Mu Ling New Life 17

Mu Ling New Life 17

If Mu Ling tried hard to cover up the fact that she had a daughter from the beginning, if it was suddenly revealed that she had a daughter who was born out of wedlock, fans would definitely feel that she was cheating and reject her, but she told the story of her daughter early on. After she came out and now it was proved that she was not a mistress, the fans felt that it was nothing even felt sorry for Mu Ling. It can be said that Mu Ling has solved her own hidden dangers this time. And taking this opportunity, she also promoted a reality show and the upcoming “Lore” movie. At the beginning, some people said that when Mu Ling was a mistress and gave birth to a girl out of wedlock, some fans of Jing Wenyi scolded Mu Ling on the Internet, thinking that Mu Ling seduced Jing Wenyi but soon Jing Wenyi clarified that he and Mu Ling eats at the hotel and has nothing to do with personal matters – they were together because they will be working together in another movie soon! Originally, there were discussions about Mu Ling’s private life on the Internet, but for some reason, it turned into a discussion about the movie that Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi planned to act in.

“In the new movie, I will play a white lotus. Please look forward to it.” Mu Ling posted a Weibo to divert everyone’s attention from Mu Qiu. She herself should always be in the entertainment industry, but Mu Qiu definitely won’t, so she doesn’t plan to expose Mu Qiu to the public.

“White Lotus? Sister Mu, this doesn’t match your image!”

“Looking forward to your new work!”

“There is no image inconsistency. Back then, Junior Sister played soft roles, but is now derogatory to White Lotus, Right?”

… The fans really discussed the new movie that Mu Ling will act in and they also looked forward to the reality show that will be broadcast next. Mu Ling just admitted that she had a child out of wedlock and coincidentally used a reality show to prove that she did not lie, so that the matter calmed down like this. Everyone on her side breathed a sigh of relief, Xue Yi Lou was furious. He knew very well that a scandal was fatal to a female star, so he asked someone to discredit Mu Ling. He thought that Mu Ling would definitely ask him for help in such a situation. Even if Mu Ling didn’t ask him for help, when the time came he can also stand up on his own initiative, expressing his guilt towards Mu Ling, then seek Mu Ling’s forgiveness… If Mu Ling doesn’t forgive him at that time, maybe others will think that Mu Ling doesn’t know what to do. However, things did not develop in the direction he expected at all. Why would Mu Ling would rather admit that she had a child out of wedlock than let him be Mu Qiu’s father? Although Mu Ling said some unfeeling words before, Xue Yilou still felt that Mu Ling loved him and firmly believed that Mu Ling would choose to marry him after the accident… After all, Mu Ling had once forced him to marry her. But in the end, the facts once again shattered his fantasy. Mu Ling really doesn’t love him and has no feelings for him at all. Xue Yilou had always blamed Mu Ling before, thinking that Mu Ling was ignorant and didn’t know how to understand himself, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a little funny. Mu Ling doesn’t love him anymore, so it can’t be called forgiving him or anything else, but what about him? Xue Yilou has always been unwilling to admit that he fell in love with Mu Ling, but in fact, he did fall in love with Mu Ling. Perhaps if he and Mu Ling had continued to live together back then, the relationship between the two would have been completely wiped out in the end, but Mu Ling’s sudden departure when their relationship was still deep made him involuntarily brew this relationship more and more deeper. The reappearance of Mu Ling this time made his eyes shine even more, and he couldn’t help but focus on that radiant woman.

Because of his natural repulsion to “Master Jia”, Xue Yilou had never watched this movie before, but at this time, he opened the movie and watched it slowly from beginning to end. Seeing that the heroine played by Mu Ling in this movie was sad because of her fiancé’s betrayal, was finally being abandoned by her fiancé like a broken shoe, Xue Yilou seemed to see himself.

“Tell me, what have you been doing outside these few years? Bao Xiaoxing?” Mrs. Xue looked at her son angrily. She is not old-fashioned. It is fine for her son to have a few more love affairs, but this kind of thing makes her a little unacceptable, especially when his son is making out with the small stars and at the same time, he also met some girls she asked for introductions. Now Mrs. Xue feels very ashamed. She keeps introducing her son to others, saying how wonderful her son is, but in fact? Her son is a scumbag.

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“Isn’t it just for fun?” Xue Yilou said irritably.

“What fun! How can you do such a thing?”

“This kind of thing is very common.” Xue Yi said, not knowing whether he wanted to convince himself or his mother.

“There are some people who do this, but what those people do is immoral!” Mrs. Xue said, “If your father did this, what do you think I would think? What would you think?”

Xue Yilou momentarily Stuck, did he always think that a man has a wife at home and it’s nothing to play outside, but what if this person is his father? Although Xue Yilou is often impatient with his mother, in fact, the relationship between him and his mother is the best. After all, his father has always been busy with work and his mother has always taken care of him, so no matter how impatient he was with his mother, I will still listen to my mother’s nagging.

“You didn’t look for a good date and you did this kind of thing!” Mrs. Xue looked at Xue Yilou angrily.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” Xue Yi said. “What’s the use of saying sorry to me? You should apologize to Mu Shimei!” Mrs. Xue said.

“She doesn’t want to hear my apology anymore,” Xue Yi said.

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“I too wouldn’t forgive you.” Mrs. Xue put herself in her shoes and said immediately. Xue Yilou only felt that his heart had been hit hard, he wanted to scream out of the pain, and at the same time regretted immensely. He obviously wanted Mu Ling’s forgiveness, so why did he do something to offend Mu Ling again? In the future, he might really have no chance at all, right? But even though she thought so, Xue Yilou was her son after all, so she still hoped that Mu Ling would forgive her son. In order to get Mu Ling’s forgiveness, she bought a bunch of things specially and wanted to visit Mu Ling Ling’s parents.

However, she couldn’t find Mu family at all, so she could only get some news about Mu Ling and her granddaughter from the neighborhood where the Mu family lived and her own son. Mrs. Xue looked at the photos taken by the private detective again and again and she couldn’t get enough of them, but no matter how she looked at them, it was impossible for the child on them to really appear in front of her. What about Xue Yilou? He was disgusted by Mu Ling and Zhu Lanyu one after another, and he became a joke in the circle of friends… If his thoughts were the same as before, it would be nothing, but the point is that now he suddenly realized that what he did was really wrong, and he still loves Mu Ling. But what can I do? It’s all too late. The reason why Mrs. Xue couldn’t find Mu Ling was because Mu’s father and mother packed up their things and followed Mu Ling to the set. According to Mu Ling’s thinking, Mu’s father and mother have already changed their residence, and the security there is good, so they can continue to live there. There is no need to worry about Xue Yilou, but Mu’s father and mother don’t think so, they wanted to completely cut off the possibility of Mu Qiu meeting the Xue’s family.

“We’re all retired anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to go with your crew? Qiu’er can’t live without you and she has to see you.” Mu Mom said, the relationship between Mu Qiu and Mu Ling is very strong. Sometimes she looked at it, even couldn’t help feeling guilty, you know, she had never been so kind to her daughter before.

“Hmph!” Father Mu snorted. The two of them eventually followed Mu Ling into the “Lore” crew. Most people act without family members. Father Mu was worried that Mu Ling would be gossiped, so he went to find Director Liu and somehow, he became a consultant for the crew.

“Dad, how did you do it?” Mu Ling was very curious about this.

“My knowledge is very rich.” Mu’s father straightened his chest. After all, even though he is so old, he still knows a lot of things and understands a lot of situations. I chatted with the director and the director asked him to help look at somes and after the details, I also asked him about the layout of props and asked him to be a consultant. Father Mu is very proud, and Director Liu is also very satisfied with Father Mu. All the people who die in this crime-solving drama are rich people. They all want to rent or simply get some fake ones, but now that they meet Father Mu, the problem will be solved easily! Father Mu has a lot of various collections, not to mention, he also knows the way these things are placed!

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