Arc 8 Chapter 132: Adventure for two in the south sea 

“I didn’t expect you guys to be waiting for us,” said Akira as he and the other warriors arrived at the three large wooden ships.

“After not seeing you for so long, they couldn’t help but volunteer to stay behind and wait with the ships,” said Delgar pointing to Maya, Chack, and Klyn.

“Where’s Mileena? Did Varbu already leave?” asked Akira as he and the others entered a small rowboat and began rowing towards one of the large ships.

“She couldn’t stay behind since Azura asked her to stay and help her with certain tasks. Azura probably asked because she didn’t want to be alone. With the Demigods appearing Varbu didn’t have any time to wait for your return for a goodbye,” said Maya.

“I kinda feel bad for him. He spent all this time trying to get an alliance and the earth tribe is now leaving for a new land,” said Akira.

“Don’t worry, the elders sent him away with a letter containing some suggestions for both the Orcs and the Goblins of the mountains. If they agree and follow them then it won’t be long before we see them again,” said Klyn patting Akira on the back.

“The earth tribe and the army already left several weeks ago, so you guys are the only ones we were waiting for,” said Maya.

“Are you guys the ones that are going to guide us to the new continent?” asked Akira.

“No way, that would be Shaarla,” said Maya.

“Who’s Shaarla?”

“Me,” said a fluttery voice.

A head with wet aqua blue hair popped out of the water right next to the small rowboat. She looked to be around Mileena and Maya’s age.

“A talking fish!” said Chack in surprise.

“How rude!” said Shaarla splashing water at Chack’s face.

“I lie! It’s a fish that is a human,” said Chack.

Akira clamped Chack’s mouth shut before he could say anything more.

“Sorry about that, but who are you?” asked Akira.

At that moment two muscular mermaids emerged out of the water next to Shaarla.

“She is the Princess of Naurin the capital of the west sea,” said one of the muscular mermaids.

“Don’t mind NumWan and NumTuu. They are just my bodyguards,” said Shaarla.

“Are those really their names?” asked Klyn.

“No. I forgot their names a long time ago so I gave both of them nicknames that I could remember.”

“That’s mean princess, after all these years of protecting you, to find out you only use these nicknames because you don’t know our names,” said Numwan.

“So, are you Akira?” asked Shaarla ignoring the two complaining mermen.

“How did you know?”

“I’ve had to listen to Cora talk nonstop about you whenever she comes over. Azura also talked quite a bit about you so it is almost like I know you already,” said Shaarla playfully flicking a few drops of water at Akira’s face.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you. So do you know the way to the Foradverold continent?”

“No, I’m just here to lead you to the other ships of the main fleet that are waiting for you. My mother is the one who knows the way,” said Shaarla.

Thunk. The wooden rowboat bumped against the large ship right under a rope ladder that was waiting for them.

“I can tell that you are an interesting person, but we can’t keep talking right now with all the dangerous people on the dry land looking for you. I will talk to you later when we have escaped from them,” said Shaarla.

“I am sad and will miss this place…” said Chack, “I lie! This place is getting too scary! I want to go now!”


The three ships were able to successfully sail away as a fog rolled in helping conceal the ships and the direction they sailed in.

A week had already passed as they sailed into the tropical waters farther south. Both Delgar and Glola stayed on the lower deck constantly sick due to the rocking of the boat.

Whenever Akira went to check on them he heard the same thing from Delgar, “We dwarves were not meant to be sailors.”

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“So one of the small clans stayed behind?” asked Akira, who was sitting on a wooden box on the top deck of the ship.

“The Nooklage clan is small and decided that they wanted to protect the ancestors meeting grounds. They won’t be living outside anymore but will still be able to protect it from the humans and monsters,” said Klyn.

“I heard from my mother who talked to the grand elders of the Earth tribe. They said that the Demigods are popping up like seaweed, at least a hundred a day!” said Shaarla as she lay on her back sunbathing on the top deck.

It was a hassle for the sailors to hoist her up onto the top of the deck, but every day she demanded to be brought up so she could talk to everyone and soak up the sun.

Shaarla turned over onto her belly so she could look at Akira while talking. She wiggled her tail a bit to get into a comfortable position again which made her dark blue scales with golden specks let out a glittery effect from the sunlight which was very nice to look at.

It was rather hard for her to get into a comfortable position as her rather large chest was in the way.

“I heard from Azura that you met a demigod before. Are they really strong like all the stories say?” asked Shaarla.

At the question, everyone looked to Akira curious to hear his answer.

“Azura should really keep her mouth shut and stop talking about me so much. It is true I met one when I was a kid and I even saw him fight. If I were to judge him by what I consider strong right now then no he wasn’t that strong. I watched him die.

But from what I learned about them during and after that meeting they all have a type of special skill and are able to get stronger faster than normal people.

So some of them might be able to become as strong as the stories say if enough time passes. I guess. But I don’t really know much.”

“You saw one of them die? What did their dead body look like?” asked Chack.

“Why would you need to know something like that?” asked Klyn.

“How else are you able to tell if you can eat it or not?” asked Chack as if it was common sense.

“Eww, gross. You really are a lizard brain,” said Shaarla.

“Hmm, I’m not sure if you could say I am a lizard… I lie! I am very much a lizard…Maybe,” said Chack thinking hard about the insult as if it was a tough riddle.

“There was nobody left behind after dying he just… disappeared in a flash of multiple specs of light,” said Akira.

“Whaaaat?!” asked everyone in disbelief. Akira just nodded to say yes it’s true.

“Shaarla how does your mother know the way to Foradverold? Does she have a map?” asked Akira switching the topic.

“No map, it’s all up here,” said Shaarla pointing to her head, “As far as I’m aware the south sea is too volatile with islands growing from the active underwater volcanoes and others getting destroyed by sea monsters. If you try to make a map it will be outdated as soon as it is made.”

“Is the sea that bad?” asked Maya.

“It depends on what season it is. We should be fine since it is the beginning of winter when things should be calming down as the waters cool a bit. I definitely would not have come if it was during spring.”

“Why?” asked Klyn.

“That’s when the mating season for the sea monsters starts. Trust me you do not want to be anywhere near the south sea during that time things can get…Violent…”

“I see…”

“Have you ever been to Foradverold? Do you know what it’s like and the type of people that live there?” asked Akira.

“No,” said Shaarla shaking her head, “That’s the reason I came on the trip this time. I need to learn the way to the continent from my mother. So right now I need to soak up all the sun I can before we meet back up with the main fleet.”

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“The only reason she came, was because she didn’t want to do any work while her mother was away…” muttered the nearby NumWan.

“I heard that the place is a wild untamed wilderness. The demon races are abundant on the land not like the small clans and tribes on Halrverold. The people that live there are supposed to be cold taking after the land they live in. They do not care if you die or live, only the strong survive in the harsh land of Foradverold. It is filled with dangers that Halrverold does not have,” said Klyn.

“How long until we are able to meet back up with the rest of the ships?” asked Maya.

“A few more weeks…hopefully,” said Shaarla.


The days passed by uneventful and rather dull until…

“Ah! I see the island!” said Chack pointing at a spot in the distant water on the left of the ship.

Akira and the others searched the sea where he was pointing looking for the island where the rest of the fleet was supposed to be waiting. But after a minute of searching, they could not find an island or any ships.

“You lizard brain, the island is over there,” said Shaarla pointing to the right of the ship in the exact opposite of where Chack had pointed.

Sure enough, there was an island and several dozen ships off in the distance.

“I lie… I must have mistaken the water over there for an island.”

It only took them another hour before the three ships pulled up to the main fleet and let down their anchors.

Akira watched from the top deck as several rowboats started moving towards the three ships. Only one of them headed towards the ship Akira was on.

The rowboat quickly reached them and the occupants climbed up onto the top deck.

“Big brother are…”

“I was worried that you had died since you decided to take on such a dangerous task,” said Mileena as she interrupted Azura’s greeting and jumped on Akira hugging him tightly.

“Get off my brother and stop being so clingy!” said Azura trying to pull Mileena away. “I knew you would act like this.”

“So that’s why you had me stay behind! You didn’t even need my help at all!”

“Oh my, Mileena, if you act like this, people might get the wrong idea,” said Maya.

“You mean something like this?” asked Mileena as she stood on her tiptoes and quickly kissed Akira on the lips stunning everyone.

The person who was shocked the most was Akira, who had become a frozen statue, his brain going completely blank.


“Who’s she?” asked Mileena pointing at Shaarla, while staring daggers at the large mounds on her chest that were covered by a pair of large shells, the only piece of clothing that Shaarla wore.

“Don’t mind me. I won’t get in the way of you two love birds,” said Shaarla lazily waving her hand at Mileena.

“Hmph, it’s good that you know that you can’t have him,” said Mileena haughtily.

“It’s not that I can’t have him, it’s just that it is too much of a hassle to date someone with two legs.”

“Haaa, the princess is such a lazy person,” said NumTuu.

“We’re doomed if she is this lazy when she becomes the queen! Who do you think will have to do all the work?” said NumWan.

“I’m not lazy! I just like to take things slow!” retorted Shaarla.

Akira’s mind was now racing trying to figure out what was going on.

“Akira are you really dating her?” asked Azura.

Akira mechanically nodded his head not paying attention to the words that were spoken. He was still too preoccupied with thinking of the kiss he had received.

“See that means you can’t boss me around anymore!” said Mileena.

“Calm down Mileena or you might go into heat,” said Maya pulling her away from Akira.

“I see. So this is how other demon races show their love,” said Chack who had been watching and listening to everything.

This comment made Klyn burst out laughing as this was not in any way normal.

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