Chapter 1 – Car Accident

Han Mingxu knew from inside that no one in this universe could be more cruel-hearted than Nancheng Lie, his good fellow since childhood. The deep friendship between their two families had been spanning for various generations, and may be longer than the Yangtze River if anyone would like to trace its origin.

Whereas, the most absolute feature about Nancheng Lie was, he changed boyfriends faster than his underpants.

  “Han Mingxu… please … please tell me where Lie is, I… I haven’t seen him for a couple of days.”  Han Mingxu leaned against the car door and raised his eyebrows to measure the weeping boy, or rather Nancheng Lie’s ex.

The boy standing in front of Han was about six feet tall with a slender figure. Of course the boy was a feast to the eyes. How could a common people get into our young master Nancheng’s eyes? Watching the boy crying, Han Mingxu could not help but frown. Alas, patience was the least available thing you could ever found in Nancheng Lie.

  “I don’t know.” Who knows? Maybe he was seeking for pleasure at this moment on another innocent boy’s bed, thought Han, who was unable to figure out how Nancheng Lie had established an appetite for a man’s ass. In Nancheng’s words, it was personal orientation.

  “You don’t know? How could it be? You are Lie’s best friend, how could you not know?” The crying young boy’s voice became shrill. Han Mingxu looked at him and felt the boy was an eyesore.

  “Are you questioning me?” Han Mingxu’s indifferent voice had suddenly become oppressive. Living on the top of the pyramid since childhood, Han Mingxu had a natural pride for himself as God’s favored one.

Different from Nancheng’s impudence and publicity, he behaved nice and gentle, which always made people forget the exclusiveness and arrogance in his bones. He was anything but ordinary. How could ordinary people be friends of Nancheng Lie?

This sudden tough attitude startled the young man. He was trembling and trying to defend himself, but unexpectedly heard Han Mingxu’s soft voice: “I’ll take you there.”

That voice was warm and moist like water.

Han Mingxu chuckled and revealed a sly smile in his face. He dragged the boy into his car, stepped on the gas and drove off.

Han Mingxu was about to call Nancheng Lie when he did not expect to receive the call from the other side. “I miss you.” The male voice on the other side of the phone was a bit hoarse. This was the tone after release, and all men knew it.

  “My pleasure.” Han Mingxu’s curled up his lips, with a smile in his eyes. The neglected person in the car had been secretly watching Han Mingxu, and his heart skipped a beat. He thought Han Mingxu was amorous at that moment.

  “I miss you even in my dreams.” The smiling male voice on the other side of the phone was perversely attractive.

  “Lie.” Han Mingxu’s smile faded, and his tone was with a hint of faint warning.

  “I wanna get you laid.”

  “Nan… S***…” Han Mingxu scolded a dirty word and then screamed almost immediately, “Ah!”

  “What’s wrong?” Hearing the high-pitched scream on the other side, Nancheng Lie felt intuitively something had happened.

  “Nothing.” Han Mingxu motioned to the person next to him, “Sit tight.” He stepped on the accelerator and the car seemed to be flying. Through the rearview mirror, Han Mingxu glanced at the car chasing behind them. He narrowed his eyes, knowing it was intentional.

  “Xu… Xu… Answer me. Damn it! Answer me!” Han Mingxu was a little bit stunned hearing Nancheng Lie’s nervous and uneasy shouts. This was the first time he had seen Nancheng Lie so emotional.

  “Nothing, just nearly hit some dogs.”

  “Who the f*** is so bold?” Nancheng roared, with his heart down. The city was the domain of the Nancheng and Han families. All the world, expect the blind, knew the young masters of the two families. “Where’re you, I’ll be right over.” Everyone knew that Nancheng Lie was accustomed to being unbridled, and had a profound sense of the ruthlessness and cruelty behind Nancheng Lie’s temperament.

  “I’m…” New obstacles suddenly appeared that moment. Han Mingxu hastily slipped the phone to the man beside him, “Explain it for me”. Now He needed to concentrate on driving.

  “Hello… hello…” The young man turned pale with fright and lost his tongue after taking the phone…

Hearing the voice from the other end of the phone, Nancheng Lie realized there was another man on the car.

  “Where are you two?”

  “We’re…we’re…” The car was rickety and moving too fast for the young man to see clearly the location, “Ah…”

Bang… A bullet cut through the air and hit the window beside the young man. The car was expensive, and so was its car window. But Han Mingxu had no other special perception, only feeling sorry for not having equipped the car with bulletproof window.

The bullet was bounced out, leaving a crack on the car window. Although the city had not reached the  heyday of peace when doors could stay open at night, it was not likely that people would commit gun murder in broad daylight. Han Mingxu was sure that he himself was the target. When he was yet to come up with a reason, the smell of the burning gasoline had rushed into his nose.

Damn! The bullet had been tampered.

  “Jump out of the car.”

This road lingered along the mountain with no residents around. It seemed that the perpetrators had an elaborate plan in advance.


Han Mingxu just opened the convertible without bothering to reply him. When bullets flew past them once again, Han Mingxu released the steering wheel and grasped the men besides him in his arms…

Ah… The voice of screams reverberated in the sky.

The red sparks from the car collision left beautiful scratches on the road, like dazzling red blood.  Far away, the car that followed stopped and several people got off.

  “I saw them jump from there.”

  “They are wanted, dead or alive.” Orders came from the car.

One hour later.

  “We’ve found them…We’ve found them…”

Halfway on the mountain, the bodies of two men were blocked by trees so they did not roll down to the foot of the mountain, but both of them were covered all over with cuts and bruises, which was truly terrifying.

A few people who heard the groans quickly rushed over.

  “How is it?” Hearing the voice, these people stepped aside to let a man of a long stature come along. The voice came from the one who had just given the order in the car, but he was wearing a sunglass and a mask, making his face hard to be recognized.

  “One dead and one badly injured.”

The man crouched down and carefully checked the identities of the dead and injured. Then he reached out a hand where a small sharp knife slipped out. His finger slipped over the point of the knife, and the blood suddenly sprang on it. The injured man stretched out his tongue to lick his blood with the tip of his tongue, indulging the blood smell spreading throughout his mouth.

  “Will the dead come alive with another stab?” The man laughed. “I guess it’s a yes, cause corpse can actually feel pain, right?”

The knife was thrusted into Han Mingxu’s chest. The sky darkened, as if mourning for the dead.

The man got up and took off his sun glasses and mask, and he had… exactly the same face as Han Mingxu!

  “From now on, my name is Han Mingxu.” He whispered to the corpse.

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