C9 – Birthday Party in the Prime Minister’s House

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Yan Ling originally intends to impose heavy punishment on Qing’er, but she has a second thought. On the one hand, Qing’er didn’t obey the rules and offended the Crown Prince in words. If the punishment is too severe, it seems that she is inhumane; on the other hand, although Qing’er is a spy sent by Yan Shuang, there will be a new one if she drives Qing’er away. Now she knows that Qing’er is the spy and she just needs to be careful about her. She is afraid that she will be in a passive position if she is not prepared for the next one. With such a thought, Yan Ling has reached a conclusion in her mind.

“I will deduct her salary for half a year and let her learn the rules again with the housekeeper. She cannot come back until she really knows the rules. “

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“My lady…” Liyi frowns, a little dissatisfied.

Of course, Liyi is not afraid that Qing’er will stay here and take her place. Liyi is very happy as long as the maid is dedicated to serving Lady Ling. However, Qing’er is obviously not among them.

Yan Ling understands what Liyi wants to say. She looks at Liyi, smiling, “Which do you think is more dangerous? A spy who has been exposed, or a spy who is hidden in the dark?”

A light breaks in upon Liyi, and she has a more admiration for her young lady.

Soon, June is around the corner. In June, for the Yans, the most important thing is Master Yan’s birthday.

Prime Minister Yan is fifty years old this year, and elderly people of the previous generation have already passed away. Therefore, the birthday party of Prime Minister Yan should be a grand one. People in the prime minister’s house have been preparing it for a long time.

Perhaps she sees the hypocritical faces of these people too much, and Yan Ling always feels annoyed. She doesn’t like this banquet, but she is the eldest daughter of the prime minister’s house after all. There is no reason for her not to attend.

When the day just breaks, Yan Ling gets up and dresses herself. Liyi simply combs a Lingyun bun for Yan Ling, and then matches it with elegant and solemn makeup. Yan Ling seems to be more dazzling.

“My lady, you should wear makeup more. See, how beautiful you are! His royal highness must like it.” During this period of time, Liyi also realizes the transformation of Ling and talks more casually. Of course, it’s just in front of Yan Ling.

“You wench! You always mention his royal highness. Isn’t it that you have been enchanted by him?” Yan Ling says it in a funny and angry way. She is really in a dilemma. In the past two months, not only the Third Prince, but also the Crown Prince has invited her many times. But she rejected both of them with an excuse that she is not comfortable.

In these two months, Yan Ling never left her house and bribed a doctor to cover for her. If it’s not that, she is afraid the Yans will be dissatisfied with her for a long time. Even her mother was unhappy every time when she came to see Yan Ling. Yan Ling is clear about what others said in these two months. If she is still sick by now, someone will really believe that she has been infected by a plague.

Servants in the prime minister’s house are really good at gossiping their masters. Or maybe, few people here have ever taken her as a master.

Seemingly it’s just a birthday party, but how can it be a pure banquet when it’s held by the prime minister?

A lot of people toast and drink. In the warehouse, there are all kinds of treasures piled, which were very eye-catching.

About noon, the birthday star also appears. Originally, the banquet is held on noon to symbolize that the prime minister is as healthy and influential as the sun at noon. But for Yan Ling, the choice of party time is really not agreeable.

However, it seems that the sunshine is not as warm as those officials and merchants who come to celebrate the birthday, even the Emperor let the Crown Prince deliver the birthday gift personally.

Since the meeting at Apricot Garden last time, this is the first time that Yan Ling has seen Liang He. Seeing the noble man with a calm manner, Yan Ling only feels a little complicated inside.

Liang He’s seat is opposite to Yan Ling’s. After Liang He sits down, he holds up his glass and nods to Yan Ling. Yan Ling has no choice but to smile back awkwardly.

However, Liang He doesn’t stare at Yan Ling all the time. After making the gesture, he begins to talk with the officials around him. Yan Ling is relieved, but somehow a feeling of loss fills up her heart.

Not far away, Liang Yi, who has been observing Yan Ling, also sees this scene. He grasps more tightly the wine cup in his hand unconsciously. Although last time he really wanted to kill Yan Ling, Liang Yi could not make up his mind to give up the useful chess piece after he calmed down.

So, there were the continued invitations in the past two months. But over that period of time, Yan Ling was sick and couldn’t leave her house. Liang Yi, who had some anger at first, heard that the Crown Prince’s invitations had also been refused, and felt less anger in his heart.

However, seeing these two people now, Liang Yi cannot calm down. In his view, Yan Ling’s refusal is to play cat and mouse with people.

“I can’t imagine that the talented woman admired by many people can do these things like ordinary women.” Liang Yi thinks with disdain with his eyes narrowing slightly.

After the Prime Minister Yan says something like “thank you for coming”, the party really begins.

Many people’s gifts were put into the storeroom at the beginning. However, some people with rare treasures or superior status will not present their gifts until the birthday party begins.

For a while, the hall is bustling with people. All kinds of compliment are coming one after another.

In a place where Yan Ling ignores, Yan Shuang shows her resentment without disguise. Shuang knows that everything they do is for the big plan, but how could she control her anger when Brother Yi has been staring at Yan Ling ever since she appeared at the party?

However, Yan Shuang seems to think of something suddenly. She smiles at Yan Ling, and then stands up in the eyes of all the people. “Although I’m dull, I know the old saying that a crow feeds its mother in return when fully grown, and a lamb kneels when it takes milk from its mother. Today is father’s birthday, I feel that I cannot repay the same love that he gives me. Therefore, I prepared a gift, and wish that you will like it, father.”

Yan Shuang bows elegantly, and her speech is more affectionate, which impresses a lot of guests. Then, a bonsai covered with red silk is moved in and placed in the center of the hall.

Yan Shuang walks slowly to the bonsai, which is two feet high, and turns to Yan Ling. She doesn’t remove the red silk, but says to Yan Ling, “My sister, for other people, although we are twin sisters, our appearances are very different. But I think that the most important thing is that we think alike.”

Yan Ling doesn’t know what tricks Yan Shuang wants to play, so she pretends that they are very close and smiles at Yan Shuang without talking, waiting for her following words.

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As expected, Yan Shuang continues: “I heard that the gift that you prepared for my father is also a bonsai, so it’s better to present it together with mine…”

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