C3 – Save her life!

The call was connecting when Shiyao glimpsed Li Sicheng in trim-fitting uniform with three stripes on his shoulders approaching with suitcase. Just one look at him, she immediately turned back.

“Yaoyao,” Li Sicheng had seen Shiyao on the phone and came over.

He seemed to want to apologize for what happened yesterday, but Shiyao ignored him by keeping her back on him. At the same time, the call was through.

Hearing the other end answered “Hello”, Shiyao quickly said, “This is Shiyao, my employee ID is left in the dorm and I have a flight at three o’clock, could you please talk to them and let me get aboard?”

“Shiyao, is this your first time reading employee handbook? How can you board the plane without employee ID? Why don’t you leave yourself in the dorm?”

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Quick-tempered and now facing Shiyao, who was several levels lower, the director hit the ceiling immediately, which made Shiyao’s ear ring, so she had to keep some distance from the phone.

Li Sicheng seemed to have heard it and cut in, “Left your employee ID in the dorm again? I’ll take you on the plane.”

“No,” Shiyao rejected him in a poker face.

She would get on plane with Li Sicheng before if she didn’t take employee ID. Now that they had broken up, accepting his help would be like slapping herself in the face!

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“I’ll find a way out with my employee ID, Mr. Li, you can go first.” What Shiyao hated the most, were his face and guilty eyes. So disgusting!

However, Li Sicheng still stood there waiting for her. Shiyao kept searching over her phone, but nobody can help her, which made her so angry that she wanted to go home with suitcase.

“Yaoyao, don’t get angry with me. Let me take you on the plane.” Li Sicheng said again. “If the flight is delayed for you can’t board the plane, you’ll get severely punished by company….”

“Mind your own business.” Shiyao frowned, ready to say that she would accept the punishment. However, Li Sicheng was interrupted by the man running over.

“Miss Shiyao!”

The man wearing the uniform of a taxi company held an employee ID in his hand.

He compared the person in the photo with Shiyao and handed over the employee ID, “You’re Miss Shiyao, right? Your friend asked me to bring it to you.”

“Employee ID?” Shiyao happily took it and kissed it hard.

It must be Qiao Fei who found her employee ID in time and saved her life. It couldn’t come at a better time.

Shiyao planned to buy a gift in return for Qiao Fei when landing.

“Thanks for your kindness, Mr. Si.” Shiyao shook her employee ID before Li Sicheng, and then walked away pulling the suitcase with her head held high.

Li Sicheng watched her walking away, with complicated eyes and some guilt.

Although the employee ID guaranteed her on the plane, Shi Yao was called to the office and received a notice of point penalty after flying back from New York.

The reason was that her severe lack of sleep affected work.

‘Are you kidding me?’

Why did she feel that everything went wrong after she broke up with Li Sicheng?

She used to fly without employee card and sufficient sleep? Why didn’t they work now?

If it wasn’t for the dispatcher calling her to cover for Xiaxia a few hours before the plane took off, would she be sleep deprived, huh?”

It was the penalty of three points that caused Shiyao to lose her position of chief attendant.

She and Ji Manqing were competing for the chief attendant, and she even gained full marks in written test, the highest score among competitors, that was to say, she almost got the position.

On the day publishing results, a photo of Ji Manqing was posted on the wall.

“Sister Manqing, congratulations. I know you could do it!”

The colleagues all came over to congratulate Ji Manqing and surrounded her in the middle.

Ji Manqing chuckled and thanked everyone, then pushed her way through the crowd to get to Shiyao standing outside, saying carefully, “Yaoyao, I’m sorry….”

“Sorry for what?” Shiyao moved her eyes from the photo on the wall to her face.

A faint smile of irony appeared on her red lips, “If you really feel sorry for me, tell director that you can’t take the post and is willing to give it to me?”

“Shiyao, you’ve gone too far,” someone stood out, “Manqing wins the post through fair competition, why should she give it to you?”

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