C3 – My Father Was Gone

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I remembered today’s news, with painful bitterness in heart. So Qi MoChen’s wedding which would be held ten days later was not for me, but for this woman.

At this point, suddenly I cared about nothing but quickly came over to take hold of Qin Mochen’s arm, looking up at him with the last glimmer of hope and asking, “Mochen, the baby has been saved. You promised me last night. The wedding is for me, right?”

Qin Mochen lowered his head, glanced at me with cold eyes and threw out two words, “Abort it.”

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Those two words, like a dagger, hurt my heart.

“No, I won’t!” I gripped his arm tightly and turned to stare angrily at Mo Yulin, who retreated back into the embrace of Qin Mochen, with a pretended timidity and said in a low voice, “Sister, if you don’t welcome me, I shall leave now.”

“She should be the one to leave!” Qin Mochen said with slight indifference and anger, and the next minute I was pushed to the ground by him. I was worried that the baby was hurt, so I covered my stomach with both hands and wasn’t relieved until I made sure that it was all right.

Qin Mochen’s cold eyes made my heart ache. I looked at Mo Yulin with resentment, pointed at her and cried, “You bitch! Why do you come back since you’ve been dead?! You have ruined my family. Why don’t you go to the hell?!”


The next second, Qin’s hard slap set me back a few steps. Upon that, my mouth was full of the smell of blood, and my heart was broken.

Qin Mochen held Mo Yulin tightly in his arms, but said to me with sharp coldness, “Mo Yufei, you are the one who should go to the hell. Your father ruined her life in those days and you have brought this end to yourselves. If you don’t want me to throw you out, get out of here now!”

Mo Yulin clutched his arm tightly, helplessly looking up at Qin Mochen and said, “Brother Chen, It’s my own fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have been back or have known you at first.” 

After saying those words, she began to cry, like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, burying herself in the arms of Qin Mochen.

Seeing this, I really wished I could tear the hypocritical bitch up!

It was actually her fault: she hatched a plot to set my father and me up. Due to it, my mother had a car accident while my father suffered a false charge and was imprisoned. Nevertheless, it was we that brought this end to ourselves in the eyes of Qin Mochen.

Qin Mochen held Mo Yulin to his chest with both his arms, not even casting a glance at me, but just shouting in a harsh voice, “Get away!” 

My heart was almost bleeding. I clenched my hands, watching Qin Mochen pass by me indifferently and Mo Yulin give me a defiant look in secret.

I really wanted to tell Qin Mochen all the things that happened in those years. But I knew he would not believe me. On the contrary, he would stick a label of being vicious, good at quibbling, and slandering Mo Yulin on me.

If there was no Mo Yulin, the vicious woman, there would not be my mother’s death, father’s imprisonment and family business’s bankruptcy. I had thought that she was dead, and our feud was over.

It had never occurred to me that she was still alive!

At this moment, I swore that I would not only take back the man I loved, but also revenge myself on Mo Yulin and that she would pay back for all the pain she put on me!

I did not leave, but returned to my room again. And the servants did not come to drive me away.

I had a vague feeling in my heart that, somewhere in Qin Mochen’s heart, there was still my place. Or the servants would have driven me away.

I spent the night with feelings of struggling, hate, jealousy and wrath. When I woke up, I knew that Qin Mochen and Mo Yulin had left the house.

All of a sudden, I felt like a discarded trash. Before Mo Yulin appeared, at least Qin Mochen stayed with me, even though he hated me.

However, when Mo Yulin came back, Qin Mochen became indifferent to me instantly and totally ignored me.

The phone rang and I answered it wearily. I did not expect that it was from the prison. The police said that my father was seriously injured. He was dead since all the rescue measures proved ineffectual. The corpse was in the hospital.

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