5th Story 15

5th Story 15

Fang Jingrong stood there blankly without any reaction. Seeing this Fang Jingrui sighed shook his head and left.He was really spoiled, he has reached to this point but he still has no responsibility at all. He himself can’t do anything, he still has a big family to support and it doesn’t make sense to support his younger brother and nephew. It doesn’t mean that even his mother doesn’t care about him!? If you want to blame, you can only blame himself for not knowing people! He’s in love with such a scourge! The Fang family has raised her so big but she dared to do such a thing, she treats us as dead people! Fang Jingrui made up his mind to catch Shu Jiaren and deal with her properly!

The whole room suddenly became quiet, and the wet nurse Yan came out with Bao’er in her arms. Looking at the scene where the man went to the empty house, she felt a little scared then she looked at Fang Jingrong, who was still standing there stupidly. The wet nurse gritted her teeth, thinking that she wanted to fend for herself but she couldn’t bear to look at Bao’er who was sleeping soundly in her arms. Her son died when he was five months old, when she became more and more heartbroken, the aunt next door introduced her this job as a nurse in Fang’s family. With her motherly’s love which had nowhere to rest, had a place to rest when she saw Bao’er. She really loves Bao’er as her own son. Bao’er was not in good health, so he cried all night. At first, the third lady would hold her in her arms and coax him patiently, but after a while, the third lady lost her patience, she doesn’t like when Bao’er crying, as long as Bao’er is happy, she can hug Bao’er all night. She looked at Fang Jingrong, who was in a state of despair, she gritted her teeth. She still knew the situation of this family. The third master had no property, he had nothing to live on. This family didn’t care much about Bo’er either. The third lady took the family’s money and ran away again, but it is estimated that she could not run that far but even if she was caught, it wouldn’t bring any good for Bao’er. The old lady had always disliked Bao’er who is was picked up by the second Master. In this family, no one really cared about Bao’er. A crazy idea suddenly popped up in her mind, she wants to take Bao’er away!

Anyway, no one in this family cares about Bao’er. If she takes Bao’er away, it will be different. Her husband is a honest man, her father-in-law and mother-in-law are also kind people. After her son died, father-in-law and mother-in-law even thought about adopting a child for them. Bao’er is white and tender and has a good appearance, her parents-in-law and her husband will definitely like him very much. They can move to a place where no one else knows them and start their lives anew. Nurse Yan made up her mind, she didn’t care about what happened to Fang Jingrong, she hugged Bao’er and went back to the room. Although the Fang family was down and out, they still had a lot of good things. She just took one or two, which was enough for their family to live on. She remembered that Bao’er got a lot of things during the full moon, and they were all stored in Bao’er’s bedside table, including several longevity lock amulets made of pure gold, not to mention toys inlaid with various jewels. With these, they can buy some fields, or do some small business, they can live a good life with Bao’er.

Holding Bao’er in her arms, Yan packed the things she collected in her bag, while people’s hearts were floating and no one was paying attention, she slipped away quietly through the back door. When the servants found out that the young master was not there, it was already two hours later. They told Fang Jingrong in a panic, but they saw that Fang Jingrui kept in the posture when the old lady’s left, he’s not moving at all. There was no response to the news of the disappearance and the servants didn’t care as they saw him as a father didn’t care. If it weren’t for the fact that they are all born in the family and their body deeds are still in the hands of the Fang family they would have left long ago. There were also loyal servants who went to find Fang Jingrui. Fang Jingrui was busy pouring tea in front of Mrs. Wang, so he didn’t have time to take care of this matter. He just said that he knew, and then asked someone to report to the official and he didn’t care about it anymore. .Anyway, it’s the third son’s son and the third one himself doesn’t care about it, he can only care that far as an uncle.

“Where’s the third child?” Fang Jingrui asked after thinking about it.

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“Third Master just stood there like a fool, without moving.”

“Okay, I know.” Fang Jingrui rolled his eyes, the mud couldn’t support the wall! Isn’t it just a woman? What are you sad for? Fang Jingrui didn’t bother to talk to him anymore.

In fact, no one knew that the sadness in Fang Jingrong’s heart had flowed like a river! He was holding a luminous pearl in his hand all the time, it was the token of love between him and his cousin, the past vows of eternal love and tenderness were still vivid in his memory, he didn’t understand how she became what she is today! He has been working hard for their future. He has changed so much and sacrificed so much for her. He even abandoned his bottom line and his belief in life for her, he endured the disgust and the desecrated of the sacred. Is it not enough to read the books and earn fame with your heart? He has already paid so much, why does she still leaving so recklessly, so heartlessly! Could it be that, all this time, I have misjudged her? Perhaps, she is such a selfish woman in her bones? So, what did I pay for this selfish woman? From the son of the Hou’s mansion to his current desolate appearance, it’s all because of this woman. With a gentle and hypocritical face, she disguised her hypocritical and selfish heart, and confuses him step by step, letting him immerse himself in her gentleness….. One wrong step, one wrong step! The second brother is right, it’s all my fault! I misread the person!

Fang Jingrong was not reconciled and he keeps sinking like this. His life shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be! This was the last thought of Fang Jingrong, who had been standing in the wind for a long time, finally fainted due to the wind and cold.

Half a year later, Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran returned to Beijing with Feng Xiao, Xiao Jia and others. Seeing that home was right in front of him, Xiao Jia touched his tender face. Originally, he thought that if he went out for a trip, he would definitely turn black and ugly. He never thought that under the wise leadership of his little aunt, he would apply the facial mask every day, his skin has not become rough at all, it is as pink and tender as before, it seems that he can finally keep his reputation as the most beautiful man in the Xiao family.

Feng Xiao took a look at Xiao Jia, and rolled his eyes helplessly, “Manly man, he pays so much attention to his appearance, how decent is he! Besides, a darker skin is a spirit man’s!” Xiao Jia, Xiao B and Xiao B all followed their uncles and grandmothers after making facial masks, all of them are white and tender. There is no difference in appearance except that they are more stronger. This made Feng Xiao very disdainful. The reason why he chose to go out with his uncle was to prove that he had grown up.

Xiao Yi retorted: “We are still young, so we don’t need to be men for the time being. My aunt said that if the grandmothers and mothers see us turning black and rough, they will definitely be sad. Maybe they will surround us with tears! Don’t you know that women’s divergent thinking is terrifying!? They will automatically imagine how much hardship and fatigue you have suffered along the way from then they will they forced you with brain supplements, tonic food and care day and night, can you bear it?”

The carriage first sent Xiao Jia, Xiao B and Xiao Bing back to Weiyuan Marquis Mansion, Li Yueran also stayed behind then Cheng Nuo personally sent Feng Xiao back to the palace.

Mrs. Li, Princess Shaohua and Princess Mingzhu looked the three of them up and down, and saw that they had grown taller and stronger, their temperament had also changed a lot. Standing with Xiaoding and the others, the difference was very obvious. But other than that, all of them are white and tender, they didn’t look like they have been wandering outside for half a year. Princess Shaohua and Princess Mingzhu let go of their worries then felt embarrassed. Their sons went out to practice and they was taken care of so well, which shows how much thought their sister-in-law has put into it.

“Sister must have put a lot of thought into it! Look at these three white and tender looks, they are better than Xiaoding’s skin. Really, they are all brats, so what is Jingui doing!”

“Exactly! Next time don’t differentiate this boys they should be raised extensively, don’t spoil them.” Princess Mingzhu said with a smile as she put her arms around her son.

Li Yueran smiled at Xiao A, Xiao B and Xiao C, and the four showed a smile that only they could understand. Perhaps because they saw that their sons were well taken care of, Xiao Jia and the others escaped the greetings from the grandmothers and mothers. After a few pleasantries, they took the younger brothers out to brag about the mountains. Li Yueran was left to talk to her mother and sister-in-laws.

Feng Xiao in the palace didn’t have such a good luck. When the princess saw him, she hugged him in distress and cried on the spot. The empress didn’t hold back, “My poor Xiao’er!” He also cried, when the empress dowager cried. Feng Xiao was surrounded by the tears of the three women and felt very helpless. He has grown taller, grown up, his horizons have broadened, his thoughts have deepened, and his realm has changed. Haven’t you seen all of this? Not only were the women crying but even the prince’s eyes were red. The emperor was a little better, but he looked at Feng Xiao with distressed eyes. Feng Xiao’s younger brothers who originally had different thoughts looked at him with sympathy. Feng Xiao feel more helpless. Why does everyone only care about his appearance and not his inner being! Could it be that Xiaojia and the others are telling the truth? Women are always so superficial?

Cheng Nuo smiled smugly, it’s time! Let you not listen to my wife!

Seeing his grandson surrounded by women, the emperor called Cheng Nuo to the side to speak, “How long do you plan to stay in Beijing this time?”

“I haven’t figured it out yet, what’s wrong?” Cheng Nuo said.

“It’s not a matter of adoption! Ever since mother knew that you were coming back, she has been asking. You should also calm down and stay in the capital, right? Xiao Shiyi has been raised in the mother’s harem. This child is very well-behaved, did not make trouble at all. The queen mother likes him very much. Alas! At the beginning of the year, mother had a serious illness, after waking up, she was not as good as before. She has feelings for Xiao Shiyi and wants to arrange everything for him. Ah Yuan, you just follow queen mother’s mind!” The emperor glanced at the queen mother and said.

“Okay, I’ll go back and discuss it with Wen’er. If she has no objections, I’ll come to the palace to pick him up tomorrow.” Cheng Nuo actually didn’t intend to adopt the child so early, he hasn’t played enough yet. But the queen mother looked so much older and he still had some feelings for the queen mother.

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“Well, that’s good.” The emperor smiled.

Cheng Nuo came out of the palace, went to the Marquis of Weiyuan for dinner and then picked Li Yueran back to the mansion. On the way, passing a corner, suddenly a man in rags rushed to the carriage, “Xiao Wen, I was wrong, I was wrong. I am your husband, let’s start again! I was wrong, I was wrong!”

The guards immediately went over to pull him away, pushed him to the ground viciously, then cursed: “Where did you come from, you lunatic, if you dare to talk nonsense, I will break your dog legs!”

The man watched the carriage drive away, still muttering, “I am your husband, we got engaged first. I was wrong, I was wrong.”

Li Yueran blinked inexplicably, “Who is this person? What does he mean he is my husband?” Li Yueran suddenly thought of a possibility, “Could he be Fang Jingrong? How did he become like this?”

Cheng Nuo was a little jealous, “What are you doing by so nervous!”

Li Yueran rolled her eyes at him, “What kind of jealousy are you eating! I’m just curious, what happened to Fang Jingrong? Come on, you must know.” Li Yueran asked Cheng Nuo while lying in Cheng Nuo’s arms, grabbing his collar.

“Shu Jia ran away with the Fang family’s money and Wang Shi was so angry that she suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. Fang Jingrui picked her up. Didn’t know what happened to Fang Jingrong, he didn’t care about anything. In the end, his son was stolen by the nanny even though Fang’s family reported to the government, they still couldn’t find her. Shu Jiaren was finally found by the Fang’s family and the money was taken back. Probably for revenge, Shu Jiaren found someone to take her back to the capital but found that her son had disappeared. They drugged Fang’s family and then ransacked Fang’s house. The gang that Shu Jiaren found were extremely vicious. After they ransacked Fang’s house, they piled up Fang’s family in one room for fear of future troubles they put a fire. I don’t know whether Shu Jiaren has her conscience or maybe she realized that she still repenting or that still in love with Fang Jingrong. She rescued Fang Jingrong from the house, but she was crushed to death by the falling beams. The entire Fang family except Fang Jingrong all died. Fang Jingrong couldn’t take this blow and went crazy. That’s how things are.” Cheng Nuo said with a smile.

Li Yueran’s eyes widened. The Fang family still ended up in the same way. The only difference is that this time, Fang Jingrong and Shu Jiaren’s love scene in the big fire is gone. “Where is that Fang Miaoru?”

“Hehe, She was lying on the bed with two broken legs now!” Cheng Nuo said, “Don’t worry, everything is different now. Little Seventh now dogs bite the dog’s hair and have no intention of doing other things. Brother Huang has also strengthened his control over the imperial city, everything is different from before.”

Li Yueran smiled, “Well, it is different.”

“Tomorrow we will enter the palace to pick up Xiao Shiyi. No, I have to give him a name, since he was adopted to me, he can no longer be called Xiao Shiyi. What should I call him? Do you have any opinions? I heard that he is very cute! ” Cheng Nuo laughed.

Li Yueran leaned into Cheng Nuo’s arms, and held Cheng Nuo’s hand with a smile, “You can make up your mind, I don’t know much about naming.”

The carriage drove slowly forward, Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran laughter came out from the car window, just like their lives, laughing happily, moving forward together..

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