Chapter 2 – She was completely exiled.

Xia Xingcheng raised her head suddenly and bit her lips tightly. She was so angry that she couldn’t even say a word.

Shivering with fury, she didn’t understand why Xia Xingyan would destroy her life like that.

“You are not reconciled? So what?” Xia Xingyan was playing with her curly hair with a sneer. “Xu Hao, your fiancé, doesn’t believe you; nor does our father. Just get out of the country and perish of yourself.”

Xia Xingcheng was furious, “Xia Xingyan, why do you do this to me? Why?”

She rushed forward hysterically and choked Xia Xingyan. But Xia Xingyan did not resist. She just blinked her eyes pitifully and looked at her innocently, “Sister, don’t hurt me… What happened last night is really not my fault… “

“Xia Xingcheng, what are you doing?”

Hearing the noise, Father Xia rushed over. He was so angry that the vein on his neck popped. He raised his hand and pushed her to the ground: “Are you crazy? Do you want to kill your sister?”

Xia Xingcheng fell on the cold floor, feeling so upset that she almost couldn’t cry. She thought of her mother and of everything in her childhood, but she could not go back in time.

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Luo Qiong, her stepmother, came after her father, seeing the shallow marks on her daughter’s neck, felt so angry and kicked at Xia Xingcheng repeatedly.

“You uneducated b**ch. You’re just like your mother. No one will pity you even if you die.”

She kicked harder and harder, but Father Xia stood beside her like he was not seeing the beating. He only cared about Xia Xingyan’s injury.

Xia Xingcheng was almost knocked out, her heart cold as ice.

Meanwhile, in the office of Sheng’s Group, Sheng Yeting was looking at his assistant standing in front of him with a gloomy look.

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“What happened?” He looked so strict, like his gaze could almost pierce through the person in front of him. ”What about the thing I told you to look into?”

With Sheng’s gazing, the assistant was in a cold sweat. He swallowed his saliva secretly, and quickly told him the news he had just found out, “It has been checked out. Qin Jisen from Qin’s Group did it.”

He knew Qin Jisen. He cooperated with Sheng’s Group on a project a while ago, and the old crook took a lot of kickbacks from it.

Sheng Yeting didn’t care for his way of doing business, so he sent his subordinates to destroy Qin’s Group. Now Qin’s Group was on the brink of bankruptcy, and as chairman, Qin Jisen must have had a hard time.

“Qin Jisen paid the hotel waiter to drug you. Maybe he thought he could use this as a leverage…”

The assistant’s voice went down gradually with his changing expression until he held his breath.

It seemed that the situation was clear. Qin Jisen was the one doing all the mischievous things. But he never expected that things would go wrong and completely deviated from the original plan.

“I checked. Qin Jisen did book a room in the hotel last night.” The assistant hesitated looked up at him, and then lowered his head again, “But you didn’t seem to go in yesterday…”

Sheng Yeting’s expression suddenly changed, his voice deep, “What do you mean?”

The assistant was a little confused; he looked at his face and hesitated a bit before he repeated, “You didn’t seem to go in yesterday.”

‘I didn’t go in? But what about the woman lying in the bed?’

Some images flashed through his mind intermittently—there was this woman blushing from her lust, and her writhing body behind him, but the clearest one was the voice of the woman crying out pain with grievance.

All of a sudden he remembered the blood on the sheets he had noticed before he left. ‘The woman actually was a virgin.’

Sheng Yeting’s eyebrows were frowned; he said to his assistant with a deep voice, “Go check out the identity of the woman in my room immediately.”

He’d rather see what kind of woman she was.

The assistant took the order and went on. But no matter how fast he would move, he could never find any useful information.

The Security tape from the hotel had been cleaned up by Xia Xingyan. How could she deliberately leave behind evidence to let others know that she had framed Xia Xingcheng? Naturally, she had people erase all the evidence that concerned her.

After doing all that, she pretended to be an innocent person. She gloated at Xia Xingcheng when this sister was being driven out of the house and sent out of the country that very day.

Xia Xingcheng got on the plane with her heavy luggage. She was completely exiled, the return date unknown.

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