C42 – He Was Stood up

Before Wen Shuyue could finish speaking, Lin Lin interrupted her again.

God knew how many times Wen Shuyue had been interrupted by Lin Lin today. Sure enough, women always acted like a fool when they met the guy they liked.

“Well, well. Just go and find him, and do me this favor, will you?” Lin Lin looked at Wen Shuyue piteously, which made Wen Shuyue hard to refuse her.

Originally, Wen Shuyue did not intend to get involved, but Lin Lin had made it to such a point at which Wen Shuyue had to help her find He Siming anyway.

At the moment, He Siming was playing billiards outside and obviously didn’t want to stay in that noisy environment.

“Miss Wen, there you are.”

As soon as Guan Yue saw Wen Shuyue, he was inexplicably happy and subconsciously looked at He Siming, who was still playing billiards seriously, unconcerned with Wen Shuyue’s presence.

Wen Shuyue smiled awkwardly and nodded, “Hi, I have something to ask Mr. He. I wonder if he can…”

“Of course. It just so happens that Mr. He is short of a billiard player. Miss Wen, are you interested? ” Guan Yue smiled and invited her to join He Siming in the game so readily.  

Well, Wen Shuyue didn’t expect this. She stayed in a daze for a while, glancing at He Siming from time to time, hoping that he could say something at this moment.

“I’ve done some research on Miss Wen before, and I heard that Miss Wen is very talented in reading. And you can play golf, badminton, and billiards. Why don’t you give it a try today? We want to take a look at Miss Wen’s billiards skills. ” After a long time without hearing Wen Shuyue speak, Guan Yue smiled and broke the silence.

Guan Yue had shown much politeness and hospitality. Of course, Wen Shuyue couldn’t refuse him again, so she went to the opposite side of He Siming.

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When He Siming saw her coming, he looked up at her. His amber eyes were as indifferent and distant as ever, but there was a subtle hint of smile.

“Mr. He, do you mind if I join you?” Wen Shuyue smiled.

“Okay,” He Siming nodded briskly, his calm words filled with confidence.

At the beginning of the game, there were not many people around them, but their skills were neck and neck, and the nearly 100% goal-scoring rate attracted a lot of attention.

It was a high-profile entertainment club where everyone was supposed to sing and dance, but in the end, more people came to watch them play billiards.

Lin Lin had been waiting in the box, constantly looking at the time, frowning and muttering, “What on earth is Shuyue doing? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“Kerchoo! “

Wen Shuyue sneezed suddenly. She thought she had forgotten something, but at last, she touched her nose and went on playing billiard again.

At first, He Siming paid no attention to Wen Shuyue at all, but later, he felt that she was a good opponent, and gradually had a topic to pick a conversation with her.

“I didn’t expect that a girl could play billiards so well. You surprised me.” He Siming raised the corners of his mouth with enchantment.

Wen Shuyue, while intently playing basketball, did not notice his expression, and explained with a smile, “Thank you. I’m flattered. I just often accompany Baobao to do all kinds of sports, and I learned some.”

At the mention of Wen Baobao, Wen Shuyue’s eyes were as gentle as water. Her unconscious tenderness always made He Siming’s heart beat strongly.

He Siming stared at her for a moment, then withdrew his gaze and said inadvertently, “It’s not easy for a woman to raise a child on her own. Why did you want to have him in the first place? Aren’t you worried that others will point fingers at you and your child?”

He Siming got Wen Shuyue there. She was stunned, bowed her head, and pondered for a long time before she smiled helplessly.

“After all, he is a little life, even if it is a mistake, I do not want to give up lightly. I’m uncomfortable with all the gossip, but I have got used to it. They’re right. I’m a single mother, and I didn’t even know who the father was.” Wen Shuyue explained faintly.

Although she said it lightly, it still had a big impact on He Siming.

He could even imagine the pressure she had been under over the years, as well as the unfair abuse and ridicule. Looking at Wen Shuyue like this, he suddenly wanted to hold her in his arms to comfort her.

“Mr. He, you’re going to lose.” The pleasant voice suddenly sounded.

When He Siming reacted, Wen Shuyue hit the last ball with a smile and made a triumphant gesture to him.

He Siming smiled uncontrollably. His smile was s subtle that he didn’t even notice it.

“I didn’t expect Miss Wen can play so well. Mr. He was just stood up today. I thought he wouldn’t have such a good time. Fortunately, Miss Wen is here.”


Guan Yue was obviously so happy that he said the truth off the top of his head. Fortunately, He Siming coughed on purpose, which interrupted him.

“Was he stood up by a girl?” Wen Shuyue wondered in heart.

Wen Shuyue suddenly thought of what they said this morning that He Siming seldom went to the company in casual clothes. He looked like he was going to meet someone special.

It seemed that that person meant a lot to He Siming. Somehow, she envied the one who could make him change into casual clothes.

Guan Yue realized that he had said something wrong, so he quickly changed the subject, “Miss Wen is really good at billiards. I hope I can play it with you if I have a chance in the future. Among all the girls I know, Miss Wen is the best at it.”  

“Thank you.” Wen Shuyue smiled politely.

What if she was good at billiards? Men liked the lovable little women who were obedient to them. Wen Shuyue was an able woman in her career, so how could she make a man feel like protecting her?

Women’s power was forced out. If she could, of course, she didn’t want to be able to do everything. Instead, she wanted to be loved, and that was what every woman was proud of.

He Siming looked at Wen Shuyue and seemed to notice something.

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“Tell Gong Yang that I don’t need him to play with me anymore, and he’s not allowed to stand me up again.” He Siming said in a leisurely way.

“Yes, sir. I’ll talk to Mr. Gong right away. ” Guan Yue got his boss’s meaning and echoed with a smile.

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