Gunpowder smoke was billowing, and the eyes were full of desolation.

In the boundless sand and rocks, the wreckage of the downed mechas was scattered all over the place, and the cockpit not far away was also bombarded horribly. The man in the cabin was fully injured and his body was almost destroyed. He seemed to have lost all his life.

Du Chengli lay dead like this for a long time, unable to accept the fact that the mission failed.

Although the task is extremely difficult, in the face of absolute power, there is no possibility of failure. Unless the power fails.

But not long ago, Du Chengli, who was pregnant with the practice of returning to the void, suddenly had his dantian spiritual qi emptied, and all his powers failed. In the blink of an eye, an interstellar battle that had an absolute chance of winning ended in his failure.

Du Chengli opened his eyes and said, “Please explain.”

There was no one around except scorched earth and black smoke, but there was a voice answering this question, not from outside, but from inside Du Chengli’s brain it was the Qi Ling system of Xiaoqian World Protection Association, and his number was forty-one.

The voices of the forty-one were very aggrieved: “President, it’s not my fault, I am also innocent, and I am also a victim”

Du Chengli interrupted coldly: “Let’s get to the point.”

Forty-One: “It’s all because you’re pregnant.”

Du Chengli was silent for a while, and said, “After returning to the association, I will send you to repair.”

Four Ones: “Don’t! I’m serious! You have to believe me! I won’t have a problem even if the association goes bankrupt. No problem”

Du Chengli raised his voice slightly: “So I’m the one that has a problem?”

Four ones: “President, please accept the reality.”

Du Chengli: “No.”

Time back to three months ago…

Du Chengli was still lying in the crystal coffin of the Xiaoqian World Protection Association, and his belly hadn’t grown up yet.

At least it doesn’t appear to be.

The coffin he lay in just looked like a rectangular container, but it was a body container specially customized by the Association for the Salvation Commissioners. Get the best maintenance and spiritual nourishment.

The coffin Du Chengli lay in was the largest, the best, and the highest-ranked in the entire association.

Not only because he is the vice president of the association, the number one model worker in the three thousand worlds, but also because he has carried out the most difficult task in history by clearing out the disharmonious factors in the small world of the high plane by dividing himself.

Although the association is an official organization affiliated with the Sanqing Bureau, due to the high intensity of work and the lack of remuneration, talents, especially senior talents, are in short supply. As the vice president, Du Chengli is the first to bear the brunt of sharing the worries of the association, and the common people of the world, and dedicating himself to world peace.

Therefore, after learning that there were high-risk hidden dangers in the eight small worlds at the same time, Du Chengli cut himself into eight pieces with a 30-meter broadsword without hesitation. The soul and body of Yuanshen were reshaped separately, so there were eight Du Chengli. The eight Du Chengli devoted themselves to different planes at the same time and started the rescue operation. The original Du Chengli lie down in the coffin after that.

“President Du, how do you feel?”

The staff carefully looked at the crystal coffin full of energy, and the man lying inside finally opened his eyes, he has beautiful eyes. The eyes were focused and energetic, and it looks like the eyes are looking at people affectionately even if he glances at others casually, and it can touch people’s hearts at a glance.

But the corresponding face did not have any superfluous expressions, it was as handsome as a sculpture, without any vitality.

“How long?”

Sitting in the coffin filled with high-level spiritual springs, Du Chengli rubbed the center of his brows, and a string of water droplets rolled up from his hands, sliding from his cheeks to his graceful collarbone, his slightly protruding chest, and finally to his firm abdomen. Every frame is a perfect interpretation of a sexy male body.

“Ah, one, one hundred years, you have been doing this mission for one hundred years, President Du!”

Before the staff present had time to appreciate it, President Du walked out of the coffin. When he passed by the crowd, he was already wrapped in a dark purple robe, covering all the spring light airtightly.

“Sort out ten high-level and difficult tasks for me.”

As soon as this remark came out, all the staff members were shocked: You are merely dividing yourself into 8 parts! Even the vase that is broken and sticks back needs to be handled with care, and now you said you have to do the task!? And is it a high-level and difficult double-high task?

“Ah, not now, President Du!”

“Wait, President Du, you need to retreat and rest. You can’t accept the task yet, President!”

“Your body is important, President Du!”

Du Chengli didn’t care about these voices at all. He felt a little uncomfortable after the fusion of his 8 souls and his memory was disordered, but it wasn’t a big problem.

What’s more, in his opinion, the speed of retreat practice is tantamount to wasting his life and time.

With his professional ability, the right way is to transfer the merit points obtained after completing the task to the cultivation base.

At this time, he didn’t know that there were some roadblocks on this righteous path.

By the time Du Chengli found out, the roadblocks had smashed him up and down, and he was already lying dead in the deserted star.

Forty-One: “Well, President, if you had checked your body well at that time and hadn’t rushed to the mission, such an accident would not have happened.”

Du Chengli was too lazy to listen to such nonsense, and said calmly: “It’s not too late to go back to the association for inspection, you and I both need to be inspected.”

Four ones: “President, I’m normal.”

Du Chengli: “If you’re normal, you wouldn’t make the judgment that I’m pregnant.”

Four Ones: “But You’re Pregnant”

Du Chengli: “Shut up.”

Four ones: “Then what do we do now?”

Du Chengli: “Wait.”

The wait was long, but he had to wait.

Because Du Chengli’s spirit qi was suddenly emptied, apart from breathing out the spirit qi autonomously while waiting for his body to return to the void, he was dying and didn’t even have the strength to move his fingers.

However, his cultivation base in the Void Returning Stage was not that good either. Although he was blasted to a bloody mess and his internal organs were torn apart, his body would not die so easily. As long as he recovers some spiritual energy, he can repair himself with a flick of a finger.

However, after Du Chengli repaired his body, it was not easy to return to the association.

He came out of the cockpit and walked around on this desolate planet. Apart from the smell of scorched earth, he could not feel any signs of life.

Ling Qi is also very thin.

With this density of spiritual qi, Du Chengli would not be able to recover 10% of it even after absorbing it for a hundred years. And it takes at least 10% for him to shatter the void, return to the Great Thousand World, and return to the association for a physical examination.

Forty-One: “President, the ultimate mission of saving the world has failed, and it is detected that the plane will collapse within a day. What shall we do next?”

Du Chengli changed himself into clean clothes. He has a good figure, without a trace of fat, except for a slight bulge in his lower abdomen.

He ignored this discord and said calmly: “The small world collapsed, and the association will arrange for the powerful to come and go back in time. Although the side effects are relatively large, it can be regarded as maintaining the ecological balance.”

Forty-One: “Dear President, who cares about this small world’s ecological balance? I mean what should we do!! This small world is too remote, and with the spirit energy in your body right now, it’s not enough for me to contact the association to call for help.”

Du Chengli frowned and interrupted, “There is no need to call for help for such a trivial matter.”

Forty-One: “President! I haven’t found a partner yet, you can’t be so cruel!”

Du Chengli took out his handkerchief, carefully wiped off the blood on his face, and said, “Take a mission from the nearest plane, and we’ll talk after leaving here.”

Good idea!

Forty-One silently gave a thumbs up to their president, why didn’t it expect it?

As the vice president of the association, Du Chengli had forty-one as his tool spirit system. It has always had the highest authority, and the tasks are chosen randomly. However, there is a basic premise for the random selection of tasks, and the host is competent.

Before the dividing mission, Du Chengli was a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator. He had always worked hard for Three Thousand World. He was able to clear most of the high-level missions with a wave of his hands.

But now, although Du Chengli already absorb back all of his 8 souls and advanced to the void stage, his condition is worrying, and now he can’t even think about clearing the double high mission.

Forty-One silently glanced at the taskbar and said cautiously: “President, the nearest plane that Ling Qi can withstand is also an interstellar civilization. With your current state, you can only accept tasks of medium and low difficulty.”

The full name of the association is the Little Thousand World Protection Association. As the name suggests, it aims to protect the Little Thousand World. The tasks released by the association are also divided into high, medium and low difficulty.

The most difficult thing is to directly participate in saving the world, which is similar to turning the tide and saving the small world that is about to die with one’s power. For example, the mission that Du Chengli just failed.

The medium difficulty is to achieve the stability and prosperity of the small world by obtaining various quest items or achieving various special plots to influence the direction of the world from key points. For example, Du Chengli’s previous dividing task was to harmonize eight high-risk factors at the same time.

The low difficulty has little to do with saving the world. It is mostly investigation, survey, measurement, and custom research, and the life index is the highest. For example, Du Chengli has never done such a low-level task.

Fortunately, Du Chengli not only cleaned up his mood, but also cleaned up his whole body, and there are no bloody scars from being bombed to pieces like before. He put the tie back into the vest meticulously, and said, “Okay, choose the one with the highest merit value.”

Forty-One: “Well, don’t you want to compare the contents of each task?”

Du Chengli put on his coat, buttoned it up and said, “There’s no time.”

Forty-One: “That, that….”

Du Chengli: “Why are you stuttering?”

Forty-One: “I want to remind you that you have already been to the next plane. This is one of the planes that you have conquered after dividing yourself.”

Du Chengli accurately calculated the time, obviously not allowing it to continue talking, he waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter, let’s go.”

Forty-One: “Oh.”

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