5th Story 12

5th Story 12

“Mother, it was a mistake to send the third sister to the Fifth Prince’s Mansion. Now, the boat is over, and it is useless to talk about it. Now all you can do is to go to the fifth prince palace to see the third sister, but you must not mention the matter of picking up people.” Shu Jiaren pretended not to see Wang’s face persuading her hard-heartedly, but she actually regretted it a little bit, why did she choose this family after so many choices. However, given her background people with better conditions would look down on her.

“Hey, the fifth prince was reprimanded by the emperor, and his future has been cut off. What can’t we say!?. Are we still afraid that he will not be a poor prince? Back then, when your father was there, those princes had to be respectful to him when they saw him.” Wang Shi said angrily.

“Mother, you also know that it was back then. Now our family has lost its sacred heart and has been reduced from a marquis to a viscount, it is time to be cautious. Don’t forget that no matter how bad the fifth prince is, he is still the emperor’s flesh and blood. If there is trouble, do you think the emperor will favor the fifth prince, or favor our Fang family?” Shu Jiaren persuaded patiently.

“Can you just watch Mianru suffer?” Wang Shi was even more angry.

“You were the one who insisted on sending the third sister to the Fifth Prince’s Mansion!” Shu Jiaren was also a little angry. This mother-in-law had high self-esteem, ignorant and vain, but she was lucky and had a good baby before becoming a marquis. If it were her as a Madam, she would definitely do much better than her.

“Are you accusing me?” Mrs. Wang looked at Shu Jiaren coldly, “Hmph, if it weren’t for you, the third lady of the Fang family would be Mrs. Xiao. With the help of the Xiao family, nothing can’t be done. Our family won’t lose the title, the fourth and fifth won’t leave, Mianru can also marry a good family, all of this is caused by you, how dare you accuse me?” Wang’s life has been smooth sailing before, how can she bear it? She was accused in front of her son by a junior she had always looked down on, but a few sons were still cowardly and incompetent, watching from the side without saying a word supporting their mother.

Shu Jiaren’s expression changed, and she repeatedly reminded herself to be patient and not to argue with a fool! “Mother, daughter-in-law doesn’t dare to accuse you. It’s just stating the facts. The Fang family is now in a state of turmoil and can no longer offend the royal family. This is also the life of the third sister.”

Fang Jingrui felt that Shu Jiaren’s words made sense, and he didn’t want to kill her for the sake of her sister. The whole family got in and made trouble with the royal family. Mother, your brain is broken! “Mother, I think what the third younger brother wife said makes sense. Let’s forget about the third younger sister! It’s really not good, let Qinger’s mother accompany you to the Fifth Prince’s Mansion to see the third younger sister, and send some money, medicine or something.”

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“Yes, mother, you let the third sister live in the Fifth Prince’s Mansion. Alas, it’s also the third sister’s fault. The fifth princess clearly said that they should not go out to provoke the fifth prince. The third sister is just being clever. Good eh!?! You can’t blame others for this matter.” Fang Jingqian also changed his tone immediately, following Shu Jiaren’s words, he didn’t want to bring a whole family in for his sister. “Actually, mother, if you think about it this way, although the fifth prince is a bit tyrannical, he is still better than the seventh prince who has lost one leg! Speaking of which, the third sister has escaped the catastrophe!”

Looking at the cowardly and incompetent eldest son and second son, Mrs. Wang felt a chill in her heart. Although she knew that what the sons said made sense, she was the youngest daughter that she loved the most. The sons said that, she was really chilled, “Jingrong, You have always had the best relationship with Mianru, what do you say?” She pinned all her hopes on her youngest son, Jingrong has always been honest and kind, and will definitely not be as cruel as the eldest and second.

Fang Jingrong sighed, “I am also very sad to hear what happened to the third sister. But mother, I think what the Meiren said is reasonable. Besides, father is at home, and the husband is married. The third sister is already a member of the royal family, No…”

“Enough! How did I give birth to you ruthless idiots!” Wang shi said weakly, clutching his chest.

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Fang Jingrui frowned, “Mother, say what you want, but the third sister’s affairs are over, and we can’t take care of it. Instead of worrying about the third sister here, let’s discuss what to do next!”

Fang Jingqian also sighing, “Yeah, the seventh prince and the fifth prince have been abandoned. What should our family do now? Is it too late to rely on the prince?”

Fang Jingrui looked at Shu Jiaren, “Third younger siblings? What do you think?”

Just as Shu Jiaren was about to speak, the housekeeper suddenly came in panting, “It’s not good, old lady, it’s not good, the imperial decree is down.” Fang Jingrui’s eyes widened, “What’s wrong?”

Everyone was stunned. Fang Jingqian put money on the outside to kill people. He was included in a book by the imperial censor. The Fang family’s property was confiscated. Even the Fang family was not allowed to live in this house.

Wang Shi suddenly rolled his eyes and fainted.

While worried about his mother, Fang Jingrui was shocked by the content of the imperial decree.

Fang Jingqian was beaten and scolded by his wife, Fang Jingrui supported Shu Jiaren, whose face was ashes, and didn’t know what to do. The entire Fang family was crying, but no one stood up to preside over the overall situation.

The eunuch who passed the decree stood there with a blank expression, “Accept the decree! Someone will come to check it later. The miscellaneous advises you to clean up earlier. Your Majesty is merciful, only the property of the public servant, and the dowries of the female family members of each house not be inspected, you guys, hurry up and take out the dowry list from each house! Avoid the time, there will be more and less.”

As soon as these words were said, the female relatives who were still crying and fighting immediately regained their energy, got up and ran to the room without looking at their mother-in-law lying on the ground.

Fang Jingrui and Fang Jingqian moved out with their wives and children. Shu Jiaren originally came to Fang’s house alone. Over the years, she only cared about how to attract Fang Jingrui’s attention. I never imagined that a dignified Zhenbeihou mansion would collapse so quickly, so no private money was saved at all. Seeing that the two older brothers had their own places, Fang Jingrui held her newborn son in one hand and Shu Jiaren in the other, standing blankly at the door.

“Big brother, second brother, you can’t ignore us!” Fang Jingrui said when he saw the older brother and the second brother were about to leave.

Just as Fang Jingrui was about to speak, his wife gave him a hard pinch behind his back and said with a smile, “Third uncle, it’s not that sister-in-law won’t help you, it’s really helpless. Your elder brother is the eldest son, and mother is taken care of by us, plus there are so many nephews and nieces, how can you burden us? Why don’t you go to the second brother. This disaster was caused by him, and the second brother’s family has few children, so it’s okay to raise the three of you.”

“Sister-in-law, what you said is wrong. You have a big family to support, and we also have a big family to support. Now the property has been confiscated only our dowry is left. But don’t forget mother’s dowry is still there. Well, you and the eldest brother are smart enough to take over your mother don’t you want to take your mother’s dowry all by yourself?”

“Hmph, the second brother and sister’s words are so funny, we are the eldest house, even if we split up, we have to inherit a third of the family business. Second, the remaining of 30% is divided between you and the third brother. So, let’s separate, I won’t let you suffer. In a few days, I will see someone send the money.”

“Sister-in-law, stop joking we are not talking about the family property, now we’re talking about mother’s dowry, mother’s dowry can be given to whoever if she wants, and it’s mother’s business to give more and less. When will it comes to you to be in charge of mother?”

Wang Shiyou woke up and heard that the two daughters-in-law were fighting for her dowry, Wang Shi sat up on the rattan chair with a blank face, “You all stop fighting, I will stay with Jingrong’s family.”

“Mother!” Fang Jingrong and Fang Jingqian didn’t say a word just now, watching their wives quarrel, they all shouted at this moment.

“No one needs to talk about it anymore. Your wives have dowries, and you have stretched your hands all these years. Those are enough for your family to live. But Jingrong has a simple temper and has no private room at all. Are you going to watch Jingrong starve to death? This is the brother of the same mother and compatriot! Hmph, when the disaster is imminent, I finally saw it today!” Wang Shi said angrily.

The two daughters-in-law of the Fang family wanted to say more, but Fang Jingrui and Fang Jingqian held their wives to stop them from talking. They have been fascinated by their mother’s methods since they were young. They are not comparable to their brainless wives. It is better not to offend them. Besides, they are all children of their mothers. Although mother is partial to the third brother, she will not ignore them. In the future bring the grandchildren and granddaughters to greet mother, mother will always be soft-hearted, why bother her at this time.

When Fang Jingrong heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief, let go of Shu Jiaren, and approached Wang with a look of joy, “Mother, you are finally awake. My son is worried to death.”

Wang nodded at Fang Jingrong, and his eyes flashed. A touch of gentleness. But she turned to look at Shu Jiaren, her eyes were cold, and Shu Jiaren suddenly had an ominous premonition in her heart.

In the teahouse not far away, Xiao Qingyuan and his sons stood by the window on the second floor, watching the Fang family’s dejected appearance from a distance.

Xiao Qingyuan was expressionless, “Don’t let your guard down, the rabbit jumps over the wall in a hurry! Not to mention people.”

Xiao Yi nodded, “Father, don’t worry, the son knows what he knows.” Xiao Shan gears up, “Father, the son can find a chance to beat him up and greet that bastard “have a meal”? I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.”

Xiao Si glanced at him, “Third brother, don’t mess around! It’s not so easy since that they no longer associates our Xiao family with the Fang family, if you If you really beat him, it is estimated that the matter of sister will be brought up again.”

“Okay, it’s cheaper for him.” Xiao Shan said.

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