3 Story 3

3rd Story 3

Li Yueran nodded, “Okay! Then I’ll wait for Mr. Cheng’s visit.” Dad Qiao didn’t expect it to be so smooth. When his daughter first debuted, he planned to sign her daughter’s brokerage contract to Phaeton, but her daughter disagreed, saying that she didn’t want to be restrained and wanted to be free. In desperation, he settled for the next best thing and arranged for her daughter. After the team was established, he found another entertainment company with a good relationship. Seeing that his daughter’s acting talent was discovered, and her acting skills were improving day by day, he began to worry about her daughter’s future plans. Finding a reliable big company and having a dedicated economic team to operate would only benefit her daughter’s future and not harm it. .

I heard before that my daughter fell in love with Zhang Jiaqi, the second young master of Xingguang. Zhang Jiaqi had a wealthy family and was only interested in acting as a hobby. Besides, his previous love affair was vigorous. The two were childhood sweethearts and had been in love for fifteen years. After she went abroad, Zhang Jiaqi has not been in a relationship for several years and has been single. They have also heard about these. Therefore, they are very worried about their daughter. Sweetie is young and vigorous, and does not know the world. They feel that such a man is affectionate and dedicated, is a man worthy of his life. And listening to the words of women chasing men’s interlayer yarn. But what Sweetie doesn’t know is that a man like Zhang Jiaqi is indeed affectionate and single-minded, but unfortunately, the object of his affection and single-mindedness is always the woman who occupies most of his life. Blindly pursuit will only hurt others and herself. Earlier on she also said that she intends to join Starlight, which frightened Dad Qiao. Starlight is good, but it is Zhang Jiaqi’s home. If something happens in the future, they will definitely stand on Zhang Jiaqi’s side. In this case, whether it is career or love, only Sweetie will be given up.

It’s a pity, Sweetie is spoiled by them and won’t listen to them.

Now that her daughter has recognized the facts, she has retreated in spite of difficulties, and obediently agreed to change to a better brokerage company. Dad Qiao was so happy that he almost cried, but he felt that his hard work had finally paid off, and his daughter was sensible.

Qiao’s mother was also very happy. When she and Qiao’s father were young, they were busy with their careers. They didn’t give birth to their daughter until they were 37 years old. The couple could not wait to hold her in their hands and take care of her. I just hope that she can be happy and sweet in this life.

“That’s it, do you still want to talk to uncle and aunt?” Cheng Nuo’s raised mouth betrayed him, he finally found her! You wait for me, I will find you right away, and we will never be separated from now on.

“No, someone is knocking on the door, I’ll hang up first!” Li Yueran was afraid that if she continued, she would be seen to have flaws, so she hurriedly pressed the end button, then threw the ipad to the side, and threw herself on the bed. Suddenly it rang, she picked it up and saw that it was a text message from an unfamiliar number with only two words “Wait for me!” Li Yueran screamed excitedly. Li Mann, who was discussing things outside the suite, heard it and thought something had happened, so she walked in quickly, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Li Yueran sat up from the bed and said excitedly: “Sister , he’s here, he’s here to find me! I’m so happy.”

Li Mann looked blank, “Who, who’s coming to you? What are you talking about?”

Li Yueran’s face was bright with a smile, “Cheng Nuo, Phaeton’s boss, I just made a video with my dad, he happened to be at my house. He said that Phaeton was very interested in me, and said he would come to me in the afternoon to discuss the signing of the contract. Sister, are you happy?”

Li Mann was stunned, and then shouted, “Really? Great. Sweetie, you are awesome!”

People outside rushed in when they heard the movement. I’m very happy, but after Xiaoji laughed, she suddenly felt a little depressed, “Sweet girl, you signed a formal brokerage company and have a special team, so are we unemployed?”

Li Mann also remembered, she is not a special agent, but her cousin and uncle invited her to take care of Tianniu. Although she knew that this was the best way for Sweetie, she was still a little sad and a little reluctant.

Li Yueran smiled, “What are you talking about! What unemployed! Don’t worry, there is me! The condition for me to join Phaeton is to bring all of you with me.”

Xiaoji and the others were stunned, “Is that okay Sweetie?” To be honest, they didn’t want to find someone again. Tianniu was a generous person and was good to them. They had worked together for three years, and they were all used to each other. If you find another employer, it may not be comparable to Sweetie. It would be great if you could go.

“Of course you are.” Li Yueran patted her chest and assured.

“What about Miss Xiaoman?” Xiaoji said, looking worriedly at the pale Li Mann.

Li Mann is not like them. She is not a professional. To be honest, in the past three years, Li Mann’s as an agent has really not helped Tianniu in her career. If she had a professional team, Tianniu would have gone to the next level. However, Li Mann is better due to she’s a good person, caring, so Sweetie was being meticulous care in life. It’s okay to be nice to them, if she really wants to leave, she’d be really reluctant.

Li Yueran smiled, “I have a professional agent at work, but I still lack an agent in life, cousin, would you continue to help me?”

Li Mann said with joy, “Is that possible? Broker? Do you have this position?”

“Yeah, why didn’t we think of it. Sweetie is still smart! Miss Man, this is suitable for you. In the future, professional things will be done by professional people, you just need to take good care of Sweetie. That’s good.”

“That’s great. I’ve been thinking than I’m delaying Sweetie but I really can’t bear Sweetie but now it’s alright.” Li Mann also looked happy.

“Shh, things haven’t been decided yet, don’t make any noise yet, don’t worry, if I want to sign a contract, I will definitely bring you all with me.” Li Yueran felt very comfortable working with this team, so she didn’t want to change…

“Okay, alright, don’t talk about it. Sweetie, you have a good rest first and recharge your batteries! Zhang Ming, you should study relevant legal knowledge first, don’t let Sweetie be deceived.” Li Mann spoke. “Let’s go, let’s go outside and talk.”

After everyone left, Li Yueran stood up and looked at the bright and beautiful face in the vanity mirror. Li Yueran smiled with satisfaction and took out another mask, continue to put on, she’s going to meet for the first time, it was too hasty, she was not ready but she must let him see her at her most beautiful appearance.

In the afternoon, Li Yueran arrived early on the set and before she put on makeup, she heard that the afternoon group show was canceled, because the actor who played Liu Bang had a temporary event that he had to attend. She had to change to tomorrow’s highlight scene, Yu Ji’s suicide. Li Yueran was a little unhappy, Cheng Nuo was coming in the afternoon.

Li Mann also negotiated with the director dissatisfied, “If we want to change the play should inform us earlier, we must give Qiao Yue some time to prepare! It was originally just a group show, but now it has been changed to a night show, which is still the highlight.”

The director was also very helpless, “We also just received the notice! I’m really sorry, Qiao Yue, let’s see if you can?”

Li Yueran said helplessly, “In this case, we can’t delay everyone’s time. Let’s shoot it! “

The director was overjoyed, “Okay, you can take a rest first, or match the lines with Zhang Jiaqi. When the scenes and group performances are in place, I will inform you! This is a night show, and it’s still early!”

Li Yueran was helpless, she got into the nanny car, took out her mobile phone and sent Cheng Nuo a message, “This afternoon was originally a group show, but now it’s a night show. When are you coming?”

It was almost a second, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Li Yueran stood up excitedly, “Cousin, cousin, Cheng Nuo will be here in ten minutes, we have to find a cafe to wait for him!”

Li Mann nodded, “Let’s go to the Shangdao cafe. There’s no way, this is the only one here. I’ll go and talk to the director.”

Mike persuaded Zhang Jiaqi all afternoon, and Zhang Jiaqi reluctantly agreed to discuss the contract with Qiao Yue, but when he arrived on the set, he didn’t see Qiao Yue only saw that Qiao Yue’s agent and the director said a few words. The director smiled, nodded and agreed and then Qiao Yue’s agent left with satisfaction. Then Qiao Yue’s white nanny car drove away.

Mike frowned, but Zhang Jiaqi said indifferently, “What’s the hurry, isn’t there a major event at night? It’s the same thing when the time comes.”

Mike frowned and said, “I always feel like I’m missing something.” Xingguang is also one of the best entertainment companies in China, but it has gone downhill in recent years. Most of Xingguang’s artists are TV fans, and they are good at movies but there is only one Zhang Jiaqi. It is still the second young master of the starlight, which is criticized. And those big-name movie cafes mostly chose Phaeton. Also, Phaeton is rich and powerful. In addition to entertainment companies, it also spans multiple industries such as real estate and technology. It will take time for Xingguang to compete with it. The company has discussed many times and started to sign new people in large numbers. Qiao Yue is the most important among them. Needless to say about her family background, even for the sake of her father’s face, she didn’t have to worry about not having any dramas to film. There was a TV drama with a big production and a big IP who asked her to play the heroine, but she also refused. Although she is not a professional, she has good acting skills and a high degree of education. She is a top student at Capital University! The most important thing is that she is the youngest actresses in the country! Yes, the youngest, only in the early twenties. Such talents are worthy of the company’s investment!

“No, I have to ask the director.” Mike thought for a while and said.

Zhang Jiaqi was a little unhappy, “If you want to go, you can go by yourself.” After speaking, he turned around and left.

Mike sighed helplessly, and followed his fate. Forget it, that Qiao Yue is chasing Zhang Jiaqi. Anyone with discernment eyes could see that with Zhang Jiaqi coming forward, it shouldn’t be a problem to sign her. Let’s coax this ancestor first!

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