is the most comfortable, come on!”

The man was dazed for a moment, then covered her back and smiled in her ear, “You pretty monster.”


The next day was sunny.

Shiyao sat up in bed rubbing her aching temples, was shocked to see the dense traces on her white arms as the thin quilt slipped off her body.

She rubbed her eyes, and didn’t remember anything.

Looking aside, a naked man, very handsome, was still asleep. His powerful arms reminded her of last night, her face blushed.

It was not dream; she really asked Qiao Fei for a top host and slept with him….

She didn’t believe a word of it….

Hmm….the well-timed vibration of phone on the table startled her again.

“Shiyao, come back now. Xiaxia is suddenly ill in hospital, so you sub for her afternoon flight!”

“Is she so unlucky?” Shiyao finally got a day off after flying to Paris for a few days, but only enjoyed a crazy night with a man and now she had to go back to work!

“Hurry up, don’t be late!” the phone was hung up.

Shiyao quickly got out of bed and got dressed. Before leaving she poked about in her purse for cash and put them on the pillow, with a note attached saying that she would pay him off next time.

Down the stairs, Shiyao saw Qiaofei, who was preparing breakfast for her.

“The top host last night is much to my taste. I have to go. Bye!” With that said, she ran away before Qiao Fei spoke. Shiyao paid for sex after all, so she was embarrassed the time she saw Qiao Fei, who had made the arrangement.

“Hey, Yaoyao….”

Before Qiao Fei finished “You forget to zip up your skirt”, Shiyao had gone. Qiao Fei could imagine how many people would stare at her back when she got on bus.

Less than half an hour later, You Ze came down, too.

He was wearing yesterday’s clothes, but looked ineffably comfortable.

Qiao Fei looked sideways at him, “Your patron asked me to tell you that your service last night was quite satisfying.”

“You tell me!”

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You Ze raised his hand, holding a stack of bills, his finger hooking a blue lanyard, on the end of which was an ID card with a woman on it. That was obviously Shiyao who had already left. “She left ten thousand.”

Qiao Fei chuckled.

Not until she pulled suitcase to the airport did she realize that her employee ID was gone. She turned the bag upside down but didn’t find it. She was a little upset.

It had been put in bag all the time, why had it gone?

It occurred to Shiyao that she didn’t notice something dropped to the floor when taking out cashes this morning.

‘I’m screwed! It is at least an hour from here to downtown, but I have to board the plane now…. Without employee ID, I couldn’t get on the plane, and would be scolded by director after returning.’

The more she looked at the time the more anxious she became, and finally she decided to call the director for help.

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