4th Story 7

4th Story 7

Li Yueran looked at Zhang Shaojie who looked unnatural and Yang Weiwei who stood beside Zhang Shaojie with a shy look, and smiled disdainfully, “Dad? Humph, my mother just passed away? You openly bring your mistress, illegitimate child, do you still have the face to claim to be my father?”

Zhang Shaojie looked at Yang Weiwei’s, her body swayed weakly in the breeze. How can you say that! It’s your elder anyway!”

Li Yueran rolled her eyes, “Who are you?” Zhang Shaojie’s face darkened, just as he was about to speak, Zhang Shaowei stopped him.

Other people came too, Mr. Zhang saw Zhang Shaowei and Su Chen’s group, he snorted disdainfully, and walked up to Li Yueran, “Mr. Su, Cheng Shao!”

Cheng Nuo glanced at the people in front of him and stepped forward, putting his arms around Li Yueran’s waist, “Let’s go in!” President Zhang followed with others.

When passing by these people, he didn’t even give them a look.

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Zhang Shaowei’s face was pale, “Mr. Zhang just said Cheng Shao, shouldn’t it be that Cheng Shao?”

Zhang Shaojie looked disdainful, “What Cheng Shao, brother, are you talking about Cheng Shao? What kind of Cheng Shao can he know Su Qiao?

“Shut up !” Zhang Shaowei shouted and several employees who accompanied them also glared at Zhang Shaojie. “Shaojie, now I solemnly warn you that from now on, you are not allowed to speak again. You’d better pray that we don’t offend Cheng Shao this time, otherwise, go back and explain to grandpa yourself!” .

Zhang Shaojie’s face turned blue and white for a while, he glanced at Yang Weiwei next to him, consciously lost face in front of the beauty, and sighed, “Look, the wealthy family is like this, there is no family affection at all.”

Yang Weiwei smiled softly, “Young Master Zhang is also doing it for your own good. He’s afraid that you will offend others. But who exactly is Young Master Cheng you just said?”

Zhang Shaojie remembered the legend about Cheng Shaojie, and he had lingering fears. Shouldn’t it be that Cheng Shao? When did Su Qiao know such a powerful person? However, when the beauty asked, he was very willing to help, “Cheng Shao, is the one in Myanmar!” He gave a thumbs up, “It is said that seven or eight of the jade mines in Myanmar belong to his family. But I know Su Qiao, she can’t know Cheng Shao.”

Su Chen also nodded, “Yes! I think so too.”

Zhang Shaojie saw Su Chen saying the same. He laughed and sure enough, it was the eldest brother who made a fuss. The surnamed Cheng came casually, and he thought it was Cheng Shao. The courage is also too small, no wonder grandpa said that the eldest brother can only defend the success and cannot open the border. It seems that sooner or later, the burden of revitalizing Zhang’s family will fall on him. “Uncle, you also want to bet on stones this time?”

Su Chen gave Yang Weiwei a loving look, “My family, Weiwei, has some talent for stone gambling since she was a child, so I brought her to see and experience this time. Alas, I have treated their mother and daughter badly all these years. In fact, those things happened back then, Wei Wei and her mother were innocent.”

Zhang Shaojie understood Su Chen very well, and the Yang family’s mother and daughter were gentle like water at first sight. Like the sky, a man naturally likes this kind of woman, and he is no exception. He had seen the late Qiao Can she was too strong. No wonder Su Chen cheated. “Uncle doesn’t need to say more, nephew understands, uncle, let’s go in! It’s about to start.”

Several people walked in, but were stopped by the security guard at the door, “I’m sorry, this is the VIP room, the rough stones in it are carefully selected, the chance of greening is more than 50%, and you must pay 10 million yuan for the security deposit only eligible to enter.”

Su Chen’s face darkened, isn’t this obviously looking down on people? But 10 million, he only brought a total of 8 million with him.

Zhang Shaojie said, “I’m the manager of the marketing department of Zhang’s company. These three are my friends. We are together.”

Then he nodded and said, “Please come in.”

Only then did the expressions of Su Chen and others improve. Yang Weiwei glanced at Zhang Shaojie admiringly. This person is a talented person with an extraordinary identity. He is Su Qiao’s fiancé. He must have some ability. Otherwise, Qiao Can would not let Su Qiao get engaged to him. It is better to be able to communicate with him than to rely on his father. After all, her parents may have children in the future. If it a boy, with his parents’ temperament, he will definitely leave everything to him, and she will lose. Better to rely on your own.

Yang Weiwei knew from a young age that she should not pin her hopes on others, even her own biological parents, who are not as good as herself. It is best to take your destiny firmly in your own hands.

After entering, large and small rough stones are stacked in the huge field. Li Yueran had already chosen with Cheng Nuo, and she saw her strolling in the courtyard, standing in front of each stone for less than ten seconds, and said, “This, this, this, and this , I want it.” Then she walked to the other side, followed the same method, and bought thirty rough stones in a row, “Uncle Zhang, go and pay the bill!”

Zhang’s face was ashen, do you think she was playing a house? So casual? Didn’t you see that everyone else on the field was secretly laughing at you? However, he couldn’t lose face of the Qiao family in front of outsiders, so he had to go forward with gritted teeth to prepare for payment.

A man who looked like a manager smiled and said: “President Su is really refreshing. It’s 60 million in total. Are you transferring money? Or is it a check? By the way, since you bought 30 rough stones at once, we will give you one rough stone for free. Do you pick one?”

Li Yueran smiled, looked around at random, and then chose a stone in the corner, “That’s it, unlock it!”

Mr. Zhang has already transferred the account over there, and Li Yueran smiled, “Uncle Zhang, keep the two rough stones numbered 203 and 527, and untie them directly later. You can arrange for the rest to be packed and transported back immediately. I will untie them when I get back. It is best for you to follow in person, so that I can rest assured.”

Mr. Zhang said with a dark face, “Got it.”

Seeing this, Su Chen smiled disdainfully, she was just joking! He just said, how could Su Qiao have this ability! But she is really rich, 80 million, and she spent it in the blink of an eye. However, if these 80 million cannot bring benefits to Qiao, see how she will explain to the board of directors. Su Chen glanced at Yang Weiwei, Yang Weiwei understood, walked to Su Chen’s side, and the two began to study the rough stone in the corner.

Over there, someone had already moved the stone that Li Yueran had picked, ready to untie it on the spot. The stone was only the size of a stone bench, and Master Xie Shi asked, “Ms. Su, how do you plan to untie it?”

Li Yueran pouted, took out a pen, and drew a line on the stone, “From here, It’s about ten centimeters, be careful, don’t cut more for me.”

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Zhang Shaojie smiled disdainfully, Zhang Shaowei glared at him, just now he has figured out, this Cheng Shao is that Cheng Shao, with Cheng Shao around, Su Qiao earned it today anyway. This cousin is really more than a failure!

Master Xie Shi started to dissolve stones according to Li Yueran’s instructions, and some good people next to him began to watch. They all felt that this Qiao’s boss was too playful, unless there was something tricky in it.

“It’s green, it’s green!”

“Although it’s only water-type jadeite, not glass, but such a large piece of clear-water jadeite is rare! President Su, I’ll pay 10 million!” someone started bidding.

“I’ll pay 15 million! President Su, sell it to me!”

Li Yueran smiled and looked at all this, and was finally bought by a jeweler surnamed Wang for 50 million after it was finally solved. The jadeite is about half the size of a football, and if it is made into jewelry, which is about more than this price.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect that Mr. Su really had two brushes. Su Chen and Yang Weiwei’s father and daughter, who were studying a rough stone next to them, turned dark. Zhang Shaojie is also very uncomfortable, this is not a blind cat meeting a dead mouse!

Then, the other two rough stones that Li Yueran picked were also carried out. Li Yueran stepped forward and drew the range with a black pen, “Start from here. About twenty centimeters.”

Is there anything tricky here, but seeing Li Yueran’s approximate location, everyone couldn’t help but be silent, and watched Master Xie Shi’s movements with a screened breath. Even if he has a relationship with Cheng Shao, he thinks that Cheng Shao may not know which of these rough stones will be green and which will not! At most, Cheng Shao can only draw a range, but when Ms. Su was picking stones just now, there were all over the place, including the gravel pile in the corner. After all, one-third of gambling on stones depends on eyesight, and two-thirds depends on luck obviously, this President Su has both.

Zhang Shaowei looked at his cousin who was stunned and stared at everything in front of him, and sneered, “What? Are you feeling sorry? It’s a pity, there is no regret medicine in this world!”

“It’s green again, it’s green again! The best emperor green! I’m offering 30 million!” Someone has already started bidding.

“Forty million!”

The jeweler surnamed Wang bought half of the solution for 130 million just now. Master Xie Shi asked if he wanted to continue the process, and the jeweler surnamed Wang nodded, ” Open it, I believe in Director Su’s vision!” After speaking, he glanced at Li Yueran with a smile.

If those people from Qiao’s Jewelry had doubts about Li Yueran, now they are all convinced, especially Mr. Zhang, who not only earned back the cost of buying the original stone, but also made an extra 100 million yuan. Even if none of the remaining rough stones turned green, this trip to Myanmar would be considered a complete success. As expected of Mr. Qiao’s daughter, it seems that she used to hide her skills!

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