4th Story 9

4th Story 9

Zhang Shaowei was about to tell Zhang Shaojie, but unfortunately it was too late. When Zhang Shaojie shout 160 million, the other party finally did not add any more. In the end, Zhang Shaojie took the original stone.

Zhang Shaojie looked at the cell phone handed over by his cousin, with his grandfather’s number on it, Zhang Shaojie smiled proudly and took the call, “Grandpa, it’s 160 million! Grandpa, hurry up and ask the finance to give me 30 million!”

Zhang Yuancheng didn’t take a breath, “160 million? Forget it, I’ll get the money right away, hurry up and come back!” 160 million to buy a rough stone, if there is no green here, it will be a miserable loss. If it weren’t for the fear that breaking the rules would be detrimental to Zhang’s future development, he would have liked Zhang Shaojie to go back on it on the spot.

“Go back immediately? Grandpa, I still want to dissolve the stone on the spot! You don’t know, the first few rough stones are all green, this one is the largest, and the longer she hangs around, the green will definitely appear inside! You can make a lot of money. If you untie it on the spot and get green, maybe you can get it back by turning your hands.” Zhang Shaojie laughed.

Zhang Yuancheng was not as optimistic as Zhang Shaojie thought. He always felt that something was wrong, “No way! Come back to me immediately! Even if you want to remove the stone, you have to come back and solve it. Hand over the phone to Shaowei.” Yes, he spent 160 million to buy a piece of rough stone. What kind of jadeite has to be solved in order to make a profit? If you can figure it out, that’s okay but what if you can’t figure it out? Zhang will become a laughing stock in the industry! Absolutely not!

Zhang Shaojie did not dare to disobey his grandfather’s wishes, so he had no choice but to return the phone to Zhang Shaowei angrily. Zhang Shaowei took the phone and said, “Okay, I know, we’ll go back right away.” Hanging up the phone, Zhang Shaowei said to Zhang Shaojie, “Pay the money after that immediately pack up and go back to China.”

A man who looked like a manager came over, “Zhang Shao, when will your payment be in place? Do you untie this rough stone on the spot or?”

Zhang Shaojie said angrily, “In a few minutes , as soon as the money arrives, I will transfer it immediately. This original stone, my old man said to go back and solve it. “

A good person immediately laughed, “No way, Zhang Shao, this is the rough stone with the highest bid today, we would like to see if we can find jade here, and what kind of jade can we find? Zhang Shao let’s open our eyes!”

“That’s right, Zhang Shao, you won’t be so stingy! Let’s open our eyes !”

“Yes, Zhang Shao, you don’t have confidence in yourself, right?”

Fang Cai and other bidder also spoke, “Yeah! If the jade obtained is of good quality, 200 million yuan, I will buy it! What do you think about Zhang Shao?”

Zhang Shaojie was a little overwhelmed, and just as he was about to speak, the mobile phone transfer information came again. He hurriedly took the opportunity to avoid the topic. It’s just that he wants to avoid it, but others won’t let him avoid it.

“Master Zhang, solve it! Let’s also open our eyes and see what kind of top-quality jadeite can be obtained from the rough stone bought by the 160 million yuan!”

“Yeah, if I remember correctly, Zhang The Group rarely participates in gambling stones. Your company’s jade is all bought from Qiao’s. Even if you participate, you are not as generous as Zhang Shao. It seems that Zhang Shao is the secret weapon cultivated by Chairman Zhang, isn’t it? Just like Ms. Su, she has extraordinary eyes and talent! Zhang Shao, don’t let us down!”

Zhang Shaojie was riding a tiger, looking at Zhang Shaowei, Zhang Shaowei shook his head slightly, he didn’t approve of dissolving stones here.

“Yeah, Master Zhang, let’s unpack it!”

Su Chen and Yang Weiwei over there were paying attention to Zhang Shaojie and no one was bidding, so they bought the rough stone they were looking for. He asked someone to borrow money and bought another rough stone. Seeing that everyone surrounded Zhang Shaojie asking him to dissolve the stone on the spot, Su Chen had the intention to relieve Zhang Shaojie, and wanted to make a name for Yang Weiwei by the way, so he said loudly: “I’m sorry, can you make a way? My daughter has a crush on a rough stone and wants to solve it first. I don’t know if I can do it?”

Someone sneered on the spot: “Don’t brag about yourself, okay? Your daughter likes it? Oh, no, it’s your daughter, but it’s not the one next to you, it’s the Su who just went out. You really like it, right? It’s shameless.”

Yang Weiwei’s face turned pale, and she lowered her head, revealing a fair neck. Zhang Shaojie moved when he saw it. There was a poem that was very well written, and most importantly, the gentleness of the bowed head, like a shyness like a water lotus.

As he was talking, Li Yueran walked in in a hurry, accompanied by Cheng Nuo, “I finally got in touch, I can buy the rough stones that I liked. Hey, are they all sold?”

The manager hurriedly walked over Go, “I’m really sorry, Ms. Su, you didn’t say yes, so we just…”

Li Yueran was a little disappointed and forced a smile: “Forget it, you can’t break your rules. It seems that I have no fate!” After speaking, she looked at the rough stone that Zhang Shaojie bought with particular reluctance.

Cheng Nuo smiled and said, “I just said I’ll give you the money, but you don’t want it. Don’t you regret it now? But it doesn’t matter, I’ll get a batch of rough stones in a few days. I’ll let you choose first!” Then he raised her wrist and looked at it. Looking at his watch, seeing Li Yueran still reluctantly looking at the rough stones, he said with a smile, “Let’s go, don’t look at it, I feel sad when I see it. Let’s go and eat!”

Then he hugged Li Yueran and walked out , Li Yueran looked back a few times while walking.

Li Yueran’s behavior made the people around her more curious about the rough stone that Zhang Shaojie bought, and the one who just bid said directly, “I regret it, 180 million, sell it to me! You can made 20 million! How is it? Zhang Shao, think about it!”

Zhang Shaowei was a little moved, and he discussed with a few people in the company, “Shaojie?” Zhang Shaojie looked at his cousin like a fool, “Cousin, are you crazy?”

If the other party made this condition just now, he would still be a little tempted, but Su Qiao’s performance just now completely strengthened his confidence. After all, he thinks he knows Su Qiao very well. Although she has a little bit temper but there is no scheming no cheating. “Even if you bid 200 million, I won’t sell it!”

The company accompanied Zhang Shaowei, and naturally also supported Zhang Shaojie. At this time, they all nodded and said, “Yes, we can’t sell it!”

Seeing that everyone’s focus was on Zhang Shaojie again, Su Chen cleared his throat, “I want to dissolve the stone, Master, please.”

Master Xie Shi nodded and asked, “How to solve it?”

Although Su Chen had some understanding of these, he only knew a little. “Master, you can figure it out!” Yang Weiwei even stood beside him without saying a word. Now, I am even more disdainful in my heart. There really is such a father in the world, stepping on his own daughter, just to raise the price for the illegitimate daughter. cut!

Master Jie Shi started to operate. Su Chen, Yang Weiwei, and Yang Qian stared at Master Jie Shi’s movements. This rough stone has used up all of Su Chen’s savings. of!

Zhang Shaojie was entangled in the entanglement and couldn’t get out of his body. In addition to being bewitched, he finally said, “Okay, I will solve it now!”

The manager was eager to hear this, so he immediately had a machine set up, ” How to solve it?”

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How does Zhang Shaojie know how to solve it ? In the end, Zhang Shaowei stepped forward and said a few words, and Master Xie Shi began to do it.

This rough stone is about one person tall, and it is very laborious for the master to operate. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Master Xie Shi.

Su Chen’s forehead was dripping with sweat. It was only April, but he feels like a midsummer. The faces of Yang Qian and Yang Weiwei were not very good, because Master Xie Shi has dissolved one-third of the rough stone but no green was seen.

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“Next!” Su Chen wiped the sweat from his forehead and said. In order to buy these two rough stones, he spent all his money, and pledged 2% of his shares in Qiao’s to a friend and asked him to lend him eight million yuan. Only then did I buy these two rough stones. If I can’t get green, I’ll be finished.

No, definitely not.

Su Chen comforted himself in his heart.

“This piece of material is considered a waste. Do you want to continue to solve it?” With years of experience, Master Xie Shi also saw that this rough stone could not be solved.

Su Chen swayed, and Yang Weiwei hugged him, “Dad, don’t worry, there’s another rough stone!” She knew that Su Chen’s vision was unreliable. She still trusts Su Qiao’s vision more than Su Chen.

When Su Chen thought about it, there was still a piece of rough stone. This is the rough stone that Su Qiao liked. It will definitely be green. Now, he doesn’t want to make a lot of money. As long as he can get it back, he will be Amitabha Buddha. Why did he lose his head, thinking about gambling stones? People often gamble on tens of millions of dollars, and I only have this little piece of furniture and I still dream of getting rich overnight, I really want to lose!

“Yes, solve this piece!” Su Chen said.

This piece didn’t disappoint Su Chen. Not long after he started to solve it, it turned green, and the appearance was not bad. Someone made an offer on the spot, “Five million, I want it.”

Su Chen saw the green, and he had a bottom line. He just forgot all the panic, regret, regret, was that girl really so amazing? If it’s true, it’s enough to follow behind her to pick up leaks in the future! It would be even better if you could win her over.

With the actions of the calcite master, there are more and more greens, and the price is getting higher and higher, rising to 20 million. Yang Weiwei, being cautious by nature, pulled Su Chen’s sleeve, “Dad, I think it’s almost done, let’s sell it!”

Su Chen frowned at her, so arrogant, like a full of air, “What do you know! Besides, it’s definitely more than this price!”

Zhang Shaojie, who was next to him, saw that the rough stone that Su Qiao liked had indeed turned green again, and his heart became more certain, and his expression became much more relaxed. Seeing that the situation was wrong over there, Zhang Shaowei, who communicated with Zhang Yuancheng in time, was also relieved as long as he can solve the problem, the company can make money, let him go!

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