C6 – You Don’t Deserve It

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Realizing what would Su Chengzhao say, I opened my eyes and roared, ”Come on! Kill me! Then you can be with Mo Yulin for a lifetime and nobody would disturb you!”

Su Chengzhao hit the door with his fist, and then his voice full of sadness arose, ”Yufei, why do you torment yourself like this?”


I never thought so. Even if Qin Mochen knew the facts, the one he loved was not me after all.

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I thought Qin Mochen would kill me, but out of my expectation, he threw me to the bed violently and then pressed against me with his cold eyes fixed on me.

“Killing you will dirty my hands.”

My heart twitched suddenly, but it had already been numb with pain.

Thinking of my father’s death, I stared at him resentfully, ”Qin Mochen, the moment you killed my father, my love for you was gone. You hated him too much. Now, he is dead and your wish has been achieved. From now on, we should treat each other as a stranger even if we meet again!”

After finished speaking, I was surprised to see a sense of shock in his eyes.

I sneered in my heart. Maybe he realized that it was Mo Yulin told me about the truth, otherwise I would be still kept in the dark now.

“Strangers?” Qin Mochen pinched my jaw suddenly, ”Do you want to be together with Su Chengzhao with my baby? Don’t even think about it! If you want to leave, have an abortion and then you can disappear.”

“Qin Mochen, you are such a bastard!” I hit him resentfully, but the next moment, he tore my clothes directly, and entered my body without any foreplay as usual.

I screamed in honor. My baby! I tried my best to save it. How could he be so cruel!

Qin Mochen forced me to have sex again and again, as a cold voice came into my ears,” You don’t deserve to have my baby!”

I closed my eyes and let him vent his anger and desire, lying like a corpse.

Yes, I didn’t deserve it. In his eyes, only Mo Yulin deserved it.

If I didn’t faint that year and I was more active in the past, would everything be different now?

Not knowing how long it took, Qin Mochen finally left my body, and then said ruthlessly, ”I will arrange the operation tomorrow. After aborting, you can disappear in front of me forever.”

He picked up the quilt and threw it on me to cover my ruined and humiliated body.

The cold words stuck into my heart like a sword, ”I won’t even care that you show your body to a beggar after you leave, but before I allow you to leave, don’t disgrace me.”

The door was closed, and he left.

Curling myself up and enduring the colic, I sobbed until my eyes were red and swollen, until there were no more tears.

As steady footsteps came, Su Chengzhao walked toward me and held me covered in the quilt tightly, ”Yufei, why do you torment yourself? Why don’t you tell him the truth in the past?”

I struggled to free myself from his arms, and then turned to him, just finding some bruises in the corner of his mouth. Thinking of the muffled groan, I realized that Qin Mochen hit him.

I felt a little guilty to him and shook my head bitterly, ”I don’t want him to trample on my last pride.“

I wanted to keep my baby, and never let Qin Mochen kill it.

Thinking of this, I grasped Su Chengzhao’s arm with both two hands and looked at him imploringly, ”Chengzhao, take me away, to a place where no one can find me.”

Su Chengzhao stiffened apparently. He caressed my face and asked in a low voice, ”Do you really want to leave? Are you willing to leave?”

Tightening my fists, I swallowed all the pain and resentment, and then I sneered, ”There is nothing worth lingering. He killed my father, and now he wanted to kill my baby. I hate him.”

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Although I said like that, I knew clearly that I still couldn’t terminate my love for Qin Mochen completely.

Su Chengzhao smiled gently,” Okay, since you want to leave, I will take you away at all costs.”

When he said this, a bad feeling which made me panic welled up in my heart, but I didn’t know why.

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