C4 – Daughter of a Rapist

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At that moment, I felt that my world collapsed. That one who treated me as a treasure was gone. My father who loved me so much died inexplicably.

I asked about the ins and outs of the matter in anger. The police said they don’t know what happened to the criminal suspects that night, who all flew into a rage and attacked Mo Zhenhua.

I didn’t understand since it was incredible. Everyone looked so normal, but why did they change completely overnight? 

Think of Mo Yulin’s appearance last night, I began to suspect that it was she that was operating behind our back.

When the hospital informed me, I immediately drove to the hospital, However, everything was late, my father had died. Oh, God, how could you play tricks on me like this?

When I stepped into the ward. My dad was lying on the cold bed, with a pale face, and had no breath already.

I tramped over and knelt in front of the bed, holding his cold hand. My father who loved me dearly five years ago was gone now. He was destroyed by Mo Yulin!

The phone rang again. Although it was a strange number, I still answered. It turned out to be Mo Yulin, unexpectedly. Her smug voice immediately got into my ear, “Mo Yufei, your father’s accident is just the beginning. You used to be a lady of Mo Family, who has attracted a lot of attention, but how about now?

She said with a sneer, “Now you are just a bitch, a murderer and the daughter of a rapist.

Her mad laughter made me shudder. Was I a murderer and the daughter of a rapist?

It was all because of this bitch, Mo Yulin, but why was I taking all the responsibility?

I was so resentful, and the wrath was about to overwhelm me. I questioned her in a stern voice, “Where are you.”

Mo Yulin was obviously shocked and then sarcastically said, “The coffee shop on Huanhe Road. I have something to talk to you face-to-face too.”

She hung up after she finished the words, while I still held my phone tightly. As I took the last look at my father, sadness returned.

When I got to the coffee shop, I saw Mo Yulin raise her hand holding the coffee cup to me. I walked towards her with a grim face and stared at her with hate.

At this moment, I really want to kill her, but my reason told me not to do so.

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She looked at me with a sneer and said, “You must want to kill me now, right?”

I fought back my anger and grabbed the cup in her hand and poured the coffee on her face. The slightly hot coffee made Mo Yulin scream. She tried to slap my face angrily, but I caught her hand.

I stared icily at her embarrassed face and said with clenched teeth, “You really believe that you can beat me down? No, you are wrong. A man with nothing is never afraid of losing while a man with something is not. I know all the s*** you did. I even know the thing that you impersonated me. Do you think the secret will be hidden forever?”

Looking at Mo Yulin’s pale face, I slapped her hard across the face, and then she fell to the ground because of my slap. I grabbed her hair.

At that moment, I saw her fear of me in her eyes. I said coldly, “Remember that, Mo Yulin, all I lost three years ago, I will get them back!”

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I pushed her away and turned to leave. The most important thing at the moment, I thought was to deal with my father’s funeral affairs.

The sinister voice of Mo Yulin came behind me, “Mo Yufei, do you really think that my ability can let Mo Zhenhua die in prison?”

Her words hit me like a blow on my head. I turned to look at Mo Yulin with my trembling body, “What do you mean?”

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