4th Story 8

4th Story 8

At the end of the original stone solution, the jeweler surnamed Wang smiled and said that he earned it. Another basketball-sized imperial green, priceless! This jeweler surnamed Wang is not from province Y. He got these two treasures and left immediately. Someone advised him to stay and continue to gamble on stones. The jeweler surnamed Wang shook his head, “Be content! I entrusted the blessing of President Su today. , I’ve already made a lot of money, so I can’t be greedy anymore.”

Then he walked up to Li Yueran, “Ms. Su, thanks you for today. This is my business card, let’s keep in touch!”

Li Yueran smiled and nodded, ” Mr. Wang is very polite.”

After solving two rough stones in a row, they turned green, Li Yueran was in the limelight for a while, Mr. Zhang thought about it, and said, “President Su, don’t solve this rough stone! So that the tree will not attract the wind.”

Li Yueran also felt that she was in the limelight today, and nodded, “Well, I don’t understand, you can take someone to remove it!”

Zhang nodded, “I will personally be responsible for escorting them back. Boss Su, won’t you go back?”

Li Yueran smiled, “You go back first, and I’ll take a look. Anuo will send someone to escort you back together, so please give me a treat.”

“Yes, I see.” President Zhang nodded and smiled.

Others saw that Li Yueran did not continue to solve the stone, and some people were unhappy, “Do you not want to continue to solve!”

Li Yueran smiled and said: “This is the end of today, and we must let other friends have an opportunity of performance!”

“Will President Su continue to gamble on stones?”

“If I sees a good one, I will buy it. Anyway, the budget has not yet been reached this time!” Li Yueran said with a smile.

Some people figured it out in their hearts. At first glance, Ms. Su knew a lot about jadeite and rough stones. If he followed her, he might make some money! But after waiting for a long time, Mr. Su only talked to people and did not act.

Some people couldn’t wait and started to pick them out on their own. They do not believe in evil. In this hall, there are tens of thousands of rough stones, large and small, but Ms Su only picked out thirty pieces. This is a VIP hall. The rough stones here are all screened in advance. The probability of green is far greater than that of other halls. They still don’t believe if they can’t pick out a few good ones out of these 10,000 stones!

Zhang Shaowei was actually one of them. He took the company’s master who was responsible for selecting rough stones and slowly selected them. Only Zhang Shaojie did not move. He was waiting, waiting for when Li Yueran would act. Now, he can only try his best to show, trying to overwhelm his cousin.

Over there, Su Chen retracted his gaze and comforted Yang Weiwei, who was a little lost next to him, “Weiwei, don’t worry, take your time! Let’s take a closer look.” His working capital is only 8 million, and he brought it all out this time , this time must be successful, as long as one piece is green, he can earn it back.

Yang Weiwei was depressed, “Dad, elder sister is amazing! It would be great if elder sister would help but unfortunately elder sister doesn’t like me.”

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She is also considered a smart person, she just said a few words from Su Chen’s mouth. Considering Zhang Shaojie’s situation in Zhang’s company, it seems that it is not as good as what Zhang Shaojie himself said. However, the thin and dead camel is bigger than a horse, even if Zhang Shaojie does not obtain the inheritance rights of Zhang’s company, it is much better than her. However, as the saying goes, relying on others is worse than relying on yourself. If she also has Su Qiao’s ability, then whether she can marry into the Zhang family or not, she can live in peace.

Su Chen was a little embarrassed. Maybe it was true teaching by words and deeds. Maybe Qiao Can taught Su Qiao a lot of things about jade while he didn’t know it, so she could have such a precise vision and such an excellent performance. As for Weiwei, she was smart at a young age, much smarter than Su Qiao and willing to work hard. If she could get the same opportunity as Su Qiao, she might learn better than Su Qiao.

“It’s all father’s fault. If it was… Forget it, let’s not talk about it, let’s look at this again.” Su Chen remembered that when Qiao Can gave birth to Su Qiao, Aqian was already seven months pregnant, and he wanted Aqian at that time. For those who were born prematurely, if they could give birth to a child at about the same time as Qiao Can, they would be called twins. Anyway, now that medicine is so advanced, and the Qiao family is rich, it is only a premature birth, and it is not a big problem. The director of the obstetrics and gynecology department was bribe to say his child. At that time, he arranged almost everything and put Aqian in the same hospital, but the Qiao family was very strict, and an obstetrics and gynecology expert was hired from outside to deliver the delivery. His plan failed to materialize. Thinking about it now, it would be great if his plan had come true.

Yang Weiwei was a little disappointed. What she meant was that she wanted to invite Su Chen to come forward and go to Su Qiao to see if he could persuade her to learn from her. In her opinion, Su Chen is also Su Qiao’s father anyway. She can be angry for a while, but she will never be angry for a lifetime! But Su Chen couldn’t lower his head. Yang Weiwei lowered her eyes. Although these were her biological parents, she sometimes despised them. Her father didn’t take responsibility, and her mother would only cry when something happened. Forget it, ask others not to ask yourself!

Yang Weiwei followed behind Su Chen, but kept her eyes on Li Yueran.

She saw Li Yueran and that Cheng Shao walk in front of a rough stone, Li Yueran stroked the stone with a smile on her face, and then turned back and called, “Uncle Zhang?” She suddenly remembered, “Yeah, I forgot, Uncle Zhang is gone, all my money is with him!” Then she reluctantly looked back at the rough stone, “Forget it.”

Cheng Nuo smiled and said, “If you want, I have money here.”

“I don’t want your money! It’s not that I don’t have money. Forget it, just like Mr. Wang said, you can’t be too greedy, I’ve earned enough today. Let’s talk about it next time!” Li Yueran having said that, she turned her head to look at the rough stone again. After walking a few steps forward, her eyes lit up, and her face was full of joy, “Oh, I really shouldn’t let Uncle Zhang leave so early! It’s such a pity.”

Cheng Nuo smiled when she saw her reluctant look, “You, what is mine is yours, since you like it, I’ll buy it for you.”

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“Come on! How can someone be a boss who buys his own things with his own money! If others know, they’ll say you’re breaking the rules.” Li Yueran shook her head and said. Then looked at a few rough stones, her reluctant expression became more and more obvious, and then she simply took out her mobile phone and made a call, but the call was not connected, she sighed, “It looks like they have already boarded the plane. Well, it’s time for me to not make a fortune this time.”

Li Yueran’s behavior was naturally seen by many people, Zhang Shaojie and Yang Weiwei were still watching, but there were a few decisive leaders. They bought a few rough stones that she had seen, they untied them on the spot. Sure enough, they were all green. Although the condition was not very good, one was still a flower brand, but the others were all green. Although they were not big but atleast they earned it. Yang Weiwei and Zhang Shaojie are just watching, and both of them also take actions.

Yang Weiwei was aiming at a rough stone the size of a football, with a price tag of 10 million yuan. Rich people didn’t care at all. She pulled Su Chen and Yang Qian to stand in front of the rough stone, and Su Chen squatted down and studied it carefully.

What Zhang Shaojie was looking for was the largest rough stone Li Yueran had ever seen, with a price tag of 20 million. He said a few words in Zhang Shaowei’s ear, Zhang Shaowei frowned, he had just bought nearly 70 million rough stones, six pieces of different sizes, as long as two of the rough stones turned green, his trip would be considered an explanation. . But now his cousin wants to buy this large rough stone, and it is said that there are not a few people who also like this rough stone. Once the bid is made, it will exceed the budget.

“No, grandpa only gave a budget of 100 million, and I have spent more than 70 million. The rest is not enough.” Zhang Shaowei frowned.

“I told grandfather. Big brother, you can just bid for me. This rough stone is so big. Once it is green, we will earn more than one or two hundred million.” Zhang Shaojie took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Yuancheng’s number. After talking about the ins and outs of the matter, he paid attention to the situation on the field while talking, “Grandpa, make a decision quickly! The price has already reached 80 million!”

Zhang Yuancheng was confused and asked: “You mean to say that Su Qiao asked you to buy it?”

Zhang Shaojie was stunned, and said vaguely, “She didn’t say it directly, that’s what she meant anyway. ”

Su Qiao’s performance at this Stone Gambling Festival has long been It was passed back to China, and Zhang Yuancheng also got the news. He had a new understanding of Su Qiao. Out of his trust in the eyes of Qiao’s family, Zhang Yuancheng thought that his grandson and Su Qiao were reconciled, and Su Qiao would give such a good thing to him. Zhang family. “Okay, just bid, I’ll give you another 100 million budget! Be sure to get this rough stone. I’ll let the finances be credited to your account right away!”

Zhang Shaojie got more and more high-spirited after receiving permission from his grandfather.

At this time, under the arrangement of Cheng Nuo’s sight, the price of this rough stone has reached 110 million.

Zhang Shaojie said directly, “One hundred and twenty million!”

Zhang Shaowei frowned, “Shaojie, Ms. Su bought thirty rough stones and only spent eighty million, you can’t take it easy!”

Zhang Shaojie smiled disdainfully, the eldest brother is always this way, doing things so timidly. Before, no one believed Su Qiao’s vision, so no one bid with her. Now, let alone 80 million, it is estimated that 800 million may not be able to buy the 30 rough stones. When the phone rang, he looked down and saw that it was a remittance text message from the bank.

“One hundred and thirty million!” The people arranged by Cheng Nuo continued to bid, and glanced at Zhang Shaojie triumphantly, looking like a rich man.

“One hundred and forty million!” Zhang Shaojie was so angry that he dared to look down on people! God beat you to death with money!

“Shaojie!” Zhang Shaowei grabbed Zhang Shaojie’s hand, “You can’t continue to increase the price.”

Zhang Shaojie broke free, “Brother, don’t worry about my business, grandpa has already agreed, if you have anything, talk to grandpa.

Zhang Shaowei saw that Zhang Shaojie didn’t listen to his own words, so he took out his mobile phone and dialed it to Zhang Yuancheng, “Grandpa, you can’t let Shaojie continue to mess around. The price has already reached 150 million!”

Zhang Yuancheng heard the price. Lifting it so high, he instinctively felt that something was wrong, “Hurry up and stop! Give up! Hurry up!”

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