Mu Ling New Life 16

Mu Ling New Life 16

Mu Ling looked at Xue Yilou indifferently, but her words were merciless. Xue Yilou was a little dazed at first, but then his face turned cold: “What did you say?”

“The game is over, Xue Yilou, you should stop looking for me anymore or you will just humiliate yourself.” Mu Ling continue: “If I didn’t want you to taste what I tasted back then, how could I have been entangled with you for so long? Xue Yilou, do you think I will continue to like you after being abandoned by you?”

Mu Ling has always been, that if you treat me one point I’ll return you ten points, but if you treat me badly then don’t expect me to treat you well again. She is like this and so is the original owner of her body, that’s why the original owner left without hesitation. It’s just that the original owner resolutely severed the relationship with Xue Yilou but ignored her own psychological endurance… After the original owner left home, after being tense all the time, being abandoned by Xue Yilou and having nowhere home to go, she finally collapsed…

“You’re kidding me!” Xue Yilou’s expression became even uglier.

“I can’t compare to you, Mr. Xue.” Mu Ling said, when the original owner was pregnant, the joy was greater than the surprise but Xue Yilou abruptly ruined it all. Xue Yilou also remembered what happened back then. He always knew that he felt sorry for Mu Ling and felt guilty but he was already working hard to make it up. Why couldn’t Mu Ling forgive him? Or, is Mu Ling just stubborn?

Xue Yilou grabbed Mu Ling’s wrist as soon as he stretched out his hand: “Mu Ling, you don’t have to be stubborn. If you don’t like me, why would you give birth to my daughter?”

He has attracted Mu Ling’s attention these days, among other things, Mu Ling was really nice to their daughter… If Mu Ling didn’t like him, how could he be so nice to his daughter? People can vent their anger, so many women can’t help venting their negative emotions to their children after being hurt, but Mu Ling never once done that!

“That’s my child. It belongs to me alone. She has nothing to do with you, a scumbag.” With a cleverness, Mu Ling withdrew her hand back, then took out a wet towel to wipe where Xue Yilou’s has touch. She wiped her arms with disgust on her face, as if Xue Yilou was something disgusting and untouchable. Xue Yilou watched Mu Ling finish wiping one wipe and another wipe, the anger in his heart was boiling endlessly. If he hadn’t considered that they were in public now, he would have wanted to use some drastic methods. But he has always been a face-saving person, so in the end nothing is done and there is no time for him to do anything.

A Maserati slowly stopped beside the two of them, the door opened, and the handsome Jing Wenyi got out of the car: “Mu Shimei, get in the car!” After speaking, he seemed to have discovered Xue Yilou’s existence “Isn’t this Manager Xue? Is Manager Xue busy? Can we talk about it tomorrow? Mu Ling and I have an appointment to go to dinner and it’s almost going to be too late.”

Xue Yilou looks good but that’s compared to ordinary people, comparing with the actor Jing Wenyi, he is nothing at all. Jing Wenyi has someone to help him design his image. Although he is a man and doesn’t pay much attention to his appearance like a female star, he still takes care of his skin every day. Even his eyebrows are carefully taken care of to ensure that there is no strays or inappropriate hair. How could Xue Yilou compare with such a person? Xue Yilou has always been confident, he didn’t even think highly of those actors all the time, but now looking at Jing Wenyi’s car, clothes, his face is not very good-looking. Jing Wenyi’s clothes and even the car he drives are better than him – after all, he still has his father above him, so it is impossible to spend money recklessly according to his temper but Jing Wenyi is different.

As a popular fresh meat, Jing Wenyi’s social status is not low at all. Of course, the most important point is that Jing Wenyi is actually a rich second generation—if he didn’t have a rich father, even if he was good-looking, he would have it’s hard to catch fire at a young age. The family already has money, which means that all the money they earn can be used to package themselves… Jing Wenyi’s usual expenses definitely exceed Xue Yilou’s. Xue Yilou was a little confused, Mu Ling had already got into the car after Jing Wenyi opened the passenger’s door, then Xue Yilou watched Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi drive away. Xue Yilou was a little guilty before, but now that Mu Ling got into Jing Wenyi’s car, he only feel angry. In his eyes, Mu Ling was his woman from beginning to end and should only belong to him, so how could she be with other men? Xue Yilou decided almost instantly that he wanted to give Mu Ling some color. Mu Ling was sitting in Jing Wenyi’s car at this time, but his expression was very calm.

“Mu Shimei, I offended someone to help you. You must give me a picture of a rich peony to make amends!” Jing Wenyi said.

She make a called and asked him to pick it up. “No problem.” Mu Ling said, she is very good at painting peonies. Although many literati think that rich and noble flowers like peonies are not noble enough or refined, an old lady like her still likes gorgeous peonies. Jing Wenyi’s car speeds up very quickly, it can’t show its advantages in the city at all, the car climbs very slowly. Sitting in the car and looking out the window, Mu Ling began to think about what method Xue Yilou would use to deal her. She angered Xue Yilou the way he did before, not just to give Xue Yilou a taste of what she had tasted like she told Xue Yilou herself. In fact, she was waiting for Xue Yilou to deal with her. Mu Ling knew Xue Yilou well. She knew that Xue Yilou would definitely not be able to bear today’s anger and he would probably come to find fault with her, and what he wanted to find fault with now was nothing more than working hard on Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu is still young, why don’t she take advantage of this time to clarify her life experience, so as not to cause more trouble in the future. Jing Wenyi’s Maserati finally stopped in the parking lot of a big hotel. Today he and Mu Ling came to eat, but not with the two of them, but with the well-known director Liu and other members of the “Lore” crew.

“Lore” is the case-solving movie that Mu Ling auditioned before. She will play the big boss Qiu Zhishui and Jing Wenyi also got a role in it, the first person who was killed by the big boss. Qiu Zhishui the rich young master who was taken care of by her older sister when she was a nanny.

This rich young master had a crush on Qiu Zhishui’s sister back then but after taking drugs, he watched his friends kill Qiu Zhishui’s sister… After that, he fell out with those cronies and lived in guilt all the time. After meeting Qiu Zhishui, he took good care of Qiu Zhishui with a compensatory mentality. Even if he found out that there was something wrong with Qiu Zhishui, he didn’t expose Qiu Zhishui even helped Qiu Zhishui cover up her traces and took the initiative to die. It would be Qiu Zhishui who thought of killing people. Jing Wenyi’s role didn’t appear much in the movie, but Director Liu is different from Liang Jingnan even though it’s just a small character who will die soon after appearing on the scene, Jing Wenyi was audition to played it. The crew of “Lore” is completely different from the crew of “Master Jia”. The biggest difference is that the crew of “Lore” is not short of money at first glance – some of Director Liu’s movies are offered to the door with money. In fact, the heroine of this movie didn’t appear much. Director Liu fell in love with Mu Ling at first, but Mu Ling didn’t agree, so he chose a well-known actor in the circle and she was the biggest and most famous among all the actors who plays the leading role.

Although the face and name of an old actor like Wu Xuan and Zhao Songyuan are familiar to everyone but the actor in front of him once represented an era and has countless fans. This is the real big guy, the kind who can support the box office of a movie by himself. Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi are quite well-known, especially Jing Wenyi, who has nearly 20 million Weibo fans and they are all very active fans, but in front of this person, he unconsciously lowered his voice. Director Liu’s film is about to start shooting. Director Liu called everyone here today to discuss the next filming. Director Liu’s face is there, everyone naturally chatted happily and what they said was all about the movie. When leaving the hotel, Mu Ling still walked with Jing Wenyi, and after walking not far away, she felt lights flickering. Jing Wenyi can be considered a veteran, so he immediately smiled and said: “Probably the scandal between the two of us will appear on the Internet tomorrow.”

Mu Ling smiled and said nothing, she and Jing Wenyi are innocent, the photos shouldn’t cause any trouble, but no one knows what Xue Yilou will think. The next day, Mu Ling saw a photo of herself and Jing Wenyi coming out of the hotel together from the media. The two of them didn’t have any intimate behavior, but it could be seen that they were talking and joking together. It was obvious that they had a good friendship.

“Sister Mu and I look so well matched!”

“Why did Sister Mu get married and have children? Otherwise, she would be able to be with Young Master Jia.”

“Those who say that Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi are compatible stand up for me. I want to challenge you one-on-one! Jing Wenyi is mine!”

“Nonsense, Jing Wenyi is mine!”

… Although there were some scandals on the Internet, because Mu Ling mentioned her daughter several times, no one thought about what they really had. The fans were basically discussing their affairs gently, until someone suddenly broke the news , saying that Mu Ling was never married at all, she actually gave birth to a girl out of wedlock, and she left the entertainment circle when she was pregnant with a child and had no choice. The news didn’t make any waves at first, but later it spread to more and more people, and a lot of true and false evidence was thrown out, which suddenly attracted the attention of many people.

Mu Ling managed her reputation very well some time ago and she already has quite a few fans. It will undoubtedly have a great impact on her acting career if it is exposed that she gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock. Not only that but there are already many doubts about her on the Internet. At this time, some “stories” were exposed, saying that Mu Ling was not as innocent as she seemed at all and that she was very scheming. She became popular back then because someone supported behind her and the daughter she gave birth was the one who supported her. Her benefactor’s or investor? Leaving aside the words in the novel, in reality, when people think of this word, they basically think of a middle-aged man with a big belly. If Mu Ling really has a financial backer…

Not long after the news came out, another news came out. That’s right, the man said, don’t think that it’s fine if Mu Ling has a benefactor, Mu Ling not only has a benefactor but she’s also a mistress! At the beginning, she just wanted to be in the top position, so she was kicked out of the entertainment circle by the wife of the patron. There were quite a few similar remarks like this. Those who really knew Mu Ling’s family background naturally thought it was nonsense, but those who didn’t know Mu Ling well thought it was the truth. Especially some men, they always think that all good-looking women can have a good career by selling their bodies.

“Mu Ling was able to invest a lot of money in movies before. Could it be that she got the money from the sponsor?”

“I didn’t expect her to be such a person. Now that she is so close to Jing Wenyi, isn’t she afraid of being known by the sponsor?”

” It’s disgusting, I didn’t expect her to be a mistress!”

“There are no pictures and no truth, I don’t believe it.”

“I must stay away from this woman!”

“Now I have to wait for a while until all news are published then it will be impressed.”

… There are all kinds of comments on the Internet, but on Mu Ling’s Weibo, they are all asking who Mu Ling’s husband is, and some people ask Mu Ling to post a family photo and slap those nonsense people in the face.

“Tell me, what will she do?” Xue Yilou looked at the detective he had hired.

“I don’t know.” The detective said, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart, he now regrets taking Xue Yilou’s business, because it didn’t do any good for her to fall in love with Xue Yilou, and she even helped Xue Yilou to have a baby, Xue Yilou still has to deal with the other party, which is too unlikeable as a man. Xue Yilou didn’t intend to listen to the detective’s answer.

After asking the other party to continue looking at Mu Ling, he edited a message: “If you want, I can come forward and say that we are married a long time ago.”

After editing the message, in the end, it was not sent out and deleted again. Mu Ling is not stupid, she should know that this is the best way, as long as she is subdued then nothing will happen, if Mu Ling refuses to subdue… At this time, even if Mu Ling comes out to clarify that she is not a mistress. Her impression will not be good either. If Mu Ling pulls him out, he is also a long talker, he can fully justify himself at that time and he can even fight with Mu Ling for the custody of the child. Mu Ling has known about the news on the Internet. Seeing this situation, she is in a very good mood. Xue Yilou did the same thing as she guessed, so it was easy to deal with it. Xue Yilou should be trying to make her subdue, but how could she do such a thing? Mu Ling had asked Liang Jingnan’s staff in charge of publicity to help her and the next day, those people went into battle.

“Exclusive and real news, Mu Ling’s ex-boyfriend is the investor who was kicked out of the crew of “Master Jia” because of his personal style! When Mu Ling got mad at the investor, she didn’t stand up for Zhu Lanyu because he couldn’t see it. The ex-boyfriend was getting close to other women! Mu Ling’s daughter also belongs to this investor!”

After the news came out, two photos of the crew of “Master Jia” were posted, including a confrontation between Mu Ling and Xue Yilou photo. After Mu Ling knew that Xue Yilou already knew Mu Qiu’s identity, she carefully thought about all the things between her and Xue Yilou, and naturally thought of this matter. She drove away Xue Yilou, an investor then her own investment was very positive on the Internet before, but what if Xue Yilou was her ex-boyfriend? If Xue Yilou used this to attack her, saying that she was out of jealousy and framed herself, so much so that she took the position of her investor… “Master Jia” is very popular now, and Liang Jingnan has started preparing for the same series of movies, if at this time something happened and the public felt that there was a problem with the original change of investors, which was definitely a trouble. Since this will become troublesome, why not let her expose it and then solve it!

“Things seem to be getting more and more complicated.”

“So is the relationship between Mu Ling and this investor good? Have they always been lovers, or did they break up and Mu Ling was targeted this investor?”

“The room was torn up, so go back and tear up the sponsor?”

“It’s so exciting! I’m watching!” … There are all kinds of speculation on the Internet, but it has helped Mu Ling increase a little bit of popularity. You know, there is a kind of called red and black. But this is not a good reputation. Some people scolded Mu Ling on the Internet. Even Director Liu called Mu Ling and asked how Mu Ling planned to solve this matter.

“Director Liu, it’s okay, this matter will be settled tonight,” Mu Ling said.

“That’s good.” Director Liu said.

When there were more and more speculations on the Internet, a family war broke out in the Xue family. The initiator of this battle is Mrs. Xue, who has been thinking about holding her grandson. Mrs. Xue liked Mu Ling very much, she also paid attention to Mu Ling. She didn’t know about this incident at first, but later she also understood. At first, when everyone said that Mu Ling was a junior, she was still confused. When she got involved with her own son, she immediately exploded. Her son actually has a child with other people and she still doesn’t say hello to herself! Mrs. Xue called her husband and son immediately, and then began to browse Mu Ling’s Weibo and became more and more satisfied. This girl is beautiful and talented, she is the perfect candidate to be a daughter-in-law and most importantly, she has a ready made granddaughter! As long as Mrs. Xue thinks that there will be a cute little girl who can be dress up as she likes, her heart will melt.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Xue Yilou asked with a frown as he hurried home.

“What else can I do? I just want to ask you about Mu Ling!” Mrs. Xue said. Xue Yilou’s expression froze immediately. He asked people to make a fuss about Mu Ling to smear Mu Ling, but he never thought of involving himself. He didn’t even know who posted those news on the Internet! Such news on the Internet has little effect on his plan. As mentioned above, he can still make a fuss about Liang Jingnan asking him to withdraw his capital, but his mother… as expected, he soon received My mother’s phone call.

“Mom, don’t worry about it,” Xue Yi said.

“How can I not care? That’s my granddaughter! What on earth are you thinking? Now everyone is talking bad things about that girl!” Mrs. Xue was a little unhappy.

“Mom, it’s okay to say something bad, as long as I go out and say that Mu Ling and I have been married a long time ago, it will be fine.” Xue Yilou said.

Mrs. Xue thinks about it carefully, but people on the Internet obviously don’t think so. As time goes by, more and more people question Mu Ling, and I don’t know what happened. The click-through rate also skyrocketed. Although the news was harmful to Mu Ling, it made the reality show more popular and more and more people expressed that they would watch the show tonight. The ratings of the second episode of the reality show have increased significantly. At the same time, everyone has also seen the bedtime interview with Mu Ling and Zhu Lanyu. In this interview, Mu Ling spoke very generously about his ex-boyfriend thing. This kind of program has been edited long ago, and it is impossible to make up for it in one day, let alone Mu Ling mentioned her ex-boyfriend in the daytime program!

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