Mu Ling’s New Life 18

Mu Ling’s New Life 18

Director Liu is not short of money, so the opening ceremony of “Lore” is very grand, which is completely different from Liang Jingnan who simplified it whenever she could. Although Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi were not acting as the hero and heroine, they also attended such an event, they also attracted the attention of many reporters. Although the male and female protagonists are well-known, the current topic level is not as high as them. Many reporters asked Mu Ling about Xue Yilou, but Mu Ling didn’t hide anything and told them all. She didn’t intentionally vilify Xue Yilou. After all, Xue Yilou will be ashamed if the events of that year were to be revealed, and she was also quite ashamed when she saw such a man. Therefore, she only said that Xue Yilou was her ex-boyfriend, and the two finally broke up, but she did not kill the child due to physical reasons, and gave birth to her daughter.

What Mu Ling said was very frank and straight forward, there was only such a little thing in total. It had already been mentioned on the Internet, so after a reporter asked, other reporters didn’t bother to ask again, then someone mentioned the relationship between Jing Wenyi and her. The cooperation between Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi is really not rare. After she reappeared in the entertainment circle this time, the nearest male star to her is Jing Wenyi. The two collaborated on a movie and interacted in the reality show There are also many people think they are a couple, and some fans have made some videos of the two of them by editing movies and reality TV shows.

“I just want focus on my career in the future.” Mu Ling smiled.

“Don’t everyone like to be called Sister Mu Shimei? She is also like a sister to me, even though she is the same age as me.” Jing Wenyi smiled. He admired Mu Ling quite a bit and obviously he liked Mu Shimei but he’s too boring, and of course he can’t catch up. Things like feelings must be mutual, not to mention that he actually pays more attention to career development now. When facing the media, Mu Ling has always been very frank. She did not hide anything and is not afraid of anything. Her aura is even stronger. On the contrary, the media dare not keep asking inappropriate questions. In addition, Director Liu is also too calm, there is no trouble in the end, presumably the media will not mention Xue Yilou again in the future. After the opening ceremony, “Lore” officially started filming.

Mu Ling has already read the script of “Lore”. The plot is very compact and there are basically no meaningless plots. It is a rare and good script. It is probably to help the actors get into the plot better and because there is no shortage of money, it is very rare to start filming from beginning to end. Of course, it still follows the timeline of the plot, not the timeline of the movie. So the first filming started with the scene where the sister of Qiu Zhishui, played by Mu Ling, was killed many years ago. In this scene, the director specially chose some clothes that were popular many years ago for everyone to change into, and the hairstyle was the same. In this scene, Qiu Zhishui’s sister will be on stage, but because the setting of the movie is that Qiu Zhishui and her sister look alike, it is Mu Ling who will be filmed in the end. In this scene, she basically just needs to cry and beg for mercy, and the actors who play the rich second generation who hurt her need to show drunken and ferocious expressions after taking drugs

. For this reason, Jing Wenyi and others specially watched the videos of drug addicts that the director had prepared for them from various channels… There are actually not many pre-movie clips, and it was finished three days later, then the actor officially join the group and start shooting. From the very beginning, the plot of the movie was dominated by the male lead, the female lead, and some other police officers. Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi sat together and watched them filming. I have to say that this crew is really much better than Liang Jingnan’s. There are far more staff coming and going than Liang Jingnan’s back then, but it’s not chaotic at all. Of course filming can’t always go smoothly all the time, even the male lead will be NG many times, these NGs may not be the fault of the male lead, but the problem of the supporting role but for the actor who played the male lead, there is nothing wrong and he acted very seriously every time. Mu Ling didn’t feel much about this, but Jing Wenyi was obviously emotional. He became popular very quickly, and he used to act in idol dramas and TV dramas, but he was not as down-to-earth as those old actors. Like Liang Jingnan’s previous crew, this crew too hires people to cook, but Liang Jingnan does this to save money. On the one hand, she does this to prevent the crew from being leaked by other people. But here, it is to better take care of the bodies of all the people involved in the shooting.

Therefore, there are nineteen people who are responsible for buying and cooking in the kitchen alone! These people also asked in advance about the tastes and taboos of the main actors, then a menu would be delivered to the assistant every day, so that several people could choose a few of their favorites and deliver them over at that time. Of course, there are not as many dishes to choose from as in outside restaurants, but they are enough to make people eat well, but the director told Mu Ling in advance: “Mu Shimei, you should eat less these days.”

Director Liu is not trying to treat the actors under him badly, it is really… The old man woke up early this morning and saw Mu Ling doing morning exercises. Look at that posture, she is really strong! Mu Ling’s role should be weak Liu Fufeng’s!

“…” Mu Ling looked at the sweat all over her body, and vaguely understood what was going on. Mu Qiu, who moved a small bench sat beside Mu Ling, who was waiting while watching Mu Ling exercise, looked up at Mu Ling, and then patted her own belly: “Eat more, you will be stronger!” This is what Mu Mu often said.

“Xiao Qiu’er, your mother is already very strong, you will know if you eat more you will gain more strength?” Director Liu patted Mu Qiu’s head and walked away with his hands behind his back. Although Director Liu had seen the audition, he was always worried that Mu Ling wouldn’t be able to act the way he wanted, but it turned out that he was thinking too much. The first scene of Mu Ling’s “Lore” was to participate in a reception with the cannon fodder male partner played by Jing Wenyi, who added a little mustache and dressed up in a more mature way. At the reception, she needs to cuddle up to Jing Wenyi all the time, she is timid and has no sense of presence—this last big boss has always been a passerby in the beginning. Mu Ling’s aura whohas always been very strong, but when she put on the dress prepared by the crew for Qiu Zhishui and stood beside Jing Wenyi, she looked very weak like a dodder flower. Not only did she not become the focus, but Jing Wenyi, who was still in the background, became more and more eye-catching.

“Okay!” Director Liu’s eyes lit up. In order to make themselves appear more in front of the camera, some actors know that they can’t be the focus, and they will find ways to increase their presence, but Mu Ling perfectly fulfilled his request! Before, he thought that Mu Ling was too strong and not thin enough, but looking at it now… the girl who snuggled up to Jing Wenyi was weak enough to be pitied. There are still some NGs. Director Liu has high requirements for the picture, but the shooting is generally smooth. In the previous scene, Mu Ling accompanied Jing Wenyi to attend the banquet together, but in the next scene, is the scene of the death played by Jing Wenyi will be filmed.

Before filming, Mu Ling found Mu’s mother in advance and asked her to take away Mu Qiu who had been playing on the set. Although the real “killing” scene would probably be cut out because it couldn’t pass in reality but the director would still shoot it. Post-editing, and such a scene is definitely not suitable for a child like Mu Qiu to see.

“Mom.” Mu Qiu grabbed Mu Ling’s hand, a little unwilling to leave.

“Mom will go back soon, and I’ll tell you a story later.” Mu Ling wanted to rub Mu Qiu’s face, but remembered that she still had makeup on her face, she finally held back.

“Okay.” Mu Qiu showed a big smile.

“Sister Mu, your daughter is so cute and well-behaved.” An actress who played the role of a policewoman in the crew said with a smile.

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“Yes.” Mu Ling nodded.

“Sister Mu, it must be very hard to take care of the child by herself?” the actress said again.

“The child is very well-behaved.” Mu Ling smiled. Mu Qiu is indeed very well-behaved. She can play with a piece of paper for most of the day by himself. To be honest, sometimes Mu Ling doesn’t even know whether to interrupt the other party or let the other party continue to behave like this. Focus on immersing yourself in your own world. After Mu Qiu left, Mu Ling and Jing Wenyi filmed the scene where Qiu Zhishui killed Shang Xi. This was the first time Qiu Zhishui killed someone in the movie. At that time, Shang Xi was already drunk and didn’t move but she still hesitated to do it. Her hands were shaking all the time, she was not as proficient as she was later. After a while, the expression on her face became very firm again. She tied up the drunk businessman with adhesive tape in the businessman’s villa in the suburbs, and then cut open the businessman’s stomach… After doing all this, Qiu Zhishui wiped away all traces of herself, then took the businessman’s phone and left without a sound. Afterwards, Qiu Zhishui came to a small restaurant in the city where she often went to eat, then ate and chatted with a friend of hers, but she went to the toilet halfway, and then used the victim’s mobile phone to call her next target. On the phone, at the same time, she played several recordings that she had prepared a long time ago.

“Old Seven, I’ve been having a hard time these days.” Shang Xi’s voice seemed a little unreal.

“What’s the matter with you, fifth?” Lao Qi on the other end of the phone asked nonchalantly.

“I often dream about things from the past, and when I wake up suddenly, I’m in a cold sweat…”

“You’re just too obsessed with what happened back then. There are no ghosts in this world…” Lao Qi frowned and said, but he was interrupted by the other party’s.

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“She’s here, she’s here to look for me…” For some reason, Shang Xi’s voice made people’s hairs stand on end, then there was the sound of the phone being dropped from the other end of the phone, and then there was silence. Of course there will be silence, because Qiu Zhishui has already turned off the phone. She stayed in the store until midnight, then went back to her apartment to sleep soundly.

Lao Qi was taken aback by the phone call from Shang Xi. He started looking for Shang Xi everywhere, but found nothing because he didn’t know that Shang Xi had a villa in the suburbs… He couldn’t tell people about things that seemed to be haunted. One day, the police reported that the businessman was missing, then the hero who played the policeman found Qiu Zhishui who had been very close to the businessman recently. Qiu Zhishui took them to the villa, secretly put down the mobile phone of the businessman and then pretended to be so frightened that she was almost unconscious. The protagonist doesn’t let go, which makes the heroine jealous. During the filming, this scene was filmed together, but in the end… Qiu Zhishui’s murder scene and other scenes will be edited after the case is finally solved. From the beginning, whether it is in the eyes of the audience or the police hero, she is always the same, just a poor, scared girl.

These plots add up to a lot, it took two full days to shoot. During these two days, Jing Wenyi lay on the ground for about five or six hours. Try not to move as much as possible, and finally stood up and shouted to take a bath: “It’s too sticky, I’m itchy all over!”

“Apply it for a while longer to ensure your skin is a level whiter!” Director Liu laughed.

“…” Jing Wenyi was speechless.

“Young man you are doing good, I’ll give you a red envelope later.” Director Liu said again, if a group performer plays a dead person, they will give an extra red envelope, let alone an actor like Jing Wenyi. In fact, he is not particularly satisfied with Jing Wenyi’s acting skills, but Jing Wenyi is highly topical and easy to get along with, so he still has a good impression of Jing Wenyi.

“There are still red envelopes! Then I’ll treat everyone to dinner today!” Jing Wenyi said with a smile. His part of the show has been completely over and he is about to leave the film crew. Before leaving, treating everyone to dinner can be regarded as a bond of friendship. Of course, the director didn’t disagree. That night, Jing Wenyi booked a nearby restaurant that combines hot pot and barbecue, invited the entire crew to dinner. Some people in the crew couldn’t go, so he also arranged for them by delivering takeaway.

In Director Liu’s crew, even a small make-up artist may be a well-known person in the industry, and there are only advantages and no disadvantages if you make friends. At Jing Wenyi’s invitation, Mu’s mother also took Mu Qiu to eat dinner. Although Mu Qiu was small, she didn’t make a fuss at all, and sat obediently on the seat from beginning to end.

“Mu Ling, do you want your daughter to play a cameo role in the TV series?” Director Liu asked with a smile as he watched it curiously.

“Director Liu, I’m afraid this child will just stand there blankly. If you want to yell at her, I’m her mother, will stand up for her. Are you sure you want her to play a guest role?” Mu Ling laughed.

“In order to avoid being yelled at, forget it.” Director Liu laughed.

Mu Ling tactfully rejected Director Liu’s proposal. After dinner, she carried Mu Qiu to the hotel where they were staying. It’s just that she didn’t expect that before they got close to the car, a woman in the middle quickly stepped up and stopped them. The woman’s eyes were almost glued to Mu Qiu, she still looked a bit like Xue Yilou… Although she had never met Mrs. Xue before, Mu Ling confirmed her identity immediately. She didn’t have a good impression of Mrs. Xue, or it should be that the original owner didn’t have a good impression of Mrs. Xue. When Xue Yilou forced the original owner to have an abortion, she said something like “How could my mother like a woman like you?” up” and the like. Even at the beginning, when the original owner wanted to disclose their relationship, Xue Yilou used his mother to prevaricate her, saying that his mother had not agreed and could not take her to see others.

“Hello, you are Mu Shimei, right? I am Xue Yilou’s mother.” Mrs. Xue smiled at Mu Ling.

“Is Madam Xue okay?” Mu Ling asked.

“I want to talk to you about Qiu’er. I won’t compete with you for Qiu’er’s custody, but since Qiu’er is the daughter of that bastard son of mine, the child support will always be paid.” Mrs. Xue said anxiously. Looking at Mu Ling.

Although Mu Ling hid in the crew, they still had a way to inquire if they wanted to. She even spent money to buy some photos of Mu Qiu from someone on the crew. Those who joined the crew had signed relevant agreements. If they disclosed the situation of the crew, they would be responsible, but sending Mu Qiu’s photo was obviously not included.

Mrs. Xue was very polite, but Mu Ling still refused: “Mrs. Xue, no need.”

If the Xue family really paid the child support, there would be no way to refuse the Xue family’s request to see Mu Qiu. Woolen cloth? Things will get more and more troublesome?

“How can I not use it? This child is also my granddaughter, and the blood relationship is endless!” Madam Xue said eagerly. She knew that her son had done something wrong, but she still wanted her granddaughter: “Mu Shimei, even if I go to court, there is no reason why I, a grandmother, cannot see my granddaughter.”

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