C7 – The Apricot Blossoms Fall all over the Head

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Yian Ling’s heart suddenly surged with a kind of unidentified sadness and emotion. From the previous life, that person has been protecting her.

It’s her own fault that she was so blind that she just saw Liang Yi, the hypocrite, but neglected the people who had been silently accompanying her. With this in mind, Yan Ling feels guiltier.

“My lady?” Liyi finds that Lady Ling seems to be a little stunned and doesn’t respond for quite a while. Even the footman waiting for reply has looked up for several times.

“Ah?” As soon as Yan Ling looks up, she sees Liyi with a slight worry in her eyes. Ling shakes her head calmly to show that she is okay.

“His Highness Prince has been waiting in the house. You know, my sister, I can never refuse him under this circumstance, so we’d better fly kites some other day.” Yan Ling looks at Shuang on one side and gently hooks up the corner of her lips, deliberately showing a look of a girl falling in love.

Yan Shuang is shocked. Yan Ling’s expression of this moment is so familiar to her. Doesn’t she has the same expression whenever she hears about Liang Yi? Is it possible that… that this woman has fallen in love with the Crown Prince!

“No, absolutely not!” Yan Shuang suddenly stands up, and frightens all people around.

Yan Ling narrows her eyes and thinks she is funny, “What do you mean, my sister? You said that His Highness Prince is busy with official business. Maybe he has something important so that he suddenly visits me. If something goes wrong, who can take the responsibility?”

After Yan Ling finishes, she goes out to the courtyard with Liyi, regardless of the embarrassed Yan Shuang.

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Yan Ling has something in her mind, so when she sees the Crown Prince whose face is like precious jade, she doesn’t know how to open her mouth. Therefore, all along the way, they don’t have any communication with each other. However, when they reach the destination, Yan Ling is speechless.

Apricot Garden? The banquet held by the Queen in the palace is to appreciate pear blossoms. The Poetry Club is at Yingchun Villa. Now the Crown Prince takes her to enjoy apricot blossoms all over the garden. It seems that Royal families are all fond of all kinds of seasonal flowers.

“Anything wrong, Lady Yan?” Unconsciously, Yan Ling is lagged behind a few steps, so Liang He asks with a bit of smile.

Yan Ling looks up and perceives a breeze blowing through the garden, and the snow-white apricot flowers are falling from the branches, which makes Liang He who is in black robe more charming. Yan Ling suddenly thinks of the phrase which may be not so appropriate here –”Famous flowers are as pleasant as the beauty”.

Seeing Liang He’s smile is bigger, Yan Ling suddenly feels a little shy. She bows her head and says in a low voice, “The scenery here is so beautiful that I am unconsciously distracted. Thanks for inviting me, Your Royal Highness.”

Hearing this, Liang He laughs, and loses a little bit of warmth, which makes him look brighter. His says with his bright and clear voice as if he is making fun of Ling, “I thought your appearance and talent are more like a fairy, Miss Yan, and you may distain these common flowers.”

It seems that Yan Ling didn’t expect that Liang He would suddenly come up with such a sentence, and her face reddens a little, and gives a gambling reply, “You overstate me, Your Royal Highness. In my opinion, you are the one who have the gesture of a god, just like the poem ‘Spring apricot blossoms blown all over the head, but I don’t know the young romantic man aside’.”

They arrive at the pavilion in the garden as they are talking. There are boys waiting already.

Although the road to the pavilion is smooth, it’s a little bit far from Fanghua Court, and Liang He is worried that Ling is tired, so he makes a “please” gesture and leads Ling to the pavilion.

Tea sets have been prepared in the pavilion, and Liang He cooks tea in person. His movement is so swift and skillful, and Yan Ling’s attention is unconsciously drawn by him.

After a while, the scent of tea overflows in the pavilion.

After pouring out the first cup of tea, Liang He pours Yan Ling a cup of tea and gently places it in front of her. Yan Ling is not very familiar with the tea ceremony. She only feels bitter and astringent when sipping. However, after careful appreciation, she tastes somewhat sweet.

“Great tea.” Yan Ling says with a light smile, straightening out her hair that has just been messed by the wind.

Liang He also smiles slightly. Maybe he notices that Yan Ling is not proficient in tea, so he doesn’t continue this topic.

“I thought Miss Yan would say, ‘The young man is like a jade, and no one in the world can compare with him’!” After a while, Liang He suddenly says.

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Yan Ling is somewhat confused at the beginning, but she soon realizes that Liang He is talking about himself. About this, Yan Ling suddenly loses interest of joking, and becomes serious.

“This is not suitable for you, your Royal Highness.” Yan Ling sighs slightly.

Liang He is surprised. Somehow he asks, “Is Brother Yi the only person suitable for this poem in your heart, Miss Ling?”

As soon as the words come out, both of them are slightly shocked. Looking at the shocked Ling, Liang He feels embarrassed and avoids eye contact with Ling. He doesn’t know what was wrong with him, and speaks out what he is thinking on impulse. As for why he wanted to say this, even Liang He himself doesn’t know.

“Of course not. I just don’t think that the Royal members are suitable for this sentence.” Yan Ling seems to have memorized something and says it with a little seriousness.

Indeed, it is not suitable, as Liang He just said, Ling in her previous life really thought that only Liang Yi deserves that sentence. The handsome young man in white was Prince Charming of numerous women in the capital. Unfortunately, it was at the end of her life that she realized that he was only a thorough villain.

Although Liang He doesn’t quite understand Yan Ling’s words, he feels somewhat comfortable in his heart. He nods, “It’s probably not suitable, and the Royal members don’t need it.”

This topic is done, but for Yan Ling, Liang He just reminded her. She involuntarily shows a slight sneer, and quickly turns to normal. Even Liang He did not see it clearly.

“At this moment, it’s time for my good sister to bring the Third Princes here.” holding her chin, Yan Ling is a little bored and thinks silently in her heart.

Yan Ling goes out with Liang He, and the next minute she hears Miss Shuang goes to find their father and then hurries out. Anyone with a brain knows why she does this.

Yan Ling suddenly feels that’s funny. Yan Shuang loves the Third Prince whole- heartedly, but she also helps him so diligently and dutifully to get close to Ling. Should she be called generous? Or crazy about love?

But isn’t Ling a poor fool? Nevertheless, Yan Ling will never let what happened in the previous life happen again. No matter what happens, she will not waste her new life, new chance.

“Your Royal Highness, wait for a while, we may have guests coming later.” Yan Ling raises her head, looking at the path they came from, and says slowly.

“Oh? What’s the guest? Although Liang He is doubtful, he still keeps his gentle smile and manner.

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