Mu Ling’s New Life 1

Mu Ling’s New Life 1

*****⚠️*****Suicidal thoughts*****

Mu Ling felt more and more that she didn’t like ancient times, where the rules were made by men, which was completely different from what she thought now.

    Seeing that Shi Qing was finally happy, she wasn’t even too happy, because Shi Qing and Liu Ping had to remain anonymous to gain peace.

    I have to say that modern life is really – happiness for most women, at least, they can gain independence through their own efforts.

    Because of this, when Mu Ling opened her eyes and found that she was in a very good mood in the modern age, but soon, she couldn’t help frowning.

    After her mission last, she didn’t get the chance to win the lottery again and she was also possessed by others.

    In the last world, she didn’t do anything wrong, why is she still like this now?

    A rancid smell rushed into her nose, making Mu Ling almost nauseated. She wanted to sit up, but there was a sharp pain in her stomach, and she couldn’t help but falling down. I found that it was a lot of vomit by the pillow that gave off a terrible smell.

    Mu Ling felt nauseated for a while, and couldn’t help but vomit again, but she couldn’t vomit anything at all, but her stomach was hurting badly. In this case…what kind of poison did she take?

    Shouldn’t the original owner of this body be committing suicide before she came? No, there seems to be something wrong… Mu Ling didn’t care about being sick suddenly frowned.

    When she was in Shi Qing’s body, she could feel Shi Qing’s existence, even if Shi Qing was in a coma, but now she didn’t feel anyone else in her body at all.

    No, not only did she not feel that way, but she couldn’t even feel her small pocket that contains with a lot of stuff, as well as things like a medicine chest, a gold needle telescopic mirror, and the like.

 She is now… as if she is really just an ordinary person, not a ghost who has come to do a mission.

    How could this be?

    Mu Ling sat up, propped her body to look around, but still couldn’t find anything, but the memory of this body slowly showed in her mind in a situation similar to when she was doing the task before.

    The owner of this body has the same name as her, also called “Mu Ling”.

    Their family’s life is not very rich, but it is definitely above the well-off.

    Her parents have high requirements for this “Mu Ling”. Since she was a child, they let her use a brush, learn Chinese painting, and also let her learn the guzheng and guqin. They want to train her daughter to be a talented girl.

    However, “Mu Ling” rejected all this very much. She wants to play shuttlecock and ball with her classmates after school. She wants to watch TV and go to an amusement park, but she doesn’t want to learn these things.

    Although these things can make her have a great reputation in school and make others envy her, she just can’t like it.

    The fingertips of learning guzheng are covered with blisters, and they have to be wrapped with tape. When I get home and before I started dinner, I have to write two big characters first. On Children’s Day on June 1, the school issued tickets for the park, and other students went there. After playing, she had to stay at home and paint.

    “Mu Ling” hated all this more and more, so after living in high school, she used the excuse of studying and never touched it again. Her parents wanted her to be a talented girl, but they also wanted her to go to a good university, so they agreed with all this.

“Mu Ling” is a very smart girl with good grades, and her parents are very at ease with her. Then, she did something that caught her parents off guard.

    She took the art exam secretly, and then went to the film school.

    “Mu Ling” entered the film school, became a student of the film school, and had a big quarrel with his parents.

    Her parents, her grandparents, uncles and aunts, even if they are not engaged in cultural-related work, have very decent careers, but she wants to act… In her parents’ view, this is undoubtedly very inappropriate.

    Of course, maybe it’s not just because of this… The most unacceptable thing to her parents is that she didn’t listen to them.

    Mu’s father and Mu’s mother said that if their daughter insisted on going to study, they would not give her any living expenses, because they did not want a daughter who was in the entertainment industry, and their family should not be in that messy entertainment industry.

    However, the more her parents disagreed, the more “Mu Ling” insisted. She left home in the summer vacation at the age of 18 with only a little of her lucky money, and then came to a film and television city for group performances. She wanted to use this method to earn money for college.

She is beautiful, and holds an admission letter from a film and television school. She gets a lot of group performance opportunities, but the salary for group performances is very small and pitiful, so she can’t make enough tuition fees. Fortunately, at this time , “Mu Ling” met a female director who admired her very much, gave her the role of a maid, and financed her with a sum of money.

    “Mu Ling” is very beautiful, and her parents’ training in all aspects of her since childhood made her full of classical atmosphere, so she made the maid come alive.

    Although it won’t be an instant hit, since then, I have been getting some opportunities one after another to play some small roles in various crews.

    Four years after college, “Mu Ling” is already a well-known actor, and even got the title of a little junior sister because it is very suitable for ancient costumes.

    And at this time, she met her doom.

    After graduating from the senior year, “Mu Ling” had a meal with the people in the class. When she went to the bathroom to wash up, she was stopped by a young man in his twenties: “Are you my junior sister? I’m your movie fan. The man’s face was full of smiles and his expression was very gentle. “Mu Ling” looked at him, her heart skipped a beat.

    Before “Mu Ling” went to high school, she was strictly controlled by her parents. She had never been in love. After she went to college, she was busy making money and making herself famous. In her bones, she is lofty, and of course she will not agree to such a request from others.

    Until now, the twenty-two-year-old “Mu Ling” has had her first love object, a young and handsome rich second-generation, who resorted to various pursuit tactics, which made her fall quickly. Two months later, she moved into the other party’s apartment …..

 The love between the two is very sweet. Although there are less gatherings and more separations, the man who cares and loves “Mu Ling” very much. He has always been very kind to her and is generous…

    “Mu Ling” is immersed in love, she has even started to think about what to do after marriage and where to settle down. She even thought that when she gets married, she can go home…

    Although she left home in anger at first, she has experienced so many years outside. After the society beat her up, she didn’t want to go home. Of course, she didn’t regret her choice, because she liked the colorful life outside, but she didn’t like to do academic studies every day.

    “Mu Ling”‘s vision for the future is very good, but her boyfriend is not very willing to talk to her about it, but he always gives “Mu Ling” all kinds of gifts, sometimes when “Mu Ling” is out of town filming, she also receive various gifts from him.

    “Mu Ling” liked her boyfriend more and more, and then she found out that she was pregnant.

    With a little life in her belly, “Mu Ling” was both worried and happy, and her mood was indescribably complicated. She hurriedly told her boyfriend about it, and then her boyfriend didn’t even hesitate at all, let her go and abort the child.

    This person is so indifferent, the whole person even completely changed his appearance!

    “Mu Ling” asked her boyfriend why he wanted her to abort the child. She thought they would get married, but her boyfriend was very surprised: “Marriage? What do you think? I’m just playing with you, how could it be possible with you??”

    “Mu Ling”‘s love is actually just a love game played by a rich second-generation.

“Aren’t you attracted to me for money? Do you want enough money but also want a name? Do you think I will find a wife like you?” The handsome man frowned and said something very mean: “You go and kill the child, I’ll give you one million, and you won’t come here in the future, I won’t be with someone like you who can’t see your identity clearly.”

    It wasn’t until this time that “Mu Ling” knew that from the beginning she was nothing but a diversion for others.

    Although “Mu Ling” had a falling out with her parents and ran away from home, she was still deeply influenced by her parents. For example, she had great self-esteem. She used to think that the two were in love, so she happily accepted the gifts given by the other party, and then gave them back other gifts that are not so valuable but feel full of her heart, but now that she knows the truth is so unbearable, she is no longer willing to take this person’s money, and even thinks of leaving.

    This man hit her very, very hard, and she didn’t even want to see each other again.

    Fortunately, “Mu Ling” was brought by the director who admired her when she was in college, and she met her current boyfriend when she graduated from college. “Mu Ling” did not sign a contract with the company, but just found some jobs by herself. Now it is very simple to make a conclusion.

    She dealt with these things and left without taking anything the man had given her.

    “Mu Ling” went back to her parents’ house and wanted to be comforted by them. As a result, after her parents saw her, they scolded her head to head, and then said that she knew she would definitely come back after nothing was accomplished, and she said would how wrong her choice was.

When “Mu Ling” imagined the scene of her returning home, she had thought of this for a long time. She knew that with her parents’ old-fashioned temper, she would definitely say some uncomfortable things. She was still thinking that she could bring her boyfriend and endured all this together, and then secretly held hands and smiled at each other when she was being scolded…

    At that time, she felt that these were nothing, but now she did not come back with her boyfriend, but came back alone in embarrassment.

    She had just experienced a betrayal and knew that her love was a joke. She had not had a good rest for a long time and had been immersed in sadness. Now that she was accused of this by her parents, she couldn’t bear it mentally.

    She was crying, stop talking to her parents.

    “Why can’t I say that your wings are hard, you will break away from your parents, right?” Father Mu looked at his daughter and wanted her to admit her mistake: “If you don’t admit it, you don’t have to come back.”

    Is everything wrong with your own choices? “Mu Ling” rushed out of her home again. This time, she came to a small county and spent half of her savings to buy a single apartment to live in, because she is not a very famous star, and when she does not wear makeup she looks different from the appearance on the screen and no one has recognized her.

 When she first left her boyfriend, she wanted to abort the child, but after returning home, her mental state became very poor, and she even thought that the child in her womb was her only relative…

    After a trip to the hospital, she ran back home in fear. In daze, her stomach grew so slowly.

    In this small county, “Mu Ling” hired a nanny to take care of her and gave birth to a daughter alone.

    At this time, something even more terrible happened – she suffered from postpartum depression.

    She felt that something was wrong with herself and took treatment, but the treatment effect was very, very poor, even begin to be very bad. She always couldn’t help falling into self-loathing, feeling that she couldn’t do anything well, and felt that her life is full of failures…

    In pain, her condition went back and forth for two whole years, draining her savings.

    It was at this time that she discovered that the daughter she had given birth to after a lot of hard work looked a little silly…

    “Mu Ling” couldn’t take it all anymore, and now her daughter is not healthy, lively and a little silly. It was even more unbearable for her. She couldn’t sleep well all night, couldn’t eat anything, and felt pain all over her body… She thought of death.

    She sent a courier to her parents to explain her situation, and prepared enough food for her daughter. One day, she asked the part-time worker who often came to clean the house to clean the house and gave the other party the key. Then she took sleeping pills in the room. suicide.

    In fact, she originally wanted her daughter to die with her. After all, after she died, the child might not be well taken care of. Just looking at the child’s innocent eyes, she was still awake for a while. She didn’t have the heart to do this, of course, it was also related to the fact that she never really hurt anyone, and she genuinely feared all of this.

“Mu Ling” ate all the sleeping pills she had saved.

    Suicide by taking sleeping pills is not like dying in sleep as she imagined, on the contrary, it is very painful, as if her intestines are being twisted one by one with a pair of scissors, “Mu Ling” rolled on the bed for a long time, vomiting all the time, and then changed become Mu Ling.

    Touching her stomach, Mu Ling looked at herself in the mirror on the bedside table and was speechless—this face was so similar to her once.

    It’s just that the soul that was originally in this body didn’t endure the pressure like she did – she has always been a very determined person, even though she encountered one pain after another, she finally persevered.

    Now, does she have to use this body to live?

    Mu Ling was a little puzzled. She wanted to get out of bed and stay in a clean place, she didn’t want to accidentally roll under the bed then “Mu Ling”‘s parents came.

    A burst of dizziness struck, and Mu Ling completely lost consciousness.

    When Mu Ling woke up again, she saw her parents, or a middle-aged couple who looked very similar to the parents in her memory.

    When the woman saw Mu Ling open her eyes, her eyes were full of excitement: “She woke up, she woke up!”

    “Suicide, so selfish!” The middle-aged man put away the anxiety on his face and snorted lightly.

    “Don’t talk about it!” The middle-aged woman immediately glared at the middle-aged man, and then looked at Mu Ling and burst into tears: “How can you do this, how can you do this… If something happens to you, what would mother do…”

    There was no doubt that these middle-aged women were Mu Ling’s parents.

Mu Ling was speechless, she didn’t know if it was a side effect of taking the medicine. Her throat was sore now… But she didn’t feel the pain at all, on the contrary, she was very fortunate. In this way, she didn’t have to talk to the two people worried that she would be exposed.

    Mu Ling didn’t speak, but Mu Mu started to cry: “Ling’er, why are you so stupid…” She cried and cried and the man beside her also blushed.

    They were horrified when they saw their daughter collapsed in a pile of vomit.

    They were actually very happy when their daughter came back four years ago.

    The daughter had been away for so many years and she didn’t even come and see them except sending some gifts during the New Year’s holiday. They were always dissatisfied with her behavior.

    They thought that the daughter would definitely admit her mistake, but they didn’t expect that the daughter would run away like this, and then they could never find out about her daughter again.

    They felt panic at that time, when they looked back and thought about it, they even wished to slap their old self awake.

    My daughter likes to act, and it’s okay to act. They know some well-known writers, well-known screenwriters and directors, and they can completely pave the way for her daughter.

    It doesn’t matter if the daughter doesn’t come back instead they go to their daughter, does the daughter still deny them?

    They love face so much that they lost their daughter.

    Because they had already regretted it, they hurried over when they saw the news from their daughter this time, only to see the silly granddaughter and the daughter lying in vomit.

They found a lot of things in their daughter’s room. They knew that their daughter had suffered from severe depression. When she committed suicide this time, she was about to cry blindly… Fortunately, their daughter was fine in the end.

    The husband and wife were very silent, and Mu Ling didn’t know what to say. At this moment, Mu Ling felt her hand being pulled.

    She turned her head, only to find that a child who was only the height of the hospital bed was standing beside her bed. The child looked at her with wide eyes, saw that she was looking over, and smiled.

    Seeing this child, Mu Ling’s eyes were sore, and suddenly she couldn’t help crying.

    Qiu’er, this is her Qiu’er!

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