C7 – Feeling Sick

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Su Chengzhao left. He said that he needed to deal with the matters at hand, and then he would take me away tonight.

However, I could not stay in this ward any longer. The thought that Qin Mochen might send someone to take me away frightened me. I changed my clothes and secretly escaped from the hospital. All the way there was a dull ache in my lower abdomen, but I didn’t pay more attention to it.

When I arrived at the railway station of Liang City, it was already dark. I had sent a text message to Su Chengzhao on the way. I told him that I was waiting for him at the railway station. I thought that there were so many people here, Qin Mochen would not find me that easily.

My cell phone rang at this moment. It was Su. He asked me where I was. As I was just about to talk, suddenly I felt a pain in my shoulder. I was turned over by a brute force. I didn’t expect the one in front of me was Qin Mochen. I didn’t know when my phone in my hand fell to the ground. All I could think about was why he could find me here. Did he follow me all the way?

“Mo Yufei, you really have the guts, don’t you? you dare to escape!” Qin Mochen looked at me gloomily, and his tone was frightening.

I started to tremble and looked at him in horror.

He saw my reaction and started laughing. He pinched my chin and said in a cold voice, “You are afraid of me, right?” I confessed that I was afraid of him at this point. I was not afraid for me, but for the baby in my womb.

Perhaps because it was in public, he didn’t embarrass me, but took me away form here with a sullen face. The chill on his body eroded my heart, and seemed to become colder and colder in this cold winter.

He was silent until he pushed me into the car and then pulled me up by the collar. With his eyes full of fierceness, he said, “Mo Yufei, since you want to escape so much, you don’t have to wait for tomorrow, and I will arrange the abortion for you now.” Then he called the hospital.

I was in total despair. In the end, I still failed to protect my baby?

I didn’t want to compromise. I got out of the car in a hurry while he was on the phone, but he was faster than me and grabbed my wrist. He seized me by the throat and said angrily, “You want to run away again? Mo Yufei, you really want to elope with Su Chengzhao, uh-huh? Didn’t you say you loved me? Your love is so cheap!”

My broken heart had been indifferent to his words. I looked at him with a sneer, and said, “You are right. I am a cheap girl. The worst thing I did is falling in love with you. How can I be in love with you for five years?”

He looked at me coldly, and squeezed my chin violently. The words he said hurt my heart like a knife, “Loved by you, I only feel sick!”

Ah? Feel sick?

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I was laughing at myself in my heart. How pathetic I was. What kind of a man I was in love with in the five years?

“Don’t escape anymore. As long as I don’t let you go, you will be mine even if you die!” he said it and began to drive.

I clenched my hands, and my lower abdomen started to pain again. I closed my eyes and swallowed all my pain and hatred.

My lower abdomen was getting more and more painful, and I felt like urinating. I wanted to bear it, but it was unbearable. I begged him in a low voice, “Qin Mochen, pull over. I want to go to the toilet.”

“What kind of tricks do you want to play again?” Qin said in disgust and didn’t care about my words.

I grabbed his arm and gnashed the teeth, “I really want to go to the toilet. Pull over, otherwise I will pee in your car!” At this moment, my face was pale and the pain was unbearable. My words seemed to disgust him. He shook my hand off and pulled over. He said in anger, “Hurry up!”

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