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Title: Omnipotent Overlord | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, there was an altar. On it, laid a bloody eye as big as the sun itself. It burst with light and bathed the entire star system in red.
"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

Arc 8 Chapter 143: Puman

Several people disembarked from a large ship onto the snow-covered ground.

“Kooter, Why did we have to come to this cold continent?” asked a female carrying a large wooden staff wearing a large fluffy coat over her leather robe.

She and 30 other Demigods from the Demon hunter guild had been ordered by the guild leader to get on the ship and did not tell them where they were going.

“Bland said he needed more help with the task. This place is no joke,” said Kooter, a man of average height. He held twin daggers and wore all black clothing as well as a mask to hide his face.

“Phobia, do you see them? The only people I see here are from other guilds.”

“You know that’s not my name,” said the female demigod. “They already left, we have to hurry up and join them,”

“Useless! They can’t even take care of such a small thing. We need to show off our skills to the guild leader by killing everything here!” said Kooter.

“Don’t go recklessly starting wars! Your profession does not suit your hotheadedness,” said Phobia.

“You say that, but isn’t that exactly what our current mission is? We are going to kill someone important from one of the demon clans won’t that start a war?”

“You’re standing too close to me,” said Phobia to Kooter who was already 5 ft away from her.

“You and your phobia of boy cooties. How are you ever going to get a boyfriend and get married.”

“That’s none of your business. Someday I’ll find the right person but right now my senses say you are definitely not that person. So move over there 10 or 20 feet.”


“You did a good job leading the warriors. The dungeon was cleared without a death,” said Wulfric.

The other grand elders nodded their heads in agreement. They all had high hopes for Akira who was shaping up to be a promising strong leader.

“Several of them received some serious wounds…” said Akira trying to be modest.

“They will recover. Although some will be missing a few parts they will still be able to take care of themselves when they fully recover,” said Carl.

“With the furs you have brought us we can cover the cost of all the supplies we need for quite a while. We can use any leftover to help keep the young and old warm,” said Àaron.

“May I ask a question?” asked Akira.

“Go ahead,” said Wulfric.

“What are we going to do from now on?”

“With the completion of the dungeon, Scoit has agreed to allow us to stay here until we find a new place to settle down,” said Seoc.

“We have decided that a scouting team will go south while the rest of the warriors and civilians stay here. I have decided to lead the scouting team and I want you to come along with me. The other Grand elders will make sure that everyone is safe while we are away. If you would like you can bring any of your companions as well. This mission will take a few months,” said Wulfric.

“I am honored that you would bring me. I will ask to see if the two people I have in mind want to come. When are we leaving?”

“As soon as we finish our transactions with Scoit,” said Wulfric.


“Burkin, what are you doing here with us? Aren’t you supposed to be chained to Kurzlin?” asked Akira.

“Don’t joke about such scary things,” said Burkin.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Mileena as she looked at Akira with an evil grin making Akira wish he hadn’t said anything.

“Heh, You reap what you sow!” said Klyn.

“The reason why? It’s so I can get away from…I mean, I have a duty to show you guys around. Wouldn’t want you to wander around in circles and end up in the belly of some monster,” said Berkin.

“How noble of you…I lie! You are just running away!” said Chack.

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“Hey! Don’t say things that could get me killed!” said Burkin.

The snow piled up higher and higher as they went south seeing little to no one on what according to Burkin, was supposed to be the main road.

Akira and everyone else could not tell the difference between the road and the surrounding snow-covered land so they had to trust what Burkin said.

It was a good thing they had bought proper sleds to help them travel south at a far faster speed than walking.

They were still only a few days away from the trade city but they had already been in many fights with numerous monsters.

“Halt!” ordered the lead scout.

“What is it?” asked Wulfric.

“I hear something up ahead.”

Everyone grew quiet and strained their ears to listen.

“It seems a fight is happening somewhere ahead of us. Stay alert, we will go and check it out,” ordered Wulfric.

Wulfric was in charge of where they would go and most other decisions but he had given Akira the command of all the warriors so he could personally judge his leadership skills.

Akira, Chack, and the other shield warriors led the way forward towards the sound of battle.

When they cleared the trees and large snowdrifts that were blocking their vision they were able to clearly see what was happening.

A small village with several huts close together ringed by a snow and ice wall was under attack by a large pack of [Snow wolves].

These [Snow wolves] looked to be far larger than the ones they had seen farther north.

“We should help them, we might be able to get some information on the surrounding area,” advised Wulfric after watching the fight for a few seconds.

“You heard the Grand elder! Let’s go and save them!” shouted Akira.


All warriors under your command will receive the benefits of your leadership skills.

They will follow your orders more willingly as long as the orders are not suicidal.

+2 Char

The large ferocious werewolf warriors plowed forward through the deep snow towards the ongoing fight.

The sudden appearance of a new enemy frightening the Pumans who were defending the crumbling walls.

Their fears were quickly eased as they watched the werewolves pounced onto the [Snow wolves] from behind easily killing several of them.

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The [Snow wolves] were slow in reacting to the new threat due to their one-track mind that was focused on trying to break past the Puman’s defense so they could run wild inside of the small village.

With Akira leading the warriors they were able to quickly kill over half of the attacking [Snow wolves] before they decided to run away with their tails between their legs.

“Friends, I don’t know who you are but I am extremely grateful for the help you have given us. May I know your name and what clan you belong to?” asked a middle-aged man with purple skin.

The man was covered in blood and had several minor wounds on his body. Next to him was a beautiful purple-skinned woman with red hair. She was fretting over his numerous wounds while she helped bandage them.

“I am Akira, and this is Grand elder Wulfric,” said Akira pointing to his grandfather.

“Oh? A Grand elder? I have heard of something like that before. What is such a distinguished person doing all the way out here in the far reaches of the frontier?”

“We are from a mixture of several clans. We have come in search of a place to settle and build our village,” said Wulfric.

“You’re not from the large clans on either of the coasts?” asked the man.

“No, we have come from another place. If it is not too much trouble could you tell us if you know of anywhere south of here that is decent enough for a settlement?” asked Wulfric.

“I normally wouldn’t advise anyone going any farther south as the monsters only get more numerous and the weather only harsher. You seem to have strength far stronger than the average adventures that pass by so I will give you what you ask for.

Depending on how fast you can travel through the snow and monster territory if you keep heading south you will be able to reach the Unfreezing river. Our village is one of the last that you will find and there will be no others to trade for food or water.

If you plan on going south I recommend that you head there and stay close to the river. It has freshwater and a large number of fish. If you try any other direction you will be needlessly risking your life,” said the man.

“Burkin?” asked Wulfric.

“I have not been that far south myself but I have heard of the Unfreezing river. What he says is true from what I have heard from other adventures and wandering merchants.”

“I am sorry to bother you but…there have been so many monster attacks recently that almost everyone has received several wounds and we have been unable to repair our defenses or gather any food.

If it would be possible can you help us repair and gather food?” asked the man.

“Akira, what is your opinion on what we should do?” asked Wulfric, wanting to see what Akira would say.


Repair and feed the Dalry village!

Efrem the leader of the Pumans has asked for your help.

If you accept then you will have to help them completely repair their defensive walls and help stockpile a large amount of food to last until they can fully recover.

Reward: Dalry village and the Puman race will become friendly with your clan. They will be more than happy to become trade partners when you create your village.

“We can afford to help you take care of these minor things,” said Akira accepting the mission.

“Burkin, Delgar, you both have a good understanding of construction as well as blacksmithing right?” asked Akira as he turned to the two stout dwarfs.

“That is correct.”

“Then I will leave you with several warriors to help rebuild and strengthen their walls. While you do that I will lead the rest of the warriors into the nearby woods to quickly gather some food.”

Wulfric nodded his head in agreement with Akira’s judgment. “It is good to help those who you can help and gain allies. I will go with you as well.”


+2 Honor!

The more honor you gain the more other clans and races will respect you.

The southern wandering warrior tribes will only respect strong and honorable warriors and shun those who are weak and cowardly.

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