C231 – She had to face the music eventually.

Qin Pei said this to relax Liang Fengyue because she had already seen Liang Fengyue as her daughter-in-law.

Liang Fengyue nodded and said, looking very understanding: “Auntie, I know you can see the big picture. I should learn from you.”

Qin Pei smiled and did not say anything more.

They chatted for a while which was just some trivial things that women liked to talk about. Liang Fengyue never mentioned Sheng Yeting again.

But she knew that Qin Pei would not let things go on like this.

Because this was not only about Sheng Yeting’s marriage but also about the face of the Sheng family. Qin Pei would definitely do something about it.

And what she had to do was to tell Qin Pei the information, and that was enough.

Liang Fengyue did not believe that Xia Xingcheng could be accepted as the legitimate daughter-in-law of the Sheng family, no matter how capable she was.

In this world, apart from her, Liang Fengyue, there was no one qualified to marry into the Sheng family. Others were not worthy!

Not to mention a woman who had already given birth.

Since Liang Fengyue told Qin Pei euphemistically about the amusement park, Qin Pei was obviously absent-minded.

So, Liang Fengyue did not stay longer, but said goodbye and left.

She had achieved her purpose, and now it was time to watch the show.

But Qin Pei was lost in her thoughts for a long time, sitting on the sofa. When her husband came downstairs, he asked her worriedly: “What’s wrong? Did Liang Fengyue make you so unhappy?”

They had been married for decades and had a great tacit understanding. They could understand each other even without words.

“It’s our son and that woman. Yeting took that woman and her son to the amusement park,” Qin said with a sigh and a complicated look at her husband.

Father Sheng was stunned for a moment, then he realized that Qin Pei had mentioned this before. But now he could not help but get surprised.

As far as he could remember, his son did not like to go to that kind of place when he was a child. But why would he now?

Did he really have a deep relationship with that woman?

Thinking about this, Father Sheng’s face became straight. Finally, he said: “Tomorrow, have a talk with that woman. Our family is not like others. There are some lines we would never cross.”

Qin Pei nodded. It was the only plausible plan.

Even so, she still looked worried, as a mother worried about her son.

Xia Xingcheng, after a happy weekend, got up early and took Bao to school as usual.

Work was still the same. Since Zhou Daiwei and she had a big fight, he had been quiet these days and hadn’t made trouble for Xia Xingcheng.

But Xia Xingcheng knew the peace now was only a facade, and with Zhou Daiwei’s vindictiveness, presumably, he was waiting for Sheng Chenfeng to return.

None of these did Xia Xingcheng care. She would deal with it when the time came. She was really not afraid of anything.

At most, the feuds, old ones, and new ones, would be settled once and for all.

Xia Xingcheng’s quiet day turned sour in the afternoon when a phone call took place.

The caller ID was an unknown number. After picking the phone up, she heard: “It’s me, I’m Qin Pei, Sheng Yeting’s mother.” Xia Xingcheng’s heart skipped a beat for some reason.

Xia Xingcheng didn’t know why she took the initiative to call her, but still, she sent a polite greeting: “Auntie, how can I help you?”

Qin Pei did not waste time and said directly: “I want to talk to you. Can you make time for me?”

“Of course.”

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Xia Xingcheng had no reason to refuse Qin Pei’s invitation.

Even if she felt reluctant, but she had to face the music eventually.

After hanging up, Qin Pei sent Xia Xingcheng the address of a cafe.

Xia Xingcheng didn’t dress up too much, after all, they had met before. So, she took a taxi to the cafe.

But she was feeling a little nervous for some reason that she couldn’t explain.

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She felt this would not be a casual meeting since Qin Pei approached her so seriously.

Xia Xingcheng secretly gave herself a pep talk. But she knew she had to face what she had to face.

When she arrived at the cafe, a waiter had been waiting for her for a long time. Seeing Xia Xingcheng coming, the waiter gestured her to follow respectfully, “Miss Xia, this way, please.”

Xia Xingcheng nodded and followed the waiter to the inner private room of the cafe.

When Xia Xingcheng came in, Sheng Yeting’s mother was drinking coffee slowly and acting gracefully.

Xia Xingcheng couldn’t help but admire her secretly that some things really were inherent.

There were nobleness and grace in Qin Pei’s gestures which her nouveau riche stepmother could not match.

When Xia Xingcheng came in, Qin Pei gave her a friendly smile and motioned her to sit in front of her.

Xia Xingcheng sat down gracefully and politely greeted her and said: “Auntie, just tell me why do you want to see me.”

Xia Xingcheng didn’t like to beat around the bush, especially when dealing with rich and powerful people. It was better to be frank.

Qin Pei nodded and took a careful look at Xia Xingcheng. There was no hostility or disgust in her eyes. Calmly, Qin Pei said: “Miss Xia, I actually quite like you since the first time we met. Your temperament and style are indeed rarely excellent. But our family is not any ordinary family, I think you know that.”

Xia Xingcheng was listening and looking at Qin Pei, but did not interrupt her.

She just stirred her coffee gently with the spoon, making the aroma of the coffee grow stronger. Then Qin Pei continued. “Yeting has shown exceptional intelligence since he was a child. We have been grooming him as a successor.”

“When he was in high school, his father was diagnosed with a disease and could not work for a long time. Yeting was so young yet he had to take responsibility for his father even before he could finish his one-year internship in the company.”

“He is the pride of our family and the pride of Sheng’s Group. So, what he says and does really matters.”

“Many people coveted our position at that time.

The shareholders were in turmoil. And Yeting, in the midst of the chaos, had rose to the challenge and managed to keep the whole company in order.”

Saying this, Qin Pei showed a rare expression of pride on her face.

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