3rd Story 1

3rd Story 1

Li Yueran stood in front of the bookshelf, watching a book disappear into the air, with a relieved smile on her face, she was no longer afraid or hesitant about the world she was going to, because she knew that no matter what she faced it’s will be a wonderful world, Cheng Nuo will be there waiting for her and will find herself as soon as possible. It’s really nice to have someone side by side.

“Now you know the meaning of this system’s existence?” A stiff system voice sounded.

Li Yueran hurriedly said flatteringly: “Yes, yes, I understand, system, can you do me a little favor, Anuo, in the end, can you…”

“Let’s go, so many rumbling!” the system said disdainly. A flash of white light flashed, and Li Yueran disappeared into the air.

Li Yueran only felt that it was dark in front of her eyes. When she woke up again, she found herself in an antique palace. Could it be that she traveled through ancient times this time? Li Yueran was still curious when she suddenly saw the crowd and the camera not far in front of her, she understood, well, this is back to her job!

At this moment, there was confusion in her mind, and the plot emerged. Li Yueran only felt a little headache, closed her eyes, and fainted. When she woke up, she found herself lying on a chair, surrounded by people, some people fanned her, some held ice water, and when she woke up, she faced a round face and a round body woman, who was so happy that she called the original owner’s nickname in surprise, “Sweetie, are you awake? Director, our Yue’er is awake.”

Li Yueran looked at the woman, her heart agitated, she was the original owner’s cousin,she is also her agent, loyal and caring to herself, but the original owner thought she was not professional enough because of the man’s few words, so she dismissed her and signed a contract with the other party’s economic company. Thinking of the time when the original owner’s reputation was ruined and everyone betrayed and separated, this cousin stretched out her hand and took her back to her hometown.

This is another very cheesy story. The original title is Qiao Yue, one of the talented young actors who became famous. She came from an acting family. Her father was the first domestic actor to win the title of Best Actor in three major foreign film festivals, and her mother was a well-known domestic drama actor. Qiao Yue showed excellent acting talent at a young age. At the age of three, she appeared in a movie starring her father. She played the heroine’s childhood. Although she only appeared for three minutes, it was praised by industry insiders. . I thought that she would step into the entertainment industry and become a child star, but she disappeared. It was not until fifteen years later that 18-year-old Qiao Yue made his official debut with a film that reflected social issues such as school violence, and won the Best Newcomer Award in all the film awards that year. In the third year of her debut, she won the best actress that year with the image of a stray girl.

Originally everything went so smoothly and beautifully, maybe it will be a good story in the film industry in the future. Until she met an actor Zhang Jiaqi. Zhang Jiaqi is ten years older than Qiao Yue. Qiao Yue fell in love with him at first sight, and then, despite the opposition of his parents and relatives, she chased him for a year before she moved Zhang Jiaqi, and the two officially became a couple. While the two were talking about marriage, Zhang Jiaqi’s first love girlfriend returned to China, and she also made her debut as an actor, and signed an economic company with them. It is said that first love is the most beautiful existence in a person’s life, and the same is true for Zhang Jiaqi. His heart slowly moved closer to his first love, and he went to variety shows with his first love. He sought resources for his first love everywhere. Whenever someone asked him to film, he would not ask for the salary, as long as he brought in his first love.

At that time, Qiao Yue was filming abroad, and she managed to break into Hollywood. Although she was only the third female, she could be considered to have officially taken a step abroad. By the time she knew it, scandals about Zhang Yingdi and new actors in China were already flying all over the sky. Zhang Jiaqi unilaterally announced that he broke up with Qiao Yue and officially walked with his first love. Qiao Yue was so angry that she was about to die, and she stopped filming, so she made a fuss about going back to China. The agent couldn’t stop her, she lost a large amount of liquidated damages, and at the same time was sue by the agency.

After Qiao Yue returned to China, she found his first love who was filming on the set. After meet up, she didn’t say a word, she went up to her and slapped her twice. The first love was dizzy. Zhang Jiaqi saw this and felt sorry for his first love, but at the same time, he was even more annoyed with Qiao Yue. The first love didn’t say anything, covered her face and pretended to be weak and wronged, which caused Zhang Jiaqi and Qiao Yue to have a big fight over the first love. There was a lot of uproar about this. Zhang Jiaqi is actually the son of the boss of the brokerage company. Of course, the brokerage company is on his side. In addition, Qiao Yue breached the contract for no reason. The economic company has a lot of criticism against her. After the interview, let her calm down and focus on her career. The reason why she was not banned was entirely for the sake of Qiao Yue’s parents.

But Qiao Yue couldn’t take this breath. She spent money to find someone and wanted to teach her first love a lesson. Her original intention was to let people intimidate her and make her first love retreat and leave Zhangjiaqi on her own initiative. Who knew that the first love would bite her back, not only did not leave Zhang Jiaqi, but stabbed the matter to the reporter. After this incident, Qiao Yue’s reputation plummeted. When Zhang Jiaqi was interviewed by reporters, he bluntly said that he did not expect Qiao Yue to be so vicious, and regretted knowing Qiao Yue.

Qiao Yue was shocked and started to get drunk. She fall into the trap of someone. After she were drunk, she was taken to a hotel to be insulted, and a video was taken. Overnight, Qiao Yue’s indecent video was circulated on the Internet, and Qiao’s father was angry. , Qiao’s mother directly published the newspaper in sadness to dissolve the mother-daughter relationship with Qiao Yue. The brokerage company also took the opportunity to attack and announced the termination of the contract with Qiao Yue. Overnight, Qiao Yue went from a talented actor everyone praised to a street rat everyone yelled at.

Finally, her former agent/cousin found her in despair and took her back to her hometown in Guizhou. A month later, Zhang Jiaqi proposed marriage in front of the national audience on the day when his first love won the first actress award, and the two held a grand wedding. Zhang Jiaqi even posted a long Weibo, process of how they fall in love then separate then back together again was written down. When writing about Qiao Yue, he only said lightly that the inhuman encounters made his first love suffer.

Qiao Yue, who had been hit hard in the first place, when she saw this Weibo, was completely despairing and committed suicide by jumping off the building. Zhang Jiaqi and his first love became famous and became a well-known loving couple in the film industry. Qiao Yue became the biggest joke. Even she died, she didn’t make any waves in the entertainment industry.

Thinking of this, Li Yueran sighed. In this triangular relationship, although Zhang Jiaqi and his first love were not good things, Qiao Yue also had problems. Since Qiao Yue fell in love with Zhang Jiaqi, she had no intention of running her business, her acting skills had retreated thousands of miles, and she had given up the opportunity to enter Hollywood so easily, which is really stupid. She remembered that this play seemed to be the first time Qiao Yue and Zhang Jiaqi worked together, Chu Han, she played Concubine Yu, and Zhang Jiaqi played Xiang Yu, the overlord of Western Chu. Qiao Yue fell in love with Zhang Jiaqi at first sight and is currently pursuing her passionately.

Seeing Li Yueran looking up, Li Man said distressedly: “Don’t look, he didn’t come. Isn’t he still putting on makeup? You waited for him for most of the night last night, and he didn’t come? He didn’t feel at all. There are so many men in the world, why are you bothering him!”

Yesterday was Qiao Yue’s birthday, and Qiao Yue sent a text message to Zhang Jiaqi, saying to invite him to dinner. As a result, Qiao Yue waited in the restaurant until two in the morning, and Zhang Jiaqi did not appear. Qiao Yue was sad, she didn’t sleep all night, that’s why she fainted just now.

Li Yueran raised her head and said with a smile: “Cousin, I understand, don’t worry! In the future, I will be Yu Ji in the play, and he will be the overlord. After the play, we have nothing to do with each other.”

Li Mann was pleasantly surprised and looked at Li Yueran, trying to see her heart clearly from her face, “What are you saying? Amitabha, that’s great. You’re only 21, young and beautiful, with good acting skills, and a lot of money. The young talent man is waiting for you, what’s so good about Zhang Jiaqi! If you really want to fall in love, You tell cousin immediately and ask to introduce you to a good one. Also, your contract with the company has expired. Now, I suggest you to sign a contract with a serious company! My skills are limited and I can’t help you too much. By the way, I think Phaeton Entertainment is pretty good. Their boss, Cheng Nuo, seems to have had a relationship with cousin, right? No, you can call Uncle and ask?”

Li Yueran looked at LI Mann in surprise, but didn’t hear anything next, “Cousin, what’s the name you said just now?”

“Cheng Nuo, it seems to be called by this name.” Li Mann is not very sure.

The makeup artist Xiaoji next to him smiled, “Sweetie, if you’re talking about the CEO of Brilliant Entertainment, I know it’s Cheng Nuo! We also think this is much more reliable than Zhang Jiaqi.” In fact, They also didn’t like Zhang Yingdi, they always felt that his attitude towards Tian Niu (Sweetie) was too indifferent. The people around Qiao Yue are all arranged by Qiao’s father and Qiao’s mother, and the nominal brokerage company also has the relationship between Qiao’s father and Qiao’s mother. Naturally, they all turned towards Qiao Yue.

Li Yueran stood up excitedly, just when she saw the director and others walking towards her, Li Yueran immediately whispered: “Cousin, we will talk about this later, it is important to work first.”

The director walked over with a frown. , I secretly murmured in my heart, this Qiao Yue is too outrageous, and her personal feelings are brought to work, alas, how much money will be lost if you delay a day. However, there is no way to do it. Who asked the investors to ask Qiao Yue to play as Yu Ji, and said that if they changed people, they would withdraw their investment. There was no way, so I had to bite the bullet and coax people. “Qiao Yue, how are you? Are you still uncomfortable?” He was ready to meet Qiao Yue’s unreasonable trouble.

Who knew that Li Yueran smiled and said, “Director, I’m fine, I just didn’t eat anything in the morning, and my blood sugar is a little low. I’ll touch up my makeup and I’ll be ready to shoot right away.”

“This is great!” Then looking at LI Mann’s displeased face, he added: “Of course, try to focus on your body, if it’s not good, just take a day off!” When he said this, the director heart is bleeding!

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