C1 – Fatal Bet

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His hot breath sprayed on my chest. The man was teasing my body, I couldn’t help groaning and still pushed him with my hands.

The man clenched my hands and locked them above my head. He pinched my chin tightly,” Do you want to resist now? You bitch want to quit?”

The cold voice came through my ears and then pierced my heart deeply; I felt so hurt now.

Ignoring his hatred of me, I smiled lightly,” Mochen, I’m pregnant.”

I finally make the decision to tell him. He was the father of the baby after all.

The hand on my wrists tightened suddenly, which made me twist my eyebrows. I kept staring at him without blinking.

“Humph!” An indifferent sneer came to my ears. Looking at Qin Mochen’s cold eyes, I said trembly, ”Mochen, will you marry me?”

This moment, I was hopeful but nervous, since I didn’t know his thoughts and his answers.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mochen showed a sardonic grin, then lowered his head and kisses me violently. I felt his hatred became fiercer. I had known his answer. The heart kept sinking.

A cool breeze covered my body suddenly. Qin Mochen tore my clothes. I struggled and shouted out, “Are you crazy now? I’m pregnant! The doctor said I can’t have sex now.”

“Pregnant?” his voice was full of disgust and hatred. Qin Mochen grasped my breast and scorned, ”Mo Yufei, do you want to marry me? If you can protect the baby tonight, I will marry you.”

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My heart was quivering. It seemed that a large piece of ice fell into my heart.

Didn’t he really want the baby?

Didn’t he really want to marry me?

I would not grant such a request in the past, but tonight, I want to have a bet, for me and also for my baby!

Enduring the pain in my heart, I fixed my eyes on his dark eyes, and then said heavily,” OK!”

Qin Mochen looked at my pale face and scorned, ”Mo Yufei, you are such a fu*king bitch! You can even risk the life of your unborn baby! It’s no wonder that Yulin would be framed by you time and again until death!”

After saying this, he leaned forward suddenly and violently without any foreplay. A sharp pain overwhelmed me.

The words “I didn’t kill her” kept in my mouth was swallowed by me.

I knew that no matter what I said or what I explained to him, Qin Mochen would never believe me!

As he increased the range of movements, my body seemed to fall apart and the lower abdomen suffered dull pain. A bad feeling welled up in my heart.

Would I kill my baby just for marrying him?

No! My baby hadn’t taken tangible shape yet! How could I be so cruel!

Thinking of this, I struggled violently regardless of other things just to escape from Qin Mochen. I cried and begged him,” Mochen, it’s my fault! I give up now. Please forgive me! Don’t kill it, please! …”

The room was full of my helpless cries. I knew that in this moment, I was miserable, awkward and pathetic in his eyes.

Qin Mochen stopped, and then pinched my chin to force me to look up, with his cold eyes focusing on me, “You regret it now?”

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I nodded helplessly with tears flowing down my face. When I thought that he would let me go, his next sentence sent a chill down my spine. I trembled all over.

He said, ”Mo Yufei, you have to finish the way you chose; similarly, you have to accept the results of your decision even if it would kill your baby! It’s your fate!”

“You must be mad! Qin Mochen, you are a demon!” I roared and struggled, but it was useless.

Qin Mochen sneered, “I will show you what a real madman looks like!”

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