Mu Ling New Life 15

Mu Ling New Life 15

There is a phenomenon in the entertainment circle that fans of male stars are generally more active than fans of female stars, especially handsome male stars. This is a normal thing. After all, most of the stars are girls. For girls, although they also like many female stars, they must be handsome male stars who are more aesthetically pleasing and likable. As for the male star who is not handsome… Even if he wins the best actor, even if he is very very famous, even people who don’t know the entertainment industry know it, but his fans will not be active. For example, there are also 10 million fans on Weibo. If a male celebrity who is not handsome posts a selfie, everyone will discuss in the comments what movie he is going to make then say cheers. Most of the comments are only one or two thousand. If a handsome male star posts a selfie, there may be thousands of comments. And the treatment of female stars is often similar to those of male stars who are not handsome. A female star with tens of millions of fans may only have as many comments as a little fresh meat with only one-fifth of her fans. Their popularity may far exceed that of some male stars, but their fan activity is definitely not as good as those handsome male stars. Of course, there must be some exceptions.

But Mu Ling is obviously not a special case. Mu Ling has been working hard to package herself and the box office hit of “Master Jia” has greatly increased her popularity but it is not comparable if comparing her with Jing Wenyi. Recently however, things have been a little different. The reality show hasn’t been released yet, but an edited commercial has already been released. The program crew intercepted the scene of the six of them going to the village. It’s very interesting that two old actors have closed counter with the donkeys. Jing Wenyi and Qi Yunchang looks funny squeezing together into a broken motorcycle, but Mu Ling is very handsome driving a cool motorcycle.

“Junior Sister is so handsome! And she is getting more and more domineering!”

“Junior Sister, you should give the motorcycle to Mr. Wen Jing! It’s so pitiful to see him riding in a small broken motorcycle.”

“Sister Mu is really versatile.”

“The little girl is very powerful, but you have to pay attention to safety, you know?”

“It seems that someone’s painting style is wrong… Wait, this person looks like my principal? Principal, you are also on Weibo…”

… After the program preview came out, cooperate with the two old actors together with Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi’s promotion the movie, this show has attracted more and more attention, especially Jing Wenyi’s fans, everyone clamored that they must watch Jing Wenyi! Jing Wenyi’s fans are the most excited, but the largest fan group should belong to the two seniors. Although nowadays there are very few film and television works of these two seniors but their faces are basically familiar to everyone! There are young people who follow them on the Internet not to mention the main force of TV watchers, those middle-aged and elderly women will definitely not change the channel when they see their faces! Speaking of which, if this reality show is not different and did not has a relationship with charity, I am afraid they will not participate. Of course, Mu Ling and Zhu Lanyu should be the most fortunate, if no one knows in advance that the two old seniors will participate, I’m afraid it won’t be their turn. This reality show has just started broadcasting in the midst of much-anticipated attention.

Although Mrs. Xue is not young, she is still very trendy. She is very comfortable playing with tablets and smart phones, she can also watch gossip on the Internet. At this time, she naturally knew about this reality show early. My favorite celebrities, as well as Zhu Lanyu, will participate in this reality show, Mrs. Xue will not forget to watch it. That night, Mrs. Xue hurriedly sat on the sofa after dinner, and then waited to watch TV.

“What new TV series are you chasing again?” Father Xue looked at his wife curiously.

“It’s not a TV series, it’s a reality show, with Wu Xuan and Zhao Songyuan!” Mrs. Xue said.

“Really? Then I want to watch it too.” Father Xue is still very happy to watch TV with his wife in his spare time. In the past, his wife watched drama and movies with parents. Although he has handed over the management of the entertainment industry to others, he has also heard about this reality show and knows that it was filmed in the mountains. The mountainous area… He also lived there when he was a child and he kind of misses it. Xue Yilou frowned slightly when he heard what his parents said then sat down on the sofa.

“Xiaolou, are you watching TV too?” Mrs. Xue asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Xue Yilou said. He is pursuing Mu Ling recently. Although Mu Ling is so cold that he has no progress, of course he must not forget to watch Mu Ling’s reality show at this time, lest he will not know anything in the end. In the first episode of the reality show, the six people who participated in the show introduced each other, and then went to the small mountain village in groups. During the journey, no matter which group had an accident, coupled with the editing of the program group, it looked very fascinating. interesting.

Mrs. Xue didn’t like to watch reality shows very much in the past. She only watched a few reality shows that were highly praised. Wouldn’t it be too cruel to see a little doll acting cute? But this reality show is completely in line with Mrs. Xue’s aesthetics. There are actors she likes in the show and the edited rhythm is fast. “It’s so funny. How could Wu Xuan and Zhao Songyuan think of reasoning with donkeys? Donkeys are unreasonable in the first place.” Mrs. Xue laughed loudly, and when the show switched to Jing Wenyi’s group, she went to talk to the donkey again.

Her husband said to them: “Look at that young man, his name is Jing Wenyi. He has acted in several movies and TV shows. Last time I saw him, he has a lot of muscles. He has a very good figure. He also said that because of his strong muscles. He is tall and weighs 70 kilograms, do you think they will crush the motorcycle when the three of them add up?”

Well, the motorcycle was really crushed… Also, Mrs. Xue, you and your husband speaking of other men’s muscles, aren’t you afraid that your husband will be angry? Obviously, Mr. Xue’s complexion is not very good-looking! Not to mention muscles, Mrs. Xue’s favorite is Mu Ling’s group: “This little girl is really amazing, she can drive the motorcycle so fast! She looks so handsome! She’s even better than those men!”

Mu Ling’s motorcycle speed is actually not fast, for safety, she has been driving it very slowly, but in this world, there is a thing called post-processing and there is another thing called editing. Sitting on a tractor, people can edit you to look like you are riding a horse at lightning speed, so it is not difficult for the audience to feel that Mu Ling is driving very fast. Handsome girls have a different kind of charm. Such Mu Ling instantly attracted the attention of many people, and her Weibo fans increased rapidly again. Reality shows are indeed very popular. The reality show is not broadcast every day, the next episode will not be broadcast until a week later, and in that episode, Mu Ling mentioned the matter of his ex-boyfriend. On this day, Xue Yilou came to Mu Ling’s studio in person holding a lot of roses.

“Mu Shimei, congratulations.” Xue Yi said, although he hasn’t made much progress in his pursuit, he feels that Mu Ling should have softened. After such a long time, he hoped to get an accurate answer from Mu Ling. Mu Ling ignored Xue Yilou. “Mu Shimei, shall we have dinner together tonight?” Xue Yilou asked again.

“Xue Yilou, do you know that I hate you? I don’t even want to touch you. You have so many women, who knows if you will get into some dirty trouble?” Mu Ling smiled lightly: “These days your pursuit , it’s like a joke in my eyes, let me watch it enough, just like you took me as a joke back then.”

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