“You’ll be handling this task, then.” The Eldest God said during the meeting.

The third born, who looked at the eldest with widened eyes, muttered,


“…You’ve not done anything from when the fifth epoch started.” The second born spat.

“What about all the young ones? None of them have done anything either!” The third born argued.

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“Seriously? You’re comparing yourself with children who haven’t even completed their first ascension? Shame on you, Avahul.” The fourth born goddess hissed.

“Alright. Fine. What is the task I have to handle?” Avahul asked the Eldest.

“In two decades, three worlds shall collapse into each other if their progenitors do not achieve stability. Their souls are already dissipating, and the Eri constellation shall fall into disharmony if these three worlds collapse.”

“The demons were able to corrupt three newborns?” The third born muttered, concern finally seeping into his eyes.

“…Yes. The demons are attacking very aggressively, and the rest of us are occupied at the moment. This task is too big for the other gods except one of the fifteen to handle. Please, Avahul, for once, please bear the discomfort and do this properly.” The eldest almost begged.

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Avahul nodded silently.


“Wouldn’t the mission be much easier if there’s just multiple versions of me?” He muttered, his previous worries all fading.

“Ava… Is it really alright to experiment with such an important mission?” A teenager with bright red hair asked hesitantly.

“I’ll only choose a human who I deem is suitable, and make sure to supervise them at all times.” Avahul assured.

He felt like a genius. This way, the workload would be much less, and he could complete this mission with flying colors.


I looked at my phone with deadpan eyes.

This was so boring.

I feel so goddamn bored!

I scrolled through videos without any particular goal, trying to find something that would interest me.


An obnoxious male voice shouted.

“…Ugh, goddamn ads.“ I muttered while looking at the ‘Video will begin after the ad’ symbol with abject hate.


I was about to change into another video, when the ad caught my attention.

The game that was being advertised looked quite fun, right up my alley too.

I knew better than to trust random ads, of course, but I was just that bored, bored enough to try random games based on their ads.

At the worst case scenario, I could atleast laugh at the difference between the ad and the game. There’d be no harm done.

I clicked on the ad, which redirected me to the app store.

‘…Five hundred thousand downloads? Man, maybe the game isn’t that bad after all? The reviews are positive too.’ I thought.

It was three GB, too. Had I finally found something to battle my boredom?

I clicked download.


I stared silently at my phone.

What now?

I glanced at the books littered over my bed.

‘…Do I really have to resort to studying, now?’

I found no excuses for procrastinating any longer. Guilt was catching up to me.

“Ugh, for goodness’s sake.” I muttered while sitting up.

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