3rd Story 2

3rd Story 2

Li Yueran smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, I can do it, I can’t let everyone wait for me! Director, give me five minutes, I’ll touch up my makeup, and I’ll be fine right away.”

The director didn’t expect Li Yueran to be like this this time, He’s very happy, “Okay, all departments are ready, and filming will start in five minutes.”

In another dressing room, Zhang Jiaqi was bored playing games, and his agent Mike came over and said helplessly: “I’ll see you later, don’t you still have to memorize your script or something? Why are you still playing games? And aren’t you’re too outdated? These days, people are playing what Lua Lu, the King of Glory and you are still playing this greedy snake.”

Zhang Jiaqi didn’t raise his head, “Why? Shooting will not start soon. Don’t you know that Qiao Yue, brother? She will start making trouble every three to five, at least half an hour!”

Mike sat beside him, thought for a while and said, “Why don’t you persuade her. Isn’t she interested in you? The company also wants to sign her in. You see, she is young has good acting skills. She won the actress earlier, her future achievements are limitless. Take this opportunity, you’ll sign her over, our company only has advantages and no disadvantages! You should think about it carefully!”

Zhang Jiaqi stunned, his movements slowed down, and he noticed that the greedy snake had hit someone and was eaten. He put down his ipad, raised his head and asked, “Is this what Big Brother means?”

Mike nodded, “This is what the general manager and the board of directors means. Qiao Yue’s brokerage contract is going to be expired with Feifei Entertainment. She has her own team. She is so popular now and has so many drama appointments, on the one hand, because of her acting skills, on the other hand, it is also because of her parents’ face. If the company signed her, to the company it is the best choice. You must know that although her father has retired from acting, he is the first domestic actor to win the Grand Slam of the three major foreign film festivals so far, and he knows countless directors and producers.”

Zhang Jiaqi was silent for a moment before saying, “I see.” Then he stood up.

Mike asked, “Where are you going?”

“Didn’t you want me to persuade her?” Zhang Jiaqi said without looking back.

Who knew that as soon as they reached the door of the dressing room, the door was pushed open from the outside. If Zhang Jiaqi hadn’t avoid so fast, he might have been bumped into right now. Mike nervously pulled Zhang Jiaqi over, looked up and down, “Are you alright!” Then he turned around and said, “What’s the matter with you so reckless, are you on fire or going to die?”

It was Zhang Jiaqi who pushed open the door. Assistant Xiao Wang, at this time he muttered: “I’m sorry, Brother Zhang, I’m sorry. No, I’m going to was notified, the director said the filming will officially start in five minutes.”

Zhang Jiaqi and Mike looked at each other, so fast? Zhang Jiaqi nodded, “Okay, let’s go!”

This scene was shot of Xiang Yu entering Xianyang, killing Qin Jiang’s Prince infant, setting fire to the palace, and the fire would not go out for three months. Some people persuaded Xiang Yu to build the capital in Guanzhong, but Xiang Yu refused, killed the counselor, and then had a drinking scene with Concubine Yu. Xiang Yu was complacent, but Concubine Yu was worried and reminded him intentionally, but Xiang Yu didn’t listen at all, he was complacent.

Zhang Jiaqi felt a little strange. If it was before, Qiao Yue’s eyes would have been fixed on him but now, Qiao Yue is reading her lines with her head down, she doesn’t even look at him. Zhang Jiaqi thought to himself, is this person change her sexuality? But remembering the previous months of getting along, Zhang Jiaqi thought disdainfully, it is estimated that she is trying to escape!

When the filming officially started, Xiang Yu, played by Zhang Jiaqi, proudly hugged Yu Ji, played by Li Yueran, and said, “Ji Yu, look, do you still like these gold and silver jewelry, these silk and satin? Not only that, from now on the Qin family is ours! Hahaha!”

Yu Ji, played by Li Yueran, raised her head and looked at Xiang Yu worriedly, “General, did you hear that when General killed Han Sheng, what did Han Sheng said? If the general thinks it’s inappropriate, then just don’t listen! Why did you have to kill him? Although concubine lives in the deep palace, I have also heard that there are many misunderstandings about the general outside.”

“What Han Sheng said is not my wish. Wealth and honor don’t return to my hometown, like embroidered clothes at night, who knows! As for those foolish people, what are they doing! Come on, Concubine Yu, I’m happy today, don’t say these things that spoil the fun. Come, come, drink!”

Yu Ji had no choice but to give up and continue pouring wine for Xiang Yu.

In just a few lines, Yu Ji’s admiration and love for Xiang Yu, her worries about the current situation, and worry about Xiang Yu being misunderstood are vividly expressed. The director nodded with satisfaction, “Come! Prepare for the next show.” Then he said to Li Yueran with a smile, “As expected of the youngest actress, your acting skills are good. Your morning role is done and there will be a group show in the afternoon. The scene of Farewell My Concubine is finished tomorrow. Then the crew will hold a banquet for you”

Li Yueran smiled and said, “Director is very polite, I’m just a cameo. Where can I use it? What do you need with the killing youth banquet? The crew schedule is so tight, you don’t have to be busy, there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future!”

This is the truth, this battle between Chu and Han is clearly for a male protagonist, and the only two female characters. Concubine Yu and Empress Lu don’t have many roles, they are just vase roles at best. Zhang Jiaqi originally wanted to use this play to hit the best actor at the West Film Festival. Who knew that this play was a hit at the box office, but it was Qiao Yue, who became popular for the role of Yu Ji. It is also because of the popularity of this play that Zhang Jiaqi invited Qiao Yue to join Starlight Entertainment.

After saying goodbye to the director, Li Yueran turned around and went back to the dressing room. Xiao Wang and Mike whispered, “It’s strange, even if she didn’t have her role in the past, wouldn’t she stay on the set in the name of watching the senior’s acting? Why did she leave so early today?”

Not only Xiao Wang and Mike thought so, Even Zhang Jiaqi was a little unaccustomed to her. Usually, even if she didn’t have her role in the scene, she would stand on the side and chase him eagerly. Today, when she suddenly left, Zhang Jiaqi was still a little uncomfortable. The director had no choice but to stop and let him rest for a few minutes to find his feelings. Zhang Jiaqi took a sip of water, looked outside, and smiled disdainfully. It seems that she is addicted to playing hard-to-play!

Li Yueran took off her makeup and asked what time the group show was in the afternoon. There were still three or four hours in between, so she simply went back to the hotel to rest.

After putting on the mask, Li Yueran started a video with the original owner’s parents.

“Sweetie, why did you come back so early today?” At the other end of the video, Mama Qiao said excitedly.

“Mom, there’s not much drama today, so I’ll go back first. Mom, where’s Dad?”

“The son of an old friend of your father is here for a visit and is chatting in the study! I’ll take you to find him.” Mama Qiao happily took her mobile phone and left.

“No need Mom, Dad has guests coming, so don’t bother.” Li Yueran said hurriedly.

How can Qiao’s mother hear it? Because of filming’s, the old couple hadn’t seen their daughter for a long time. Not only her, but also her husband thought about her daughter very much. Alas, he said all day that he spoiled his daughter, but in fact he was the one who loves her the most. The daughter said she liked acting, but he recovered after a night of anger. The next day, he helped her to find relationships, companies, and resources. He hadn’t seen his daughter for more than a week or two, and he had been thinking about it for a long time. If he hadn’t been afraid of her daughter’s anger, he might have gone to visit the class a long time ago.

“Old Qiao, your daughter is looking for you! Hurry up, there’s a video call!” Qiao’s mother handed over the phone.

Dad Qiao was talking to someone, seeing Qiao’s mother coming in in a hurry, frowned in dissatisfaction, didn’t she see the guests? But when he heard the video call from his daughter, he immediately smiled, “Sweetie, where is Daddy girl? Why are you free today? Aren’t you going to watch the senior act?” Dad Qiao jokes

Li Yueran said embarrassedly: “Dad! Stop joking. I’ve figured it out clearly, since I’ve decided to act, then act well, there’s no need to delay too long for someone who doesn’t love me. I’m Qiao Liang’s daughter, how can I lose my father’s face!”

Qiao Dad saw his daughter’s expression calm, without any reluctance, and smiled: ‘You just have to think clearly. You were the one who insisted on entering the entertainment industry, and I said at that time that if you don’t show me anything, I wouldn’t agree. You are still young, and you should focus on your career. Don’t force these things of love and love. When fate should come, it will come naturally. When Dad Qiao saw the young man sitting across from him, he suddenly thought, “By the way, Sweetie, your brokerage contract, is it three years already? Isn’t going to be expires? Have you decided who to sign with? If you don’t think, Dad helped you think of one, Phaeton Entertainment, what do you think? It just so happens that the CEO of Phaeton Entertainment is here, do you want to talk to him?”

After Li Yueran heard this, her heart moved. She was just about to confirm whether this Cheng Nuo was the Cheng Nuo she thought! It is really hard to find a place to break through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it. “Okay, Dad, Zhang Jiaqi’s agent and cousin have been in contact with me before. I’m still thinking about it. It’s not bad to have multiple choices!”

After saying this, I regretted that I should not introduce my daughter to acquainted with a strange man. Immediately said: “Okay, the other person is right across, you wait. Ah Nuo, come here, this is my daughter, let’s talk about it.” With that, he handed the phone to the young man opposite.

Li Yueran saw a familiar face on the ipad, and tears came down her face. She tore off the mask on her face, fearing that her gaffe would be seen by others, she tried to calm down, “Hello, Mr. Cheng!” It was just those teary eyes that revealed her true emotions, she said silently, “Anuo! It’s me!”

Cheng Nuo had to control harder than Li Yueran, after all, he was by hy father and mother. He tried to hide his excitement, “Hello, Miss Qiao. My company is very much looking forward for Miss Qiao’s to joining. In order to show importance, if Miss Qiao is interested, I will personally fly to Hengduo to interview Miss Qiao in the afternoon.”

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