The emperor and the pirate are brothers-in-law? These people who have nothing to do with each other have such consistent tastes in finding a partner.

What a fate.

Du Chengli raised his eyebrows slightly, “The eyes of these two sisters are quite different.”

Seeing that he was interested, Xia Weide talked happily: “It’s not sisters, it should be brothers. Although there are not many images left now, the elders in the family said that the queen and the pirate leader’s wife look very similar, and they have the same surname. They must be from the same family. However, some people say they are cloned.”

Du Chengli felt that this rumour was rather nonsense. Given the identities of these two people, if one of them’s wives cloned the other’s, it would be impossible for the Alp galaxy group to maintain peace for such a long time.

Because he felt that the truth of this anecdote was not high, Du Chengli felt that there was no need to listen to it any more.

He only collects useful information.

This information is useless.

Useless things, collecting is also a waste of brain capacity.

Four ones: “President, how do you know it’s useless until you finish listening?”

Du Chengli: “Judgement based on experience.”

Forty-One: “President, today is different from the past, your situation is different, how can we apply the previous experience? Let’s analyze specific issues in detail. Don’t you think that the wife of the emperor and the pirate clone are very similar? Curse! You can ask again to see if there is anything so unethical!”

Du Chengli: “Wouldn’t it be boring to know things like that?”

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Forty-One: “President, I am an adult device spirit, this is normal for me to know something like that.”

Du Chengli: “This kind of thing is boring enough.”

Forty-One: “You feel bored, but you still had a child.”

Du Chengli: “There is no evidence that the thing in my stomach is a child.”

Forty-One: “Hey, if I knew this, I should use all my spiritual power to sort out the memory before the president’s spirit energy is free, sort out all the eight memories of yours, and find out the child’s father, and you will know that my judgment is correct!”

Du Chengli: “Don’t talk nonsense, you can’t even sort out a memory with your current spiritual power.”

Four ones: “I’m so angry!”

Du Chengli was also a little angry.

What he was angry about was affecting the progress of the task, which in turn affected the speed of cultivation.

Du Chengli didn’t care much about whether his memory was clear or not, because he knew that he had a clear distinction between public and private, and never involved personal feelings in missions.

Forry-One: “I believe you won’t, but you are divided into eight parts. Everything can happen when your soul is not complete. Who knows what your eighth soul had done to clear the eighth higher-risk world successfully.”

Du Chengli: “I am very assured of my character.”

Forty-One: “I’m afraid you’ll take the blame.”

Du Chengli: “They are all me, I split them, and I will be responsible. There is no blame.”

Forty-One: “President dares to act and pretend…”

Although in poor condition, Du Chengli’s mission went smoothly.

Du Chengli has always been doing missions in person. Although he can’t arrange a high-ranking status, he speaks and behaves politely, is well-dressed, and has an extraordinary appearance. Anyone with eyes can tell that he is not from a small family.

Therefore, when he entered the summer residence as a “boyfriend”, he did not encounter too much trouble and everything went smoothly.

Although Xia’s parents were a little surprised that the youngest son was looking for a beta, not an omega. But Xia Weide is still young after all. He just graduated from college and is not at the age to talk about marriage. So it is acceptable to be with someone he likes.

Du Chengli also is not interested to analyze such insignificant matters and waited for the arrival of the royal airship dinner in the summer residence.

The day arrived as scheduled.

Since the word “royal” was crowned, this dinner was naturally extremely grand. Moreover, this specially-made Imperial sightseeing airship has a very particular sailing route, and guests will enjoy the most spectacular scenery of the Alp galaxy along the way.

Only allowed on

Although it was a dinner party, it took half a month to sail all the way, and it was the grandest event in the upper class of the empire in a year. At the same time, it is also a high-level friendship event. Every year, many well-matched alphas and omega forge a good relationship here.

The organizer of the royal family has prepared a room for each guest. The airship has five floors. The royal family members, their entourage, and personal guards live on the top floor. The Xia family is a first-class family in the empire, and the rooms are located on the fourth floor.

As a “boyfriend”, Du Chengli naturally lived with Xia Weide on the fourth floor, in the same suite.

“Chengli, there is only one bedroom here, but don’t worry, I can sleep on the sofa in the living room.” As soon as Xia Weide entered the room, he quickly expressed his attitude, lest his sweetheart thinks he was taking advantage.

Du Chengli went straight to the floor-to-ceiling windows, inspected the material, estimated the size and thickness, and said casually, “You can arrange as you please.”

Xia Weide was about to close the door because he didn’t want his friend Luo Er to come into the room.

Luo Er was taller than Xia Weide, hooked his shoulders and said, “Where did you go? You disappeared as soon as you graduated. Tell me, did you go to find an omega?”

Xia Weide poked him with an elbow, and hurriedly said: “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m not you, which omega are you looking at again this time?”

“His Royal Highness.”

Luo Er smiled and lowered his voice: “Haven’t you heard that the elders have issued an ultimatum. For this dinner, His Highness must appoint a partner. Weide, what do you think of me?”

Xia Weide was taken aback, “Are you crazy? You are alpha, His Highness is also an alpha.”

Luo Er said: “What’s the matter, His Majesty the Emperor is an Alpha, and the late Empress is also an Alpha. Maybe His Highness hasn’t found an omega for so many years, so it’s just inherited.”

“Your brain is broken, and His Highness is not the empress’s son. How could he inherit this kind of thing?”

Xia Weide said contemptuously: “If you are alpha and want to marry into the royal family, you might as well seduce His Majesty the Emperor.”

“No, the whole empire knows that the emperor is going to be the empress’s widow for the rest of his life. And you don’t know how handsome your highness is.” Luo Er relished the beauty of the other party, but he glanced into the room from the corner of his eye, only to find that there were other people in the room.

He didn’t feel any breath at all.

When Luo Er saw the slender and handsome figure by the window, his eyes lit up, and he asked quickly, “Weide, who is this?”

“This is…”

Du Chengli originally didn’t want to participate in royal gossip, but since he was asked, he still had the responsibility and obligation to play his role well. So he turned around and walked over, introducing himself, “Hi, I’m Weide’s boyfriend, Du Chengli.”

“Oh my god…”

Luo Er stared at Du Chengli intently. He was so good-looking and had a great aura. He was completely different from the beauties outside, and he was even more eye-catching than His Highness! He eagerly wanted to shake Du Chengli’s hand and hold it tightly.

But Du Chengli just touched it, and then withdrew his hand lightly and naturally.

“You guys talk, I’ll go to the auditorium for a walk.”

Luo Er watched him leave gracefully, slapped Xia Weide on the back, and said bitterly: “No wonder you don’t like omega, there is such a superb boyfriend in hiding!”

Xia Weide groaned painfully. Although they were both alphas, one was studying at the Royal Academy and the other was studying at the Imperial Military Academy. The former was not as physically strong as the latter. But the feeling of being jealous is s sweet.

The sweet thing is that Du Chengli called him a boyfriend, but the sour thing is that he was just pretending.

However, Xia Weide has secretly made up his mind, he must seize the opportunity and turn the fake into the real!

Du Chengli didn’t know anything about it. He never had too many complicated emotions. He went out for a walk to learn more about the situation of the airship so that he could find an opportunity to get out of the cabin and land when he approached the Water Lily Galaxy.

For this reason, he has stored up a lot of spirit energy, trying his best to hit it with one blow.

Since the airship is owned by the royal family, all the furnishings inside are resplendent, especially the auditorium, which has no cold mechanical feel and is full of retro court style.

Although the dinner hadn’t started at this time, many guests gathered in front of the huge French windows in the auditorium, because there was a holographic introduction of the beautiful scenery passing through the galaxy.

The one with the most people is the Water Lily Galaxy. After all, this is the most mysterious, the private back garden of His Majesty the Emperor.

Du Chengli came here for it, so he naturally walked over, wanting to know himself and the enemy.

Who knows, compared to other details that are almost cumbersome, including how many people there are on each planet, what are the special products, and the holographic image that everyone can pull out of the first handsome man and beautiful woman, this water lily galaxy is only a few two-dimensional photos, and the resolution is still low. Low.

Just such an apologetic image and there are still a bunch of people praising it.

“It’s so beautiful. I heard that the queen’s body is frozen in the Water Lily Galaxy.”

“Yes, I heard that His Majesty built a huge cemetery there to pay homage to the empress”

“This is the power of love. After the empress passed away, the emperor stayed there for thirty years, and he didn’t return to the main planet until a few months ago.”

“He came back because he was worried about His Royal Highness’s marriage.”

“Although His Highness wasn’t her child that child was raised by the empress alone, so I can’t rest assured.”

“Yes, I expect that His Majesty the Emperor, who has made great military exploits, would be so affectionate. He is a partner.”

“It’s a pity that such a perfect alpha likes alpha, hey!”

Du Chengli didn’t find any valuable content in this holographic image, but only listened to some useless gossip, so he turned and left.

Forty-One: “uuuu…”

Du Chengli: “?”

Forty-One: “President, it’s so touching, people who love so deeply are separated by death, the sky has no eyes.”

Du Chengli: “I think your feelings are getting richer and richer.”

Forty-One: “Perhaps after I was divided into eight parts, I also experienced some shady things.”

Du Chengli squeezed the space between his eyebrows, “Don’t use ‘also’. Has the airship centre yet?”

Forty-One: “Of course, you can leave the cabin anytime.”

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