C8 – A Nuisance Never Dies

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I didn’t want to waste my words with him and got off quickly to find a secret place. I felt my stomach cramping in greater pain as warm liquid followed between the legs. I suddenly realized what was happening. I looked down, only to find a pool of blood beneath my feet under the faint moonlight!

Shivering there, I touched my stomach which was suffering from colic in horror.

With a harsh ringtone, I heard Qin Mochen yelling in his cold voice in this silent night, “How did she gone? If she had trouble, all of you would be fired!”

Then he punched the car on the window, glass fragments spread over the ground and blood dyed his hands red.

How could he care about Mo Yulin like that?

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I stared at him, who got on and started the car, like preparing to leave. My nerve strained. If he really went away, how should I do in this desolate place?

I bawled in panic, ”Qin Mochen, I’m bleeding. I have a stomachache.” 

By the moonlight, I saw he frowned impatiently, turned around, glanced without any emotion at me, simply said a sentence and then went away, ”A nuisance never dies.”

His car disappeared soon, leaving me frozen in that dark night.

He left me alone here just for that woman vanished, totally disregarding the situation that I was bleeding.

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When I picked up clothes and staggered to the roadside, the road was empty without any trace of the car. My broken heart sank. At this moment, I was in despair.

How pathetic I was! I looked up and laughed hysterically. Five years ago, when he was hurt seriously with no consciousness by a car accident, I carried him on my back and walked 2.5 kilometers until the ambulance arrived. I even didn’t put him down until I fainted.

But how did he treat me? He abandoned me, who was suffering miscarriage, here without hesitation.

The sharp pain in my stomach warned me of the danger of losing my baby. I just wanted to hurry up to the hospital. I stumbled on a long road in wet clothes, leaving rows of shocking bloody footprints behind.

Almost exhaustinged all my strength, I finally fell down to the floor, the stomach cramps and the bloodstain told me that, this time, I definitely lost my baby.

My consciousness gradually became blurred, and; in the end, I stopped fighting itagainst the pain, and fall down into the pool of blood.

When I woke up again, I was already lying in the hospital, my body was sore and my face was pale.

I really had a strange connection with this hospital. I went to the hospital several times all because of Qin Mochen.

“Yu Fei, how do you feel?” Su Chengzhao looked at me with a worried face;, he reached out and touched my cheek, whispered:ing, “Sorry, I am late, I don’t protect you well.”

His words made my heart tremble, I touched my stomach, raised my head and, stared at his eyes, and asked him with in a tremulous voice, “Is my childbaby…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence with the last words. Tears had already wetted my eyes. I wanted to swallow all the humiliation, but I just couldn’t stop crying.

Su Chengzhao held me in his arms and covered my head tightly,. “If you want to cry, just do it. Don’t forget that you are not alone. You have me., I will stay with you and comfort you until you go through this pain.“”

I cried out loudly, my voice was fierce, and my hands were holding Su Chengzhao’s arm. At this moment, the whole room, and even the entire corridor was were filled with my crying, even the entire corridor.

Why the one I had loved for five years abandoned me without hesitation, but  the onethose who loved me had done a lot for me? Why I didn’t love Su Chengzhao.

I did not know how long I had been crying., Ffinally, I couldn’t help bear the pain anymore and fainted. This time, I really hoped that I didn’t wouldn’t wake up. Just fall asleep like this forever…

I did not know how long I have had slept. In the a blurreddaze, I vaguely heard that Su Chengzhao swayed my body, and he his roar was so painful. “Yu Fei, are you awakeplease wake up? You said you want me to take you out of here, but why you don’t you wake up?” ”

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