C8 – Assassination

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Suddenly, the branches of the almond trees are shaken like a gust of wind blowing through, and the petals are scattered all over. Yan Ling feels that something is wrong.

“Be careful!” Before Ling responds, Liang He stands up and pulls Ling behind him.

Although Yan Ling has a bad feeling, she actually doesn’t figure out what happened. Nevertheless, she is not so foolish as to pop out her head to check it now.

Then, the sound of the collision of swords makes Yan Ling understand, and she cannot help but clench her hands nervously.

Yan Ling had thought that Yan Shuang would not give her the chance to stay with the Crown Prince alone, because Yan Shuang realized that she liked Him and might have brought the Third Prince to disturb them. But she didn’t expect to meet a group of assassins.

Maybe, it is the Third Prince who wants to do the old trick and save her life again? Ling is lost in a lot of conjectures, which makes her not so nervous.

“Are you scared?” Soon, the sound of collision gradually subsides, Liang He turns to Ling and asks her.

“That’s all right. How about you? Your Highness?” Yan Ling shakes her head and looks around. The ground has been cleaned up. There is no sign of fighting except some residual branches and leaves.

“I’m good, too. After yesterday’s incident, I have strengthened the guarding against unexpected things. I didn’t foresee this would happen again.” Liang He sees that Ling’s face is a little pale, so he pats her on her back.

On their way back, Yan Ling is not so happy as before. But Liang He suddenly thinks of something. “You just mentioned some guests, Miss Ling, do you mean those assassins?” Liang He frowns. His sharp eyes look straight at Yan Ling.

Yan Ling’s heart is full of regret. She thought that Yan Shuang and Liang Yi would come along. How could she think that a group of assassins would suddenly appear? Yan Ling didn’texpect that it would be like that.

“Your Highness, Miss Ling is not that kind of person. Those assassins must have nothing to do with her.” Qing’er suddenly kneels on the ground and “defend” Ling.

As soon as Qing’er said this, the faces of the other three people in the carriage are changed. According to rules, it is impossible for Qing’er to stay in the carriage. However, Ling is really shocked. After Liang He’s consent, she calls up Liyi, but Qing’er follows her and comes into the carriage.

Seemingly Qing’er defends Ling, but it is a guilty talk to everyone. In fact, it is equivalent to convicting Yan Ling.

Yan Ling raises her head to see Liang He subconsciously, but she finds that Liang He doesn’t look at her, but at the kneeling Qing’er on the ground instead, with a somewhat gloomy expression.

Yan Ling sees that Liang He sneers and looks awe-inspiring. He says in a cold voice, “When did I say that I doubted Miss Ling? Even if I doubt anyone, I am at ease with Ling’er.”

This is the first time that Yan Ling has heard the word “Ling’er” from Liang He since her rebirth. This kind of trustworthiness is so familiar. It seems that Liang He will trust her anytime and anywhere.

Yan Ling suddenly lowers her head, and doesn’t even dare to look directly at Liang He’s face, because she is not worth his trust at all. Now, once again, Ling could not help trying to escape from Liang He.

“I, I do not mean this, I just…” Qing’er didn’t think that Liang He would say that. She turns pale and is too scared to speak.

“Shut up! How could you interrupt when I am talking to your master?” It seems that Liang He is really angry this time.

Logically, it is not necessary for Liang He to discipline Ling’s maid, and it is easy to be regarded as showing his anger to the master. When Liang He saw Yan Ling bowing her head, he feels somehow a little angry.

“Your Highness, please don’t be angry. It’s all my fault for not teaching her well. Please forgive me.” Yan Ling could not continue to pretend to be deaf. She stands up and prepares to kneel with Qing’er, but is stopped by Liang He.

“You know I don’t mean that…” Liang He’s face melts, and she looks at Yan Ling seriously.

She doesn’t know if it’s her illusion, and Yan Ling actually feels that Liang Hegang’s words contain some grievances.

“You overstated, your highness, I could not afford it.” Yan Ling bows her head and answers calmly. There is a little more alienation in her tone.

In her previous life, Yan Ling acted as a spy to monitor Liang He. In this lifetime, in order to avoid Liang Yi, she used him as an excuse. Whatever the purpose, she did use Liang He. Yan Ling suddenly feels a little uncomfortable in her heart. She could not breathe under this pressure.

Liang He cannot accept the sudden change of Yan Ling, but seeing her expression, he doesn’t continue to ask anything but sighs slightly and says, “I’ve invited you twice, Ling’er. I didn’t expect you were assassinated twice, I really…”

Before Liang He finishes his words, Yan Ling feels a heartache and interrupts him, “Your Highness. It is because of me for not being that fortunate. How can I blame you?”

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“How could she say so about yourself…” Liang He frowns. Neither of them notices that something has changed.

“What? Both of them are okay? Who let you do it in front of the Crown Prince?” In a secret room, Liang Yi, dressed in white, points angrily at the people standing there.   His anger twists his face, and his common noble appearance disappears.

Of course Liang Yi is not so foolish to “save” Yan Ling for the second time. This time he really wanted to kill her. Although, in the end, he just wanted to teach her a lesson by giving her a serious injury.

However, he did not expect that the people he sent would actually do it right in front of Liang He. It doesn’t need to mention how great the guards around the Crown Prince are. If Liang He didn’t fear that it was a trick that tried to “move the tiger away from the mountain”, he is afraid that none of these people would have come back alive!

In the evening, Yan Ling sits up in the bed in her snow-white pajama and drinks the spirit-quieting soup from Liyi.

For a while, Liyi sees that Ling is still in a daze, and says with some worries, “Don’t worry, my lady. Get a good sleep. We just need to be careful about such things in the future.”

Yan Ling seems stunned, and then answers with a question, “Liyi, in your opinion, what does the Crown Prince mean by saying that?”

Liyi didn’t expect that it was this that made Ling anguished. She laughs with her mouth covered, “You are thinking about this, my lady. In my opinion, it’s a good thing that His Highness trusts you so much. Moreover, His Highness…”

Yan Ling listens carefully at the beginning, and finally feels that Liyi has the talent to be a matchmaker. Unknowingly, she blackens her face and touches Liyi’s forehead with one finger.

“My lady, what about Qing’er?” Liyi suddenly becomes serious, with a little anger in her eyes.

Hearing this name, a ray of coldness flashes across Ling’s eyes.

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