C41 – Celebration Banquet

“Excuse me, Mr. He.”

Guan Yue suddenly showed up and went to whisper to He Siming who pulled a long face after hearing that.

Although Wen Shuyue couldn’t hear anything, she subconsciously shifted her gaze from them. A woman’s intuition was right most of the time, so it must be nothing simple as she imagined.

“Date canceled, huh. Who cares?”

He Siming muttered with irony before he left in anger.

A date with a girl?

This question abruptly came to Wen Shuyue’s mind. It turned out that He Siming dressed up today for a date indeed.

Somehow, Wen Shuyue felt gloomy and had a slight heartache as if an invisible hand kept pulling her heart in and out.

“Hello, Miss Wen? Mr. He is gone. We’ve got to go.”

Some voice pulled Wen Shuyue back to reality before she went to catch up with He Siming. Wen Shuyue did a good job in the concluding section. Eventually, He Siming highly praised her and said that the whole MK didn’t let him down and that he looked forward to another cooperation.

As was known to all, his anticipation for another cooperation proved his recognition of Wen Shuyue’s capability.

After a successful cooperation, a celebration banquet was inevitable. Tonight, a banquet would be held for Mannis and MK design teams, which people looked forward to.

However, Wen Shuyue didn’t care about it at all and was ready to leave right after the meeting.

“Hello, Miss Wen.”

Guan Yue’s voice rang behind Wen Shuyue.

Before she turned round, he appeared in front of her and said with a smile, “Miss Wen, are you leaving? But we’ll have a celebration banquet tonight, for our companies for the first time. I hope you won’t miss it, Miss Wen.”

His words gave Wen Shuyue a start before she said leisurely, “Don’t worry, Mr. Guan. Of course I will go to the banquet. But I’ve got to go back home to take care of some issues now. So, see you tonight.”

Relieved by her words, Guan Yue said with a big smile, “See you tonight. Hope you won’t bail us out, Miss Wen.”

Wen Shuyue nodded and smiled at Guan Yue before she left.

As Guan Yue watched her receding figure, the smile on his face gradually disappeared and he couldn’t help muttering, “How come Miss Wen treats Mr. He so indifferently now?”

Likewise, He Siming didn’t seem to care about Wen Shuyue as much as before. But it didn’t make sense after a second thought. If it was true, He Siming wouldn’t have asked Guan Yue to find Wen Shuyue.

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Anyway, the relationship between He Siming and Wen Shuyue turned unusual and something seemed to be doomed to happen.

Guan Yue shrugged his shoulders and went back to report to He Siming.

In fact, Wen Shuyue had nothing to take care of and she made up the excuse just in order to go home.

The phone buzzed.

“Hello, Lin Lin. Word travels fast. You knew it even before I tell you that we’re going to have a celebration banquet?” Wen Shuyue smiled resignedly.

Lin Lin must be serious with He Siming this time since she hadn’t forgotten him so far.

“Of course. I told you I mean it this time. So, you’ve got to seize the chance for me tonight. I have to confess my feelings to He Siming.” Lin Lin’s voice rang through the phone.

She sounded well-prepared and confident.

The smile on Wen Shuyue’s face gradually disappeared, but she remained calm, “Okay, I got it. I’ll bring you to the banquet.”

“Yeah, I know you’re the best. If I make it, I’ll treat you to dinner.” Lin Lin couldn’t feel happier as if she was bound to succeed.

However, the happier Lin Lin was, the gloomier Wen Shuyue felt.

How time flew! The banquet was about to kick off. Wen Shuyue planned to get to the hotel earlier. Unexpectedly, she saw Lin Lin waiting for her outside when she opened the door.

“Hello, Yueyue. I knew you’ll set off earlier,” Lin Lin greeted happily.

Caressing her forehead, Wen Shuyue said resignedly, “You should have let me know. It’s cold outside.’

“It’s okay. I’ve been in the car. Anyway, just get in. Let me give you a ride.” Rolling her eyes, Lin Lin opened the door and pulled Wen Shuyue inside.

Wen Shuyue had no choice but to take Lin Lin’s ride instead of driving by herself.

Upon the arrival at the spot, Lin Lin got really excited because she was a regular visitor in this top-notch hotel run by her friend.

“Even god helps me this time. I know every single room in this hotel. Well, well, He Siming can’t get away with me tonight,” Lin Lin said in a teasing tone as if she had already caught the prey.

Wen Shuyue stared at her for a while. All of a sudden, Wen Shuyue figured out what Lin Lin implied and found it unbelievable, widening her eyes. “Oh my gosh. You want to…”

“Stop it. He Siming is coming.”

Lin Lin interrupted Wen Shuyue before Wen Shuyue finished her words.

Meanwhile, He Siming arrived together with some chairmen. Guan Yue nodded at Wen Shuyue politely. He did so whenever he met her, since they knew each other after all.

When He Siming walked past Wen Shuyue, he just took a look at her blandly without turning his head, as if they didn’t know each other in the first place.

“What’s wrong, Yueyue? You guys are business partners. Why didn’t he talk to you?” Lin Lin shot a confusing gaze at Wen Shuyue after He Siming left.

The reason behind it was hard to explain. Wen Shuyue shrugged her shoulders perfunctorily before she followed He Siming to the banquet.

When the banquet kicked off, He Siming and Wen Shuyue made a speech successively, after which people enjoyed themselves.

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“Yueyue,” Lin Lin pulled Wen Shuyue by the sleeve and whispered in her ear, “please go talk to He Siming. Ask him to meet me in Room 429.”

“Why me? You know we’re just business partners. We…”

“Of course I do. That’s why I feel assured that you talk to him.”

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