3rd Story 7

3rd Story 7

Brother Xiao Ma’s ability to handle affairs is indeed very strong. After a few days, he took Li Yueran to the audition, and happened to meet Zhang Jiaqi, who came to audition as the male protagonist. The two smiled at each other but didn’t talk deeply.

After Zhang Jiaqi entered, Li Mann whispered in Li Yueran’s ear: “Sweetie, how old is he? I remember that the male protagonist in this script should be only seventeen or eighteen years old!”

Li Yueran glanced at her, “Don’t talk about it, there are no young actors who are seventeen or eighteen years old who has that kind of acting skills? It doesn’t matter how old you are, makeup! Makeup!”

Ma Jie turned around and said, “The second girl is only sixteen years old. Aren’t you 21 too? This is also something that can’t be done. Many times, it’s not that young actors can’t be found, but young actors whose acting skills are not up to the standard and can’t perform as the director wants. In the end, only those old cucumbers can appear. It’s a matter of painting green paint and pretending to be tender. This is also something that can’t be done.”

Li Yueran nodded, that’s true, in fact, it’s true in the domestic entertainment industry, unlike the Neon Kingdom of the Bangzi Kingdom, the idols They are all selected since childhood, and their singing, dancing and acting skills have been trained since childhood. This is also impossible.

There is no doubt that Li Yueran’s acting skills are the first to be confirmed among all the actors. Although some people are very surprised why she chose the second female lead instead of the first female lead, the director and screenwriter obviously understand what she means. This “Stranger Things” the director is one of the best directors in China, and the director closest to the little golden man. At this time, he smiled and said to Li Yueran: “The vision is good, the female No. 2 is well set, the content is rich, and the performance is good, It will be another masterpiece of your acting career. It’s just how you thought of acting as the second female lead. When you first approached, you said it was the female lead.”

Li Yueran smiled and said, “After reading the script, I really wanted to challenge myself. I have never played a role like the second female lead!”

“Very good, I look forward to working with you.”

Later, the official Weibo account of “Stranger Things” updated its Weibo, “The crew of “Stranger Things” welcomes Qiao Yue for joining us!”

Ten days later, the main actors of “Stranger Things” were confirmed one after another, and Zhang Jiaqi was unexpectedly defeated. In the book, Qiao Yue was busy stalking Zhang Jiaqi and had no time to take care of herself. Therefore, she didn’t know any news about the movie, so it only mentioned in one vague sentence. In the end, it sold well at the box office and won numerous domestic and international awards. However, Li Yueran won’t care about this. What she has to do now is to play steadily and take every step well. Who is Zhang Jiaqi and does it have anything to do with her? No!!!

In this way, a year later, with several works, Li Yueran won all the award ceremonies that year’s best actress laurels, with No. 2 in the limelight for a while, also with numerous endorsements and advertisements. She has also been chosen as the spokesperson for China by numerous international brands.

In the villa, Zhang Jiaqi was drinking wine while watching the award ceremony. On the highly anticipated stage, Li Yueran held the trophy and said her acceptance speech with a beaming smile. The host also asked how she and President Cheng were in relationship and when they were going to get married, it was hit Tai Chi by Li Yueran in a few words.

Mike held a few scripts in his hand and sighed, “These are a few scripts that have been handed over recently. I read them and they are not good books. Not to mention awards, it is estimated that the box office will not be guaranteed. Why don’t you take a look at these TV dramas.? They have big productions, big IPs, and the ratings are definitely good. There are also a few reality show books. I have screen through them and they are not bad. Have you seen them?”

Zhang Jiaqi didn’t say anything, just stared at it. Mike glanced at the TV, “She’s really proud of herself recently, Phaeton’s Cheng has photographed a pink diamond worth 100 million in Paris, everyone is guessing, Cheng is maybe will propose for marriage? But if you propose using such an expensive diamond ring, so what should you use when you get married? Hehehe, rich people!”

Zhang Jiaqi took the remote control and changed the channel. It happened that Cheng Nuo was participating in some event and was interviewed in the background, the reporter asked. When is he going to propose. Cheng Nuo said solemnly: “I’m ready to get married at any time, just waiting for her to nod.”

The reporter asked again if the pink diamond photographed in Paris last month was intended to be used as a wedding ring? Cheng Nuo smiled lightly, “That’s just a birthday present…”

Zhang Jiaqi was so excited that he turned off the TV.

Mike glanced at Zhang Jiaqi and knew what he was thinking, “Jiaqi, I know you are unwilling, and to be honest, I am not reconciled. I got news that Hollywood director Arita is preparing to start a new movie, or else , Let’s discuss with the company, fight for it and see if we can win a role, in this case, we will go abroad, and she won’t catch up with you!”

Zhang Jiaqi nodded, “Okay!”

Mike again said, “Then you go back and mention it to President Zhang, what you said is more effective than me.”

Zhang Jiaqi said, if it was not a last resort, he would not take the initiative to ask his elder brother for help, but since Chu Han’s double box office reputation, he seems to have begun to going downhill, several big movies have been brushed down, and the few movies that have been filmed have not caused any big waves. Unless he has to, he will not drop his price to take on TV dramas, because once he leaves the TV circle, it will be even more difficult to return to the film circle. No matter how much remuneration he is paid, he will not shoot, and he is not short of money.

Mike was about to strike while the iron was hot, and persuaded him well when Zhang Jiaqi’s cell phone rang.

When Zhang Jiaqi heard this ringtone, the whole person was stunned. This is Bai Xue’s exclusive ringtone, which was recorded by Bai Xue himself. It’s just that this bell has not rang for four years.

Mike also knew about this, he frowned, could it be Bai Xue back?

The phone rang for a while, then stopped abruptly. Zhang Jiaqi reacted then, without thinking about it, he took out his mobile phone and dialed back, “Bai Xue, is that you? Where are you? Well, you wait for me there, I’ll go right over there.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Jiaqi picked up the car keys on the table and ran away.

Mike was stunned for a long time, then remembered something, and chased after him, “Jiaqi, stop, you’re drunk, you can’t drive!” If this Nima is caught drinking and driving, it’s over.

But when Mike chased downstairs, Zhang Jiaqi was already driving away. Mike was so angry that he took out his mobile phone and said, “Hello, Mr. Zhang? It’s me. Jiaqi just received a call saying that Bai Xue had returned. He drove and ran away, yes, he drank, not much, a glass of red wine. But the investigation is strict recently, in case he gets caught… Yes, yes, I will catch up immediately, but I don’t know where they meet Ah. Okay, I got it, I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Mike made a few more calls, so that everyone who was resting to rushed over to pay close attention to the news on the Internet, while he drove out aimlessly to find. “This Bai Xue is a f****** disaster! It’s good that you left, why are you coming back, I don’t know what will happen in the future! Damn it!”

Zhang Jiaqi was driving very fast over there, in the traffic flow shutting back and forth, at this moment, he has forgotten everything, there is only one thought in his mind, she is back!

When Zhang Jiaqi rushed to the Sunshine Plaza, where they had their first date, he saw the woman in white, standing alone, from a distance, “Bai Xue! Bai Xue!”

The woman turned around and looked at Zhang Jiaqi, who came with a bright smile on his face, “Jia Qi!”

The person he was thinking about is back, but Zhang Jiaqi was a little bit timid. He stood two or three meters away from Bai Xue and stopped, “Bai Xue… you… are… you really back?”

Bai Xue secretly rejoiced when she saw his reaction, before she came back, she was still a little nervous, thinking that with the passage of time, Zhang Jiaqi had already changed his mind. She was afraid, afraid that her influence on Zhang Jiaqi would not be as great as before, or maybe Zhang Jiaqi had fallen in love with others, and that she no longer had a place in his heart. But the moment she heard Zhang Jiaqi’s voice, her confidence returned. Zhang Jiaqi is still the former Zhang Jiaqi, pure and stupid.

“Yes, I shouldn’t have come back, but I miss you in my heart and want to see you again. I thought that you probably don’t want to see me again.” Bai Xue smiled gently.

Zhang Jiaqi turned around in confusion and found several traffic policemen walking towards him, “Hello, are you the owner of the ****? Did you drive this car yourself?”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Zhang Jiaqi said, and the traffic policeman’s face was even more ugly, “Hello, you are suspected of drunk driving, speeding, lane changing, etc. Please show your driver’s license and cooperate with us in the alcohol test.”

Although it was late at night, there were still many people in the square, and they had slowly gathered around. Seeing this, Bai Xue hurriedly came over, “Where’s your cell phone, shall I call your agent? Is it still Mike?”

Zhang Jiaqi was taking an alcohol breath test and nodded. Bai Xue took out his cell phone and subconsciously entered her birthday on his phone as the password. His power-on password is still her birthday. Does this mean that he has never forgotten her? Bai Xue raised her head and looked at Zhang Jiaqi feeling moved.

Zhang Jiaqi smiled slightly, “No matter how many mobile phones I have changed, the power-on password is your birthday, and your exclusive ringtone has always been stored in my mobile phone. Bai Xue, I’m glad you can come back.”

Bai Xue seemed to be moved, she was red looking at his eyes, “Jiaqi, I’m not worth to you, it’s not worth it.”

Zhang Jiaqi shook his head, “No, you deserve the best.”

The traffic police next to him looked at the numbers on the alcohol detector and said with a dark face : “Sir, your test shows that your blood alcohol content is 85 milliliters per 100 milliliters, which meets the standard of drunk driving. According to the “Road Traffic Safety Law”, you will be given 12 points and a fine of 2,000 yuan, your driver’s license will be temporarily detained for 3-6 months, and the detention will be 15 days. Please come with us.”

Bai Xue quickly stopped, “I’m sorry, my friend is too excited, so he drives after drinking. He is an actor, this matter has a great impact on him, please be merciful! Or wait for his agent to come over?”

“Actor? It’s very familiar.” The traffic police looked at it, and then said seriously, “As an actor, you should lead by example! How can you take the lead in violating laws and regulations! Come back to the police station with us first! Where’s your driver’s license?”

Zhang Jiaqi felt in his pocket, he had a special car to pick him up when he went out, and he didn’t have the habit of carrying a driver’s license with him!

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