5th Story 13

5th Story 13

It was a year later when Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran returned to the capital. They hurriedly rushed back to the capital a few days before the Queen Mother’s birthday. They first returned to their palace to change their clothes, and immediately went to the palace to greets the Queen Mother and the emperor also gives palaces the gifts they brought back.

Cheng Nuo said with a smile: “My son and daughter-in-law didn’t go to one place, we wanted to buy them when we saw something fun, and brought them back to mother. There are a lot of delicious foods, but unfortunately, most of them can’t be brought back before. I brought a lot of Jinhua ham this time. I have already instructed Wei Wei to make a ham stew at noon. There are also those wild fruits and wild game brought by Shuzhong, mother must taste it. Those jewelry ahh, your daughter-in-law chooses the clothes and so on. Do mother and sister-in-law still like it?”

The queen mother smiled and looked at Cheng Nuo, “I like it, mother likes it very much. Sure enough since you have become a family member… You change…. just different. Before, you came back, you didn’t remember to bring these to the Aijia. Today, let’s rest in the palace and talk to Aijia well.”

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“Not today, I finally came back, I have to accompany my wife back to Xiao’s house, and the whole family is looking forward to it! Tomorrow, tomorrow I will come to the palace to talk to you again.” Cheng Nuo said with a smile.

The queen mother glanced at Li Yueran, who was talking and laughing with the queen and the crown princess. She was not angry and asked quietly, “How do you feel after marrying a wife?”

Cheng Nuo also said hilariously, “It feels good. Great! In the past, I used to go wherever I wanted. Now, I have to think about whether it is safe or dangerous. But my wife is really nice and not squeamish at all. Empress, you don’t know, once we got lost in a mountain and couldn’t get out so we just rest in the mountain that night. We lit a pair of bonfires, barbecued and chatted around the bonfire, and then fell asleep on the ground when we were sleepy. The feeling were great.”

“Really, your daughter-in-law looks so cute and can stand it?” the queen mother said angrily.

“As long as I like it, she listens to me. At home, I call the shots!” Cheng Nuo said proudly.

“That’s good, Aijia afraid that you will be controlled by a woman. But in the future, you should do less of this. After all, she’s a girl.” The queen mother advised.

“Don’t worry, mother!” Cheng Nuo said with a smile.

“A Yuan, how long do you plan to stay in the capital this time? You have been married for more than a year. Didn’t you say you would have a stepchild? Just so, the harem Yang Mei gave birth to a son and the descendants are gone. , do you want it?” The emperor asked tentatively.

“Hey, brother, I don’t plan to have children right now. I haven’t had enough fun, it’s so troublesome to take the children on the road. Let’s talk about it in a few years! Besides, I don’t plan to stay in the capital for long, after my mother’s birthday we plan to go the north, go to Dunhuang to see the murals, go to the desert to see the sunrise. Then go the east, go to the seaside to see. After a few years, when we have enough playing then we will continue with a matter of children.” Cheng Nuo laughed.

“What do you know other than playing? Yang Mei died when she gave birth to Xiao Shi, and there is no one in her mother’s family. You can take Xiao Shi to raise him at this time, so that the child will be close to you when he is young. In a few years there may not be a suitable one, and you will be the one who will be in trouble.” The emperor is also for Cheng Nuo’s good.

“That’s it, or else, go through the adoption formalities first, and let the mother or the emperor’s sister-in-law raise Little Eleven for me. After a few years when he’s a little older, I’ll pick him up to play with him for a few more years.” Cheng Nuo didn’t want to argue with the emperor over this trivial matter, so he said with a smile.

“You only know how to play! You are not half as sensible as the prince, and the prince knows how to share the burden for me. You are an uncle, and you are not as sensible as a nephew!” The emperor said with a stern face.

Cheng Nuo didn’t take it seriously. If he really shared the burden for him, it is estimated that the emperor should be worried.

After having lunch in the palace, Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran left the palace and did not return to their palace, they went directly to Xiao’s house. A gust of breeze blew, and the curtain of the car was lifted to a corner, revealing Li Yueran’s happy smiling face, which made a man in a blue shirt on the side of the road stunned, let out a sigh and turned away.

When they arrived at the Xiao family, sure enough, everyone in the Xiao family was waiting. Seeing Li Yueran, the Xiao family was both happy and sad. The light that came out was very dazzling, which showed that this year was going well outside.

Li Yueran held Li’s arm and sat there talking to everyone about what she had seen along the way, sometimes dancing, sometimes dancing walking and when she was happy, she stood up and paced back and forth excitedly.

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Xiaojia and other younger generations were very eager to hear it, “I really envy my aunt, it would be nice if we could go out for a walk, saving me from being bored in the house all day and becoming a frog at the bottom of the well.”

Li Yueran heard this, her heart moved, “Xiao Jia is right. They say that reading ten thousand volumes of books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles. The more you see, the wider your knowledge and the broader your horizons. I think this is a good idea. If mother and sisters-in-law willing, I will discuss it with the lord and take Xiaojia and the others out for a walk?”

Li was a little moved, if she took Xiaojia, her daughter would definitely not leave the capital for too long, she didn’t say where want to go. She can’t feel at ease. But she won’t make her own decisions. “It’s still up to your father and your brother to decide this matter.”

Princess Shaohua was a little moved. She was not the traditional mother who wanted her son to stay under her nose all her life and refused to let go. As a member of the royal family, she knew how it is best for children. “Sister has a good idea. I don’t know how your brother is, but I agree. I can rest assured that Xiaojia and the others will hand it over to my sister.” Princess Shaohua expressed her opinion.

Li Yueran smiled, “It’s my good fortune that my sister-in-law trusts me. It’s still up to my father and brothers to agree. Anyway, the prince and I will stay in the capital for a little longer, so don’t worry.”

Princess Shaohua nodded and smiled.

No matter how reluctant Li Yueran was, there was no reason to stay at Xiao’s house. After dinner, Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran went back to their palace.

On the way back, Li Yueran told Cheng Nuo about the idea of taking Xiaojia and the others out. Cheng Nuo nodded in agreement, “This is a good idea, with the wisdom of my father-in-law and several brother s, this matter will definitely be agreed. I have an idea. When I look back, I will discuss with the royal brother. The oldest of the prince’s cubs is ten years old, and it’s time to go out and meet the world. With that one-third of the acre.”

Li Yueran smiled, “Do you think the emperor and the prince will agree? That is the prince’s direct son, the eldest grandson of the emperor.”

Cheng Nuo rolled his eyes, “Those who can be emperors are not fools, my eldest nephew can sit in peace. It is not a fool to secure the throne of the crown prince. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this matter. Although going out to see the world can increase your knowledge and broaden your mind, it is just that you are not in the palace for a long time, and your relationship will inevitably be unfamiliar. Forget it, I only mention it to the emperor and the others. It should be their business to think the advantages and disadvantages” Cheng Nuo also knew that the royal family did not need the Xiao family, and the royal family might not be able to agree to anything that the Xiao family could agree to.

Sure enough, that night, the Xiao family sent a message, saying that Xiao Qingyuan had spoken, and asked the eighth-year-old grandchildren to go out with Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran. Li Yueran smiled, “Now that counts, only Xiao A and Xiao B from the eldest brother’s family and Xiao C from the second brother’s family meet the conditions.”

Cheng Nuo put a piece of fruit to Li Yueran’s mouth, “It’s what my father-in-law is more thoughtful, he thinks that if they are too young, afraid they will causing trouble for us, eight years old is just right, half a little adult.”

Li Yueran ate the fruit, and then angrily said: “Don’t feed me any more, I’m not hungry!”

“It just fruits, you won’t get fat if you eat. Besides, if you don’t make up for it, the mother-in-law should feel distressed again. Don’t worry, no matter how fat you are, I won’t despise you!” Cheng Nuo smiled and put another piece of fruit into Li Yueran’s mouth.

Li Yueran sighed helplessly, and was reluctant to eat saying that the fruit of today is better than the future generations, not to mention how sweet, but the original taste, the fragrance is soft and greasy. The husband and wife sat facing each other and finished eating a plate of fruit. Li Yueran felt her slightly bulging belly and sighed. Cheng Nuo understood the women’s struggle between eating and losing weight, and smiled, “Why don’t we do some exercise to digest food?”

Li Yueran rolled his eyes at him, “Bah! You think so beautifully, tomorrow’s imperial sister-in-law has an appointment with me. I can’t be late for viewing the flowers.” She e turned around and left.

Cheng Nuo hugged her from behind and ran to the bedroom, “I want to run, but there is no door!” The husband and wife laughed and disappeared into the flower hall.

In Qingren Lane, west of Beijing, Fang Jingrong has not returned to his room for a long time, sitting alone under the lamp, holding a book in his hand start to read but only he knows that the page in his hand has not been turned for a long time. Today, Baoer is sick and because his mother doesn’t like his cousin she doesn’t even like Baoer, even the servant refuses to prescribe medicine for Baoer. In desperation, he had no choice but to go and get the medicine for Bao’er in person. As a result, on the way, he saw the Xiao family his ex-fiancee..

The stereotyped image in his memory suddenly came alive, which made Fang Jingrong a little uncomfortable. Before the engagement, he took advantage of the opportunity of incense to meet Xiao Shi once, but at that time he was full of cousins and didn’t pay attention to Xiao Shi at all. Now, seeing Xiao Shi at first glance reminds Fang Jingrong of the past. Back then, he was the direct son of the Hou Mansion, with his elder brother to inherit the family business, and as a younger brother to manage the afternoon.

What about now? He, his cousin and Baoer, depended on his mother for life. The cousin had to be wronged and seek perfection to please her mother, while he was forced to take the path that he once hated the most, – study hard and to seek fame. He has also become the kind of person he once hated the most. Fang Jingrong has always felt that there is nothing wrong with this.

But the moment he saw Xiao Shi, Fang Jingrong suddenly realized that his life should not have been like this. Power, wealth, beauty, and a bright future should all belong to me. Why, everything has changed!

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