4th Story 6

4th Story 6

Cathe # I don’t know anything about stone gambling. I’m just translate and edit as good as I can understand.

“Come with me!” Cheng Nuo dragged Li Yueran into the house, “Just in time, I have a lot of raw materials in the basement here. I think they are in good condition, so I left them here on purpose. You just take these for practice your hands, if you can, there will be a good show tomorrow for those sluts to see! Hmph, he wants to hold that Yang Weiwei as the jade goddess, and he has to see if I agree.”

Cheng Nuo took Li Yueran to the basement, and after several procedures of fingerprint recognition and face recognition, the door of the basement was opened. Li Yueran saw a room of raw materials, big or small, and she thought about everything Yang Weiwei did in the book. What did she do before the second gambling stone? It seems that she close her eyes, recite the word jade in your heart, and then open your eyes, right? Li Yueran also closed her eyes, then opened them.

She looked at the nearest piece of raw material, which was only a head shorter than her, and when she looked around, it was a gray stone on the surface, and then she looked inside, and saw a little green, she really saw it, “Ah Nuo, I saw it, there are large pieces of green inside, the color is so right.”

Cheng Nuo smiled, “How big is it? Can you tell what kind of jadeite is inside?”

Li Yueran looked at it carefully. “There are about 20 centimeters of stones on the surface, and all of them are green. I don’t know much about jadeite.”

“If you can be sure, I will teach you the quality of jadeite, so that you can buy the best raw materials.” Cheng Nuo smiled.

Li Yueran looked at a football-sized piece of raw material next to him again, “Hey, this is not bad, there is only a light layer of stone on the surface, but there are actually three colors of jade inside, red, green, and purple, I know this, isn’t it called Fu Lu Shou?”

Cheng Nuo nodded, “Yes, if it is red, green, purple, and yellow, it is Fu Lu Shou Xi!”

Li Yueran looked at a few more ingredients, except for one that was only shallow one layer of green, the rest has more or less green inside. Seeing that she was a little tired, Cheng Nuo quickly supported her, “Is there a time limit for this ability? Don’t look at it. Is there any way to replenish energy?”

Li Yueran felt a little tingling in her eyes, Nima, Yang Weiwei doesn’t have such a situation in the book, or maybe she also needs to replenish energy, but it is not written in the book.

Cheng Nuo thought for a while, “Come with me.” After speaking, he went up to the bedroom on the second floor with Li Yueran in his arms, and opened the safe. There were several pieces of jadeite of excellent quality in different sizes, “I remember in the novels I’ve read, there seems to be a saying that eating jadeite can replenish energy, try it?”

Li Yueran rolled her eyes, “Eat jadeite, what do you think I am? My teeth are not that powerful.” Even though she said that, she still took the few jadeites in her hands, but she didn’t know what was going on. A voice in her heart told her that this was not what she wanted.

Li Yueran shook her head, “It shouldn’t be this.”

Cheng Nuo smiled, “It’s really a picky eater. Well, I just got a piece of the best imperial green jade, and I wanted to make a bracelet and ring for you. Let’s see if it’s true?” With that, he took out a box at the bottom of the safe and handed it to Li Yueran.

Li Yueran took the box, and a sensation rose in her heart, this is it! She couldn’t wait to open the box and took out the emerald the size of a baby’s fist. Although she knew she wants this, she didn’t know what to do. She remembered reading the piece of jade that disappeared between the eyebrows, and tentatively placed the piece of jade between her eyebrows and sure enough, the jade disappeared. Li Yueran only felt that her eyes were refreshing and and her spirits were uplifted.

Cheng Nuo was stunned when he saw everything in front of him. If it wasn’t for his own eyes, he really didn’t know there was such a mysterious thing in this world. He touched Li Yueran’s brow, it was normal, but what happened just now, why or how did the jadeite disappear? “Hehehe, it really is the wonder of the world! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. However, it’s good to know it is you!”

Li Yueran sighed, “Oh, I don’t know if it’s a one-off or a permanent one. If I need to eat Emperor Green every time, how valuable it is! Thinking about it makes me feel bad!”

Cheng Nuo waved his hand vigorously, “What are you afraid of, you have me as your husband! Seventy-eight percent of the rough quarries in Myanmar belong to your husband. You can eat as much Imperial Green as you want!!”

Li Yueran didn’t really care about the money, but just sighed for a while. After several generations, she has never worried about money. Money is just a number to her. Even if she has no money for a while, she can make enough money by her own ability.

“Anuo, it’s fortunate that you are here.” Li Yueran said with a smile, because with Cheng Nuo, no matter what world she travels to, no matter what kind of scumbag she faces, she is not afraid, she’s fearless, because she knew that there would be someone by her side all the time.

“Well, do you still want to eat it? I still have a lot of emperor green here.” Cheng Nuo asked.

“Bring a piece to me and try it.” Li Yueran wanted to figure out whether this was a one-off or a permanent one.

Cheng Nuo opened another safe, took out several pieces of imperial green, and handed them to Li Yueran. She took it but she didn’t have that sense like just now. Li Yueran tried one by one and shook her head. Cheng Nuo thought for a while, “Forget it, I don’t know if you are one-off or permanent. Let’s just ask someone to grind these imperial greens into beads the size of glass balls and bring them with you. , take it out when you need it. Now, let me teach you about the appearance of jadeite!”

Cheng Nuo took out a lot of jadeite and introduced it to Li Yueran one by one: “Jadeite can be divided into ice type, waxy type according to its texture. It can be divided into violet, clear water, blue water, etc. according to the color.” (T/N: I only wear and have green color, that also bleeding my heart to pay)

Maybe there are ready-made teaching materials on the side, or maybe it has absorbed the energy of the emperor green, Li Yueran learned quickly, remembered it firmly, and was full of energy. The two asked and answered questions and stopped teaching until after ten o’clock at night when they were hungry.

Cheng Nuo called someone to bring some meals, “You’re almost done with your studies, let’s go down, filling your stomach is the most important thing. By the way, after eating, I’ll take you to see the stone gambling festival tomorrow. Now that they’re here, how can we not teach them a lesson! We have to set up some traps for them!”

Li Yueran understood in a second, and smiled knowingly, “I see, don’t worry, it’s just a small effort, I understand.” Although she prefers to watch those people kill themselves, she is still very happy to speed up their demise.

Cheng Nuo smiled and took Li Yueran’s hand and went downstairs.

The two had dinner and drove to Yangon Stone Gambling Market. Li Yueran used her supernatural powers to choose a few pieces of ‘good stuff’ for Zhang and Su Chen’s group, and Cheng Nuo ordered them to leave a mark. Li Yueran chose some rough stones for his company, and said directly to Cheng Nuo, “These, and those that I marked, keep them for me!”

Cheng Nuo nodded, “I see, you pick a few good ones and untie them on the spot tomorrow. Isn’t Su Chen wanting to bring out a goddess of gambling stones, then I’ll just bring out a jade queen! This is also good for your Qiao family.”

Li Yueran nodded, She also knows that this is good for herself and for Qiao. “By the way, Arnold, I want to change to my mother’s surname, what do you think? I want to make Qiao’s name live up and the name of that man, Su, I feel so disgusting.”

Cheng Nuo thought for a while, “No problem! Last name is Qiao? Qiao Yueran! Just right, in ancient times Yue was a holy bead given to the Holy Emperor Youde by God, and it was also a kind of jewelry. I always wanted to be upright and aboveboard. I want to call you by your name. As for making Qiao’s name worthy of its name, our future children can also change their surname to Qiao! I don’t care.”

Li Yueran nodded, “I actually want to restore my original name, it’s just the former I didn’t get a chance a few times. This time I finally got a suitable opportunity. After I go back, I will go to the police station to handle it.”

Cheng Nuo looked at the time, “Go back first, I have to arrange some things. I will arrange someone to take you back.”

Li Yueran knew that he still had a lot of things to d and nodded, “Okay, I’m sleepy, I’ll go back first and you should come back earlier!”

Cheng Nuo didn’t come back until midnight. He learned from his aunt that Li Yueran was sleeping on his side. He took a shower first, changed his clothes, and went into the side sleep lightly. When he saw Li Yueran, he smiled seal a kiss on her head gently, fell asleep beside her, hugged her from behind, and fell asleep.

At seven o’clock the next morning, Li Yueran woke up first and found someone behind her. Looking back, it was Cheng Nuo! She laughed. Cheng Nuo also woke up at this time, turned over and lay on top of Li Yueran, and kissed her deeply, Li Yueran pushed him away, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!”

Cheng Nuo lay beside her, Li Yueran pushed him away. She sat up and pushed him, “Get up quickly! I have something important to do today!”

Cheng Nuo casually held her hand, “Don’t worry, I’ve already arranged everything. Even if we don’t go, they won’t be able to run.”

Li Yueran said angrily: “Don’t go? I don’t believe you don’t want to watch the scene. Get up!”

The two dressed neatly, finished breakfast, and drove to gambling stone field. When they arrived, Zhang Shaowei, Zhang Shaojie, Su Chen, Yang Qian, and others all arrived. They were standing together and chatting. When they saw Li Yueran getting off the car of a strange man, everyone’s expressions changed to varying degrees.

Su Chen was the first to react, frowned, and walked up, “Su Qiao, who is he? How can you be so selfless? If it wasn’t for Shaojie, I wouldn’t know, you and Shaojie broke off your engagement! It’s a big thing, how can you not tell me, do you still consider me your father?”

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