According to the sailing arrangement of the banquet, the space airship will approach the Water Lily Galaxy in a week. Just getting close, the naked eye can’t even see the beauty of the sea of ​​stars.

But this is a royal banquet after all, and some benefits are still given to the guests of the upper class. Invisible to the naked eye, as well as high-tech, the airship has an observatory, where guests can take a royal stargazing ship to enjoy the scenery of the Water Lily Galaxy at a closer distance.

There is nothing unusual about stargazing ships, everyone here has them, but only the royal stargazing ships can guarantee that they will not be shot down when entering the Water Lily Nebula, or will be incinerated by the particle magnetic field indiscriminately because they limit the speed and distance. Far enough to see.

Of course, this point has been broken by Forty-One.

Everything was ready, but Du Chengli went to the observatory in person to inspect the environment and avoid temporary situations.

He doesn’t like surprises.

Every accident will affect efficiency.

For example, now, Du Chengli encountered another small accident.

There were people in the observatory that was agreed to be closed to guests for the time being.

This caught Du Chengli by surprise. He escaped with spiritual power when he came in, and those intelligent interceptions were ineffective for him. Because he knew that it was not open to the outside world for the time being, he walked in without restraining his breath and was sensed by artificial intelligence as soon as he entered.

Du Chengli moved his long finger slightly, and the smartphone cut off the power before it could sound the alarm.

But there is a home smartphone here, so of course there are people. Du Chengli soon saw the figure under the giant screen in the observatory.

Before the other party found out, Du Chengli had already covered his figure.

Only allowed on

Du Chengli: “Why didn’t you give me an early warning?”

Forty-One: “I’m sorry, President! I haven’t used this novice function for a long time and didn’t realize it for a while.”

Du Chengli: “I’ve said it before, to save spiritual energy, I didn’t open my spiritual consciousness.”

Forty-One: “I will pay attention next time! I must warn you!”

Du Chengli: “Well, pay attention to it.”

Forty-One: “Got it!”

Du Chengli originally only came to the observatory to have a look, even if he covered up his figure.

The observatory is extremely spacious, with a cold metallic feel, and the nebula passing by the airship is reflected on the giant screen, which is extremely spectacular.

After Du Chengli walked around, he didn’t find anything different from the information. He was about to leave when there was a strange noise behind him.

He looked over keenly, and the voice was coming from another person in the observatory.

Before that, Du Chengli didn’t pay attention to him, only now did he realize that he was a slender man, as if he had endured sudden pain, he knelt on the ground while leaning against the wall, moaned and struggled to press the button on his wrist.

Du Chengli is a dedicated person. His job is to save the world. On the premise of not affecting the progress of the mission, he has always spared no effort.

What’s more, Du Chengli was the one who cut off the power of his home smartphone.

Of course, Du Chengli would not restore it at this time, so as not to trigger the infrared alarm again.

Du Chengli walked over and injected a bit of spiritual energy into the man who was suffering from a little deliriousness. He had a spiritual wood element, which breeds all things, and can guide the fire of the five elements in a man’s body to calm down, and even a dying person can delay it for a few days.

Du Chengli: “There is another spiritual energy in his body. It’s metal spiritual energy, quite domineering.”

Forty-One: “Hey, it’s impossible, this is a mortal. Besides, how can he cultivate immortality in this poor place? Even if he cultivate immortality, the spirit energy will not be overbearing, hehe.”

Du Chengli shook his head, not extraneously curious, turned around and left after injecting spirit energy.

“Dad, is that you?”

Du Chengli’s footsteps stopped. Although he knew that no one could see him, his heart fluctuated.

Du Chengli turned around and looked at the man on the ground. After recovering from the pain, he showed a handsome face. He was good-looking, but his expression was sad.

The man turned his gaze towards Du Chengli, and said, “Was it you just now, Dad? I know it’s you.”

Du Chengli knew that he couldn’t see himself, but inexplicably asked in his heart: “What did he call me?”

Forty-One: “President, don’t take advantage of me!!!”

Du Chengli: “….”

Although it was abnormal, Du Chengli didn’t care about these details and fled away from the observatory.

When he left, he almost passed a group of royal guards.

Walking in front of the guards was He Lun, the emperor’s chief attendant. As soon as he entered the observatory, he was so surprised that he lost his voice, “Your Highness, why are you lying here? Are you sick?! What about the smartphone? My God, Please inform His Majesty and Dr Sodor immediately.”

There is only one legitimate heir in the Alp Empire, and that is the imperial prince Huo Tingyun.

Although he is not of royal blood, Emperor Huo Ze has no other blood and has no plans to remarry, so Huo Tingyun has long been trained as the successor of the empire. During the 30 years when the emperor guarded the tomb in the Water Lily Galaxy, many government affairs were handled by Huo Tingyun.

His Royal Highness’ affairs are not trivial, and he reported to Xinggong immediately.

At that time, Huo Ze put down the business in hand and directly took the spaceship to catch up with the Empire airship.

Huo Tingyun was very indifferent to the arrival of his adoptive father and even avoided the hand that the other party stretched out to probe.

Huo Ze frowned, “I will use Ling Qi to help you find out.”

Huo Tingyun took a few steps back, “please come in person, I’m fine.”

Huo Ze is used to his attitude. Seeing that Huo Tingyun can stand and talk, he must have calmed down again.

“It’s up to you.” Huo Ze withdrew his hand and said in a low voice, “If you’re fine, take your medicine and live a few more years. Don’t let people worry about you.”

“Will anyone worry about me?” Huo Tingyun sneered, glaring at him and said, “who killed the only person who worried about me?”

Huo Ze glanced at his adopted son but said nothing, only the extremely fierce aura appeared from the corners of his eyes and brows, which was the calmness and self-prestige born in the decision-making of killing and killing for decades.

He Lun on the side looked terrified. If it was thirty years ago, even if Huo Tingyun dared to contradict the emperor like this, he would have suffered a lot even if the empress stopped him. But after the empress passed away, the emperor seemed to be a different person. He had lost all his emotion and was indifferent to everyone and everything.

Until a few months ago, he thought that the Emperor was going to die alone in the Water Lily Galaxy.

But the emperor suddenly left the Water Lily Galaxy, and secretly met with the pirate forces in the outer galaxy, so the entire parliament was guessing that the emperor was going to return to the center of power.

“What happened before?”

After leaving Huo Tingyun’s room, Huo Ze asked his attendant.

He Lun thought for a while, and told the situation verbatim, “At that time, the home smartphone was inexplicably broken. His Highness may not be able to take the medicine in time, and the illness relapsed, but, strangely, there are no other symptoms. It’s just that he’s not conscious enough, and kept calling ‘Daddy’, saying that ‘Daddy’ came to save him again.”

Of course, Huo Ze knows who Huo Tingyun’s “father” is, that is his empress, his lover.

In the past, he would not have taken these words seriously, but now the situation has changed.

Moreover, Huo Ze thought of the exploration that Huo Tingyun was rejecting him before.

Never before, even in the first few years, Huo Tingyun’s desire to survive was still so strong.

That kid is full of revenge on him.

Seeing that the emperor’s face was blurred, He Lun added: “Your Majesty, I think His Highness must be sick and confused. The observatory is not open to the public these days. Who can go in except Your Highness?”

“Report to me if there is any movement from the prince.” Huo Ze narrowed his eyes slightly, pulled out his light brain to look, and said, “By the way, I will attend the banquet tonight.”

The arrival of His Majesty the Emperor could not be hidden from all the guests, and this exciting news quickly spread to every corner of the airship.

Because the royal airship dinner is more and more biased towards dating and friendship, the people who come are young people from the upper class. Many older people can’t bear to participate. At this time, many of them secretly regret it in the main star.

It was the emperor’s first social presence in thirty years since the empress’s death.

Everyone thinks it is very meaningful, and some even think it is a signal that the emperor wants to take power.

The very few media who are friendly with the royal family and allowed to participate in the banquet are already gearing up and can’t help reporting this rare feast from all angles.

Naturally, the banquet that night became grander.

The moment before the dinner began, the emperor was still in the bedroom listening to the report from the attendants.

“His Highness did not do anything special. He just retrieved the data of all the guests who attended the banquet. Including the partners.”

“Oh, then give me a copy.”

He Lun nodded. The optical computer on his wrist had already projected a three-dimensional picture indoors, as well as detailed guest information, including the guest’s name, family, personal position, graduate school, and real-time images of the moment they entered the airship.

While buttoning his buttons, Huo Ze seemed to be careless but scanned the slide show of guests without missing a single one.

Although the threshold for this banquet is high, with the addition of partners and the like, there are enough for hundreds of people to attend the banquet.

While watching, Huo Ze not only changed into his dress but also made a cup of spiritual tea.

In the faintly dense spirit energy, he suddenly saw a familiar face.


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He Lun heard that the emperor’s voice was wrong, so he stopped immediately.

“Not this, rewind, rewind, stop.”

Huo Ze looked at the three-dimensional picture in disbelief and exhausted all his self-control to not go crazy enough to hug the phantom.

“Who is this?”

He Lun was also shocked. Although too much time had passed and many historical materials had been deliberately blocked by the emperor, the younger generation did not know the true appearance of the legendary empress at all.

Even the older generation, after thirty years, their memories are blurred.

After all, He Lun served the court for half his life, serving the emperor and empress. If he still missed it at the beginning, then looking back, the person in this 3D picture is clearly—the Empress!

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