After Du Chengli graduated from the academy, his first job was as an associate commissioner. His position has been promoted from commissioner to vice president, and his cultivation base has been promoted from Jindan to Void Return. One can imagine how many missions he has gone out.

Du Chengli, who has a brilliant record, is always well-dressed and calm no matter which plane he appears in.

Even if the house leaks and it rains all night.

Du Chengli can also face the wind like a tree, hold up a small black umbrella, and enjoy the rain silently.

“Mr Du, what do you think of my proposal?”

Xia Weide leaned slightly, looking nervously at the man in front of him, his eyes full of admiration.

As a noble young master of the Arp Empire, Xia Weide has seen countless people, but he has never seen someone as attractive as Du Chengli.

It’s not just about being handsome. With today’s technological advancements, there are no people who are too ugly. Of course, Du Chengli is very handsome. But what is even more attractive is his ethereal aura that repulses people for thousands of miles. His demeanour and expression seem to have a religious atmosphere, which makes people dare not desecrate him from a distance.

However, that’s what makes him want to get closer, this feeling is more addicting than the pheromone of omega.

Du Chengli turned his head and glanced at Xia Weide, completely unmoved.

After the accident, he left the 745th plane and came to the 746th plane for half a month.

His mission is a planetary survey.

Survey missions are generally low-difficulty, but the one Du Chengli took over was a medium-low difficulty. No wonder the merit value is twice as high as other survey missions. The difficulty is an intelligent comprehensive assessment. Since it is low to medium difficulty, there are natural reasons for it.

Du Chengli didn’t take it seriously at first. After all, low-medium and low-difficulty tasks were low-level tasks for him, and they couldn’t cause him any obstacles. But he forgot that in his current state, he is in the void return stage, but his spiritual energy will bottom out every minute. On the plane where the spiritual energy is not abundant enough, his strength is at most on the foundation-building stage.

A clever housewife can’t cook without rice.

The spirit energy is not enough, even the ability of the system is limited.

Forty-one were gloomy because of this. It had been with the president for so many years, but it had never been so useless as this time.

In order not to continue living such a poor life where they can’t even watch action movies, forty-one boldly decided to persuade the president to give up his principles.

Forty-One: “President, there is a saying in the small world of Blue Indigo, it is a small matter of infidelity, but a serious matter of starving.”

Du Chengli: “Even if I don’t eat for ten thousand years, I won’t starve to death.”

Forty-One: “President, this is a metaphor. I mean the spiritual energy in this small world is extremely thin. You need to restore 10% of the dantian, but that will take hundred years to restore! Think about it, you have a hundred years. After a hundred years, they have all been promoted from Nascent Soul to Void Return. What a waste to stay here! Missing 100 million merit points every minute!”

Du Chengli: “100 million merit points are not enough for me to ascend from Nascent Soul to Void Return.”

Forty-One: “This is also a metaphor. Of course, I know that you can rise to return to the void in a hundred years. You have done eight double-high tasks at the same time, and you have gained hundreds of billions of merit points. But what I want to say is that this Xia Weide came just right. He is a son of a noble family, and I suggested that you can pretend to be lovers with him to participate in the imperial airship banquet so that you can get close to the Water Lily galaxy. Once you get close, isn’t it easy for you to land and survey?”

Du Chengli: “For a little convenience, it’s very troublesome to have relationships with irrelevant people.”

Forty-One: “What’s the trouble! Just pretending, can he still touch your finger? As long as you can complete this survey, other galaxies will be a piece of cake for you! Although the merit value is not comparable to what you got before, it will be no problem to return to the association when you return to the Great Thousand World.”

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Speaking of this, the forty-one found that the president was still unmoved, so he had to resort to a big killer.

Forty-One: “Don’t you want to find out earlier, the president, what is the black hole in your stomach that sucks your spirit energy?”

Du Chengli: “…” You won.

Xia Weide waited anxiously and expectantly for his sweetheart’s reply, but the other person’s face showed no signs of breaking the ice. He was worried that he was too impatient. Although the other person was not an omega but a beta, there must be many people chasing Beta with such a dusty appearance.

He suddenly proposed such an abrupt thing, which must have made people feel disgusted.

In desperation, Xia Weide quickly explained: “I have no other intentions. I just saw that you wanted to visit the Water Lily galaxy, which is the private galaxy of His Majesty the Emperor. Any spaceship will be shot down, let alone landing. An imperial airship dinner is a rare event, so you can sail around the water lily galaxy If you don’t like it, pretend I didn’t say it. Sorry!”

Du Chengli looked at the suitor who had travelled with him for more than ten planets, the boy named Xia Weide.

To be honest, the boy looks very upright, looks vigorous. His speech and behaviour are also well-educated. Therefore, Du Chengli was not too unhappy about him following him. Moreover, forty-one are also insufficient to provide any spiritual support, and the taskbar is still stuck after checking the information. It was easy for him to get clearer information from Xia Weide.

Du Chengli is a little confused. Don’t you find it troublesome to spend so much time and energy on mating?

However, he would not ask such troublesome words.

Moreover, Du Chengli has also changed his mind. Compared with the minor troubles, the thing in his stomach is more troublesome.

“Your proposal is very good, thank you for your help, I hope it will not cause you too much trouble.”

Dazed by this surprise, Xia Weide lost his voice and said, “What trouble? This is my honour.”

When he spoke, he wanted to hold Du Chengli’s hand and kiss it.

However, he can’t kiss.

Du Chengli moved his hand away lightly and straightened his neckline.

Only allowed on

Xia Weide retracted his hand in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I was too excited. Well, if we want to pretend to be a couple, can I ask you to call my name?”

Since pretending to be a couple is part of the mission, of course, it has to be done to the best of its ability.

Du Chengli not only nodded but also replied, “Okay, weide.”

Super nice!

Xia Weide felt that he was about to cry with happiness.

But as an alpha, how could he cry in front of beta, he had to puff his chest out and show a bright and gentlemanly smile.

Du Chengli has rich experience in travelling between planes, so he naturally knows that some small worlds have a special gender composition.

For example, on the 746th plane, there are three genders, Alpha, beta and omega.

For general tasks, Du Chengli would adjust his breath to alpha, and he could easily simulate powerful pheromones with his consciousness. But this mission was an exception. It was not easy to absorb the spirit energy, so it had to be used where necessary.

Therefore, he can only simulated beta.

It is not bad, beta is at least the least conspicuous gender. Of course, attracting this man is an exception.

After Du Chengli came to this plane, he started the survey mission non-stop and accidentally rescued the boy from a family who wandered the stars after graduation. After that, Xia Weide has been following him anywhere he goes.

This is his good luck, at least the survey mission of the Water Lily Galaxy is promising.

Xia Weide also felt that this was his good luck. Fortunately, he had a prominent family background and had an invitation letter to the Imperial Royal dinner, so he could bring his sweetheart in this name.

After finishing the trip to the rainy planet, Xia Weide seized the opportunity and proposed: “Chengli, the dinner will start a week later. Would you like to stay at my house for a few days? The airship will also set sail on the main planet, which will be more convenient.”

Du Chengli thought this arrangement was good, nodded and said, “I’m very happy.”

With this consent, the young master of the Xia family successfully brought his “boyfriend” home.

The reason why the 746th plane is called the Arp Small World is that the Arp Empire unified the central galaxy of the Arp galaxy group. But 746 is a high-level plane, the galaxy group is huge and boundless, and the extraterrestrial land is established by pirates.

According to the overview provided by the forty-one, the empire’s territory and the pirate forces have always maintained a strange balance. There has never been a large-scale interstellar battle, which has contributed to the peace, stability, and prosperity of the small world of Alp to a certain extent.

On the way back to the main star, Xia Weide kept looking for topics and wanted to chat more with Du Chengli. In addition to introducing the empire and the main star, he found that Du Chengli was also very interested in star history.

There is a reason why Du Chengli is interested in interstellar history. After all, the number of survey missions is huge. In addition to the Alp Empire, half of the planets are located in the sphere of influence of pirates.

Within the scope of the Arp Empire, there is the private back garden of the emperor, such as the Water Lily Galaxy. How could he know that there is no private domain within the sphere of influence of the pirates?

If it was in the past, Du Chengli wouldn’t have cared about these details at all. In short, he would just do it.

Now, Du Chengli took a sip of the fruit wine silently, acting as a loyal listener and a humanoid information collector.

Xia Weide was born tall, and he also studied at the Imperial Royal Academy. Since he knows that his sweetheart likes this aspect, he can naturally talk about some interesting related topics, “The reasons I mentioned just now are all from textbooks, and they are related to development and progress. The Empire and Pirates are so harmonious, there have always been rumours that His Majesty the emperor and the pirate leader is a brother-in-law.”

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