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  Who are you?

    ——The villain rescue system.

    What is my mission?

    ——Rescue the villain Ren Ling, help him out of the predicament, and help him regain everything he should have.


    When Lin Xiaotang opened her eyes again, she found herself standing in a narrow and dirty toilet cubicle.

    The water that fell from the top hit her heavily, drenching her whole body, and her whole body was like an embarrassed chicken.

    The wet clothes were clinging to her body, so cold that she shivered all over, and even her breathing had a bit of a biting chill.

    In front of her, there were several girls wearing high school uniforms.

    Their voices were chattering, filling the room.

    “Keep her here, will nothing really happen?”

    “Don’t worry, there is no surveillance here, and the teacher won’t care about her. What can happen?”

    “That is, just teach her a lesson, who told her be a junior, seduce Senior Xia.”

    The girl who finally spoke sneered, stretched out her hand and pushed Lin Xiaotang: “Hey, what about you, bitch, will you go and sue to the teacher?”

    Lin Xiaotang didn’t say anything. She just stood there, watching them silently.

    Her skin is very white, an unnatural paleness, but her eyes are very dark, and their eyes are like thick ink, which is so faint that it makes people feel terrified.

    In contrast, the white becomes whiter and the black becomes blacker.

    The girl who pushed the person originally wanted to intimidate Lin Xiaotang.

    But for some reason, after Lin Xiaotang looked at her like this, her hand suddenly trembled.

    An inexplicable panic attacked her, causing her to gulp subconsciously.

   What is going on…   Why does Lin Xiaotang look so scary…

    These girls came here today to teach Lin Xiaotang a lesson.

    Everyone in the school is clear. Xia Zeran, a senior in high school, and Su Tiantian, a senior in high school, have had a crush on each other for a year.

    Xia Zeran looks handsome and handsome, and has excellent grades. In the exam, he is the first student in the school. And Su Tiantian is a well-behaved, cute, and popular elementary school girl. When they stood together, even the air smelled sweet.

    The whole school is paying attention to their developments, and even the dean, who has always been serious, is secretly optimistic about the pair.

    Who knows, just a few days ago, the unknown Lin Xiaotang turned out to be Xia Zeran’s girlfriend.

    After learning about this, everyone was indignant for Su Tiantian.

    Knowing that Senior Xia Zeran likes Su Tiantian and is still with him, isn’t this a mistress?

    Su Tiantian is a typical good girl, soft-spoken, polite and very likable.

    Even if she is well-behaved, she is still very kind. Even if they are female gangsters who like to fight and scold others, she is willing to approach them and be good friends with them.

    Although these girls often bully other students, they are considered heartfelt towards Su Tiantian.

    Looking at Su Tiantian who was sullen, they unanimously decided that they would teach Lin Xiaotang a lesson to this ignorant bitch.

    For this reason, they found an excuse to trick Lin Xiaotang into the toilet cubicle of the abandoned teaching building, poured a bucket full of cold water on her, and planned to keep her here for one night.

    However, what they didn’t expect was that there was something wrong with Lin Xiaotang.

    No, it’s so wrong.

It was obvious that she had been submissive and useless before, but when the water was poured on her, she seemed to be a different person.

    For the first time, they discovered that Lin Xiaotang’s face was so white, as white as paper, without a trace of blood.

    She stood there quietly, wet hair stuck to the sides of her cheeks, and the water flowed down her thin chin, hitting the ground with a slight rattling sound.

    Under the dim light, that pretty face showed a somewhat ghostly appearance, bringing an indescribable fear to the people around.

    “Sister… that, let’s go…”

    After an unknown amount of time, a girl finally said hesitantly.

    “Yes, yes,” another girl said again and again, “I, my house happens to have something to do, so I have to go back early…”

    Facing Lin Xiaotang like this, they became more and more uneasy, as if something terrible was about to happen .

    “What the hell! We’re leaving now, aren’t you two sweet sisters?”

    The girl at the beginning had already given up her mind, but when she heard people around her say this, she became stubborn.

    Isn’t it just a girl with a gloomy personality, what can she do to them?

    If Lin Xiaotang could resist a little, would they still be blocked here?  Thinking like this, the girl gritted her teeth and walked over with a big step, reaching out to grab Lin Xiaotang’s arm: “I want to see what this bitch is pretending!”

She rushed in front of Lin Xiaotang.

    But Lin Xiaotang’s movements were faster than hers.

    No one could see how she made her move. The slender and thin girl swayed slightly, then nimbly dodged the girl’s attack.

    Her movements are so skilled, as if this set of movements has been performed countless times.

    ——The next second, Lin Xiaotang suddenly stretched out her hand, and in turn quickly and accurately grabbed the opponent’s neck!

Amid the screams of the girls around, the girl who started out only felt a chill in her neck and her body was heavily pressed against the wall of the toilet.

    Those cold fingers, like hissing poisonous snakes, were tightly wrapped around her neck, bringing a chilling chill.

    The sharp suffocation was painful, and panic surged like a tide.

    “Save…Save me…Save…” The girl grabbed Lin Xiaotang’s hand with difficulty, trying to struggle, but she couldn’t break free.

    She was like a fish out of water, thrown on the shore and resisted, but there was nothing she could do. She could only close her eyes in vain and wait for death to come.

    However, just as the girl’s eyes turned black and she almost fainted, Lin Xiaotang, who was pinching her neck, suddenly frowned.

    As if remembering something, she made a few inaudible whispers—

    “No, you can’t kill people here…”

    After that, the fingers that were tightly clasping the girl’s neck were released.

    The girl who regained the air fell to the ground in embarrassment. She covered her throat, gasping for breath, her face was already full of tears.

    The girls around watched all this in horror, but no one dared to go up and help her up.

    They all heard Lin Xiaotang’s whispers and naturally understood that Lin Xiaotang really wanted to kill the girl.

    Such a thing was so terrifying that they lost all ability to think and could only stand there dumbfounded.

    Lin Xiaotang glanced at them lightly, seeing that they were all huddled into a ball, and after not wanting to trouble her any more, she picked up the dirty schoolbag on the ground and left directly.

    After procrastinating for so long, it’s time to go home.

    Because of the entanglement in the toilet just now, when Lin Xiaotang left the abandoned teaching building, it was already dark outside.

    The street lights on the side of the road kept flashing, the bus station was empty, and there was no one.

Having missed the bus, she wanted to take a taxi back, but she looked through her pockets and found that the money inside was wet with water.

    In the end, Lin Xiaotang could only carry her schoolbag and walked home step by step.

    Lin Xiaotang didn’t have any psychological burden for going home late.

    After all, there was no one in her home, or the home of the original owner of her body.

    The name of her body is also Lin Xiaotang. Lin Xiaotang’s biological parents divorced early, and later, her mother took her to marry another man.

    Her stepfather was a nice nice guy and treated her well. The stepfather’s son is six years older than her, and he loves this sister very much on weekdays and often takes her out to play.

    The four of them formed a family and lived a very happy life.

    It’s just that the good times didn’t last long. Three years ago, an accidental car accident took the lives of my mother and stepfather, leaving only a huge compensation bill.

    In order to take care of his younger sister and to earn enough money to pay off his debts, his step-brother goes out early and returns late every day, running around in various places.

    His appearance is good, he was soon discovered by scouts, sent to the talent show, and became an artist.

    When he became famous later and made more money, he became more and more busy, and sometimes he would not even come back for several days.

    If Lin Xiaotang hadn’t come through and avoided the fate of being locked in the toilet, it might have been a long time before his stepbrother discovered the fact that she didn’t come home.

    According to the information given by the system, the original owner, who was splashed with cold water and caught cold and fever, stayed in the toilet cubicle for a day and a night, and finally died there.

    When Lin Xiaotang got home, as she expected, the house was empty and there was no one.

    She threw her schoolbag aside, tidied herself up briefly, and after eating something, she sat on the sofa and didn’t move.

During the whole process, she did not turn on the lights and let herself wander in the dark.

    She likes it, or rather, she’s used to it in the past few hundred years.

    As a horror game BOSS guarding the last level, what Lin Xiaotang is best at is sitting alone in the dark, quietly waiting for the next group of players to come to die.

    Even in the real world, such a hobby is still retained by her.

    As time passed, the sound outside became less and less, and the whole world became quiet.

    Lin Xiaotang sat quietly on the sofa, almost blending into the darkness behind him.

    I don’t know how long it took, and the familiar footsteps finally came from outside the door.

    With a soft unlocking sound, the door of the house was opened, and a man walked in.

    This is a rather handsome man, with fair skin, a thin body, a face like a crown of jade, and a pair of gentle peach eyes.

    However, his expression was quite tired, and there was a deep tiredness in his eyebrows.

    After turning on the light, he was obviously startled when he saw Lin Xiaotang who was motionless on the sofa.

    But he didn’t say anything, but showed a gentle smile and said softly, “Xiaotang, what’s the matter, why are you still not sleeping?”

    After listening to his words, Lin Xiaotang slowly raised her head and looked at him. past.

    Her eyes fell on his tired face and met his caring eyes.

    This is her half-brother, the target of her mission this time, and the villain in the future of this world.

    – Ren Ling.

    The author has something to say: The first world is just a simple brother and sister relationship~ Although there is no blood relationship, they will not be together as a couple~

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