C9 – Deep Hate

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Wake up?

I was so tired, so I didn’t want to wake up. I just wanted to keep sleeping like this forever.

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Suddenly in the room arose the voices of Su Chengzhao and Qin Mochen, and they seemed to have a big quarrel. I, who was not quite conscious at the time, seemed to hear them fighting.

I didn’t know how long it took before the fight finally ended. Just as I was about to go into a coma again, the cold voice of Qin Mochen suddenly sounded in my ear, “Mo Yufei, do you want to die? You should ask me for permission first!”

I sneered inwardly because I felt that I was too pathetic. Did I have to ask for his permission even if I wanted to die?

Qin Mochen got close to me and gently rubbed my cheek with his hand. At the moment, I was allergic to his touch, but I couldn’t move myself, I couldn’t open my eyes, and gradually my consciousness was blurred.

But Qin Mochen’s words suddenly shocked me, “Mo Yufei, don’t you want to avenge your father’s murder? Would you like to see your father die so inexplicably? Your mother met with a tragic death. Are you willing to die like a coward rather than avenge them?”

The news of my father’s unexplained death and the tragic death of my mother flashed across my mind.

Did I compromise?

No, absolutely not. As I hadn’t gotten my revenge and my hate was not yet gone, how could I die like this? How could I let Mo Yulin and Qin Mochen, two murderers, continue to live in the world?

This thought made me feel heavier and more tired, but my eyes, which I had been trying to open, gradually opened.

When Qin Mochen saw me wake up, his eyes seemed to turn dark once. Then he squeezed my chin, and sarcastically said, “You seems to hate us so deep, right? Why are you still alive?”

I froze on the bed. I didn’t know if I had an illusion, and seemed to see a trace of worry, anxiety and heartache in his eyes the moment I opened my eyes.

Was I wrong?

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Then I came to my senses with a bitter smile. How could this cold-blooded man worry about me? He wanted me to die.

I gritted my teeth, endured the pain on the whole body and glared at him, “How can I die? I haven’t avenged my father. You care about Mo Yulin, don’t you? Then I will destroy her!”

Due to my weakness, my words were weak too.

Qin Mochen put on a contemptuous smile, with his hand grasping my neck, as if the next moment he would strangle me.

I stared at him with hate, and my hands under the quilt were bleeding with fingernails piercing in palms. We were in a stalemate for a long time, and Qin Mochen finally let go of me, ready to leave. He left a cold sentence, “I will visit you later this evening; by the time, I want to see your corpse.”

As the door closed, I closed my eyes in despair, but the pain in my palms made my chaotic consciousness clearer.

Until the afternoon, Su Chengzhao appeared, he looked a little tired and his clothes were a little messy.

I looked at him apprehensively, “Chengzhao, I am all right now. If you are tired, go back and rest.”

Su Chengzhao smiled softly, as he touched my face with affection and said he was fine, but I knew that he was in big trouble.

Sure enough, when he just finished the words, the phone rang. I clearly heard the anxious voice from the phone, “President Su, Shengshi Group is suppressing our company. Our foundation In Liang City is simply not enough to confront them. What should we do now?”

With knitted brows, he glanced at me and went out of the ward.

I was shocked. Even though I hated Qin Mochen now, when I heard that he was suppressing Su Chengzhao, I still had a hint of hope in my heart. Did he still care about me?

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