Chapter 20: A Walk Through The Coldwater Garden

Bryson was walking through the massive garden in the Coldwater estate after his breakfast. It was spring and many of the flowers were blooming, Bryson could hear and see many colourful birds fluttering about on the massive maple trees.

            Bryson then stopped as he walked through the mini forest within garden and looked upon the giant maple tree where he was first found by his family. Bryson couldn’t help but stare at it with suspicion.

            This was the place where he fell from the sky. How? He had no idea. Why? He had a slightly better understanding, but what he understood worried him. Bryson had some sort of power that made him rather fluent in the use of magic, more fluent than most it seemed. However, apparently this power also attracted unwanted attention.

            He recalled the weird lanky figure that had emerged from the same place where Bryson was found. Bryson stared at the hole, there was no proof of anything amidst that occurred those months prior. But Bryson could still feel the weird magic that emitted from the whole from his encounter.

No, feel was the wrong word. It almost felt like he could see the weird magic coming from the hole. He still had no idea what the weird entity was. He tried to research more of it, but he found himself quickly at a lost.

Well, put that thought to the side for now. Bryson thought. Right now, there were other things that he had to concern himself with. Normally around now he would be in his room lazing about. Unfortunately, due to his brother Gareth, he had to spend his morning outside.

His eldest brother, fourteen-year-old Gareth had entered himself into a tournament with some of the other nobles at his age. It was a private unofficial thing being held by all the families involved. It was meant for practice them and a way for the parents to show their kids off to one another. At least that was what Phillip told him in secret.

Now Bryson was heading towards a recently built combat area in the middle of the garden to watch the fight. The rest of his family was likely already there along with several other noble families.

Bryson began to move towards the combat arena when he heard the noise of someone approaching him. Turning around he saw Lila Frost jogging up to him.

“What are you doing here Frost?” He asked annoyed.

“Phillip told me that I needed to join you.” Lila explained.


“This is a formal event, as your maid I need to be with you.” Lila said, her voice was unenthusiastic.

“Pretty sure you’ll cause problems being their.” Bryson said offhandedly.

“I know that.” She replied, Bryson could hear dread in the edge of her voice.

Bryson gave a small sigh and said, “Just stand in the background and you’ll be fine.”

Lila gave a small nod and said, “I’ll try my best.”

The two of them then walked down the garden path in relative silence, soon enough they reached the newly constructed combat arena. For being very quickly assembled, the arena looked extremely impressive.

Bryson personally thought that it was a little bit overkill, the arena was only going to be used once before getting torn down and it was the size of it was massive. Some actual combat arenas would be envious of the place that was built.

A large wide platform propped above the ground and was surrounded by only a few seats made for the nobles coming to visit. With barely a hundred audience members the stage was almost comically big.

Bryson could see that his family had already arrived and were making themselves comfortable. Looking around he could recognize the faces of a few other nobles.

“Wow, some event.” Lila whistled, look of awe at the massive stage.

“Yeah, my family tends to be rather extravagant.” Bryson replied, a small grimace on his face as he thought of these over-the-top displays.

“So, where are you going to sit?” Lila asked.

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“Probably next to my family.” He said plainly, “Why?”

“You sure you don’t want sit next to some of your friends.” She said innocently.

Bryson looked up at Lila with a quizzical look, “You want to stay far away from Viola don’t you.”

“Well… yes.” She admitted, slightly sheepish.

“She won’t doing anything. She’ll ignore you.” Bryson said dismissively.

“I don’t know…” She said sounding skeptical.

“Well you don’t have much choice anyways, since I don’t have any friends.” Bryson stated matter-of-factly.

“Do you know how sad that sounds?” Lila asked.

“Shut up.” Bryson replied simply.

“But seriously do you not talk to the other kids?”

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“I talk to them. But none of them are my friends.”

“Why not?”

Bryson paused and made a troubled face before saying, “It feels like the only reason they talk to me is for ulterior motives. They don’t treat me like how friends should treat each other.” Bryson stopped and then pondered for a second, “Though I guess I’ve never had friends, so I don’t know.”

“You know, if you want to hang out with someone your age, you can hang out with Lottie.” Lila offered.

Bryson remembered Lottie, the loudmouth brash younger sister of Lila. His first introduction to this Frost was her throwing deserts at his other sibling Gilles.

“I would rather not.” Bryson said with disdain.

“Why not?”

“Because she is a brat.”

“And so are you.”

Bryson glared at Lila who stared back at him, “You know I’m your boss right?” He asked.

“Yeah, and that was my sister.” She said simply.

“Fair. Now come on, I don’t want to keep them waiting any longer he said.” Bryson said with a small roll of the eyes.

Lila followed close behind him, hiding a small smile. Yeah, I think Lottie will get along with him really well.

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