C2 – The Bride Is Not Me

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As expected, Qin Mochen showed me what a real madman looked like. He had sex with me for a whole night like a crazy beast!

Even though I was convulsed all over by the pain in my underbelly and my blood between my legs had stained him red, he still didn’t stop. After that, he just entered the bathroom indifferently, took a shower, put on his clothes and then left.

He left a sentence as he walked out of the room, “Mo Yufei, to live or die depends on your fate today.”

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The pain all over my body couldn’t compare with the pain in my heart.

I stared blankly at the ceiling; the damp heat between my legs and the ache of my underbelly made me clear that I had already lost the bet.

My only stake, the only connection with him had been gone.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I roared in a grieved tone, just wishing to vent all the resentment and injustice. Feeling giddy the next moment, then I fainted.

I woke up at the next night, and Sister Ling and a doctor were standing beside my bed. I knew that they had checked me when I was in a coma.

I knew that it was Qin Mochen that sent them to see if I was dead.

When I thought of this, the pain had spread my whole body. I gritted my teeth, held back tears, and then said weakly, “See, I am still alive. You can get out.”

Sister Ling looked at me worriedly and turned to leave. The doctor also looked at me, but the moment he walked out, he said, “Miss Mo, this time the baby is barely saved, but you must be careful the next time.”

My brain was blank that moment. My baby was saved?

The colic of my lower abdomen and the damp heat between my legs last night remained fresh in my memories. It was such a crazy night. How could the baby be still alive?

Incredulously, I ran out to ask the doctor to make sure that I had heard his words correctly. My dead heart became alive again.

I won the bet! Would he fulfill his promise to me?

Would he marry me?

I came back to my room with a disturbed heart. I spent the day anxiously waiting. I wanted to call him for several times, but I didn’t know how to ask him.

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I picked up the phone again, but clicked the news inadvertently. When I was about to close the page, a few striking words gave me a shock.

President Qin of Shengshi Group would hold a grand wedding in Liang City, but the bride was a mystery until now.

Ten days later, he would hold the wedding…

Did he know that I had kept the baby?

Was I the bride of the wedding?

This moment, there was only excitement in my heart. The five years, I loved him so humbly, thoroughly and even lost myself.

I thought we would never come to an end, but out of my expectation, the day came so soon.

Looking at the dark sky outside, I wanted Qin Mochen to see a brilliant me, so I got up and cleaned myself up. The moment I finished dressing up, Sister Ling’s voice came to my ears from the downstairs, “Boss, you come back.”

In the mirror, I looked bright and attractive. It seemed that I came back to five years ago!

A sense of bitterness crossed my heart. Five years ago, I was the most high-profile Miss Mo of Mo Family in Liang City; however, five years later, I became a woman who was imprisoned by Qin Mochen for his revenge.

Hiding the emotion in my heart, I walked downstairs smilingly; but when I walked to the hall, I couldn’t step forward anymore!

Qin Mochen held a woman in his arms, who was very familiar to me; she was the woman who fell into the ocean and was swept away by surf accidentally because of me, and also the foster daughter of my family.

What was more, she was the woman that Qin Mochen had loved for five years- Mo Yulin!

Wasn’t she dead?

Why did she appear here suddenly?

I stayed here in a daze, looking at the two intimate people in front of me.

Mo Yulin came back now, so Qin Mochen no longer needed me?

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